Rihanna Says Tell Your Friends Of Other Races To “Pull Up” For Black Issues | NAACP Image Awards

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Derrick. -WOMAN: I love you, Rihanna!
-(chuckles) (cheering and applause) Thank you, Derrick,
and thank you to the staff, board and community
of the NAACP, including all of you guys
here in this room and everyone at home watching who’s devoted their lives
and efforts toward supporting
people of color. -(cheering and applause)
-Yeah. Yeah. Can do that. (chuckles) Okay, I’m gonna try
to keep this simple because, um, tonight
is not really about me. Because the purpose
is bigger than me, right? You know? It’s not bigger
than us together, but it’s bigger than me
’cause my part is a very small part of the work that’s being done
in this world and the work
that is yet to be done. (cheering and applause) Thank you. I’m lucky I was able to start the Clara Lionel Foundation
in 2012, and if there’s anything
that I’ve learned, it’s that we can only fix
this world together. -(cheering and applause)
-We… We can’t do it divided. I cannot emphasize that enough. We can’t let
the desensitivity seep in. -MAN: Yes.
-MAN 2: Yeah! -(applause)
-WOMAN: Rihanna! (whooping) The “if it is your problem,
then it’s not mine.” MAN:
Right. Right. It’s a woman’s problem. It’s a black people problem. -WOMAN: Right!
-It’s a poor people problem. (whooping and applause) I mean,
how many of us in this room have colleagues
and partners and friends from other races,
sexes, religions? Show of hands. (applause and whooping) Well, then, you know, they want to break bread
with you, right? They like you? Well, then,
this is their problem, too. (applause) So, when we are marching and protesting and posting about the Michael Brown Juniors and the Atatiana Jeffersons
of the world, tell your friends to pull up. MAN:
Yes! (cheering and applause) Thank you to the NAACP
for all of your efforts to ensure equality
for our communities. Thank you for celebrating
our strength and tenacity. We have been denied
opportunities since the beginning of time,
and still we prevail. So, I am honored. Imagine what
we could do together. Thank you for this honor. (cheering and applause)

100 thoughts on “Rihanna Says Tell Your Friends Of Other Races To “Pull Up” For Black Issues | NAACP Image Awards

  1. Great for Rihanna, thank you for that speech. Continue to use your celebrity status to help the ones who's voices don't get acknowledge.

  2. I'm glad she didn't include the gays in her speech. They are always trying to insert themselves into our social justice struggles. 🙄

  3. Amen girl!!! ❤️ Congrats you deserved the award, I see you doing great things for others for fifty more years. Gods blessings and thanks for speaking authentically.

  4. I notice that it immediately went to Michael B Jordan when she said about having friends of other races who should stand up and he had a look on his face that was priceless because he knows that his non-Black friends will drop his arse in a NY second if he does anything.

  5. It is not any other "races" that you are friends with responsibility to speak up and fight the injustices against Black people. It is the Black man and Black woman's responsibility to find an effective solution to work towards. Especially when they are aware of their role as a man and woman. Plus knowing their own ancestral roots…facts or facts?

  6. Will a black person pull up for a white person?? No
    Are white people complaining? No


    Haters comment below

  7. I had an American ex friend that I helped him with in the Portuguese language school! And he was white from the state of Virginia, and unfortunately I believe that because I have another origin and being of mixed race and foreigner he ended his friendship with me without even thanking me for everything that helped him, I know that not ALL Americans are like him, but I must recognize that many Americans are culturally cold and racist!
    This is unfortunately.

  8. Not exactly 'feeling' the design of the dress but I do like the color. It is DEFINITELY a good color for her. Very beautiful lady all the way around.

  9. Her msg is powerful n she's right. We all need 2 "pull up" n stop accepting the aborhent behavior of ppl who do n don't look like us. Ppl talk about "race" but there's only 1 race of ppl on this planet-the human race. It's time we make other ethnicities acknowledge our humanity our strength n our weaknesses. All life is precious yours mine n everyone elses'. We're stronger when we stand together. God bless Rihanna with continued success.

  10. How about Rihanna pull up!! “Little” people of all races tried. We’re just too small. If Rihanna pulls up millions of people will follow her. Let her and us protest for a 2,3,4,5 days until they do the right thing. She would make more because she’s powerful. Government doesn’t listen to us small people and we give up fast because there is no improvement. But Rihanna can keep millions of people on the street. “Regular” person cannot. And tweets and speeches of what we should do don’t work. We don’t have the power, but you rihanna do. Rihanna let’s pull up!!!!!!!!

  11. To be honest, I partially don't get her speech. Why is it 'their problem too' if they wanna break bread with us black folks? Because blacks have established so much and they can't judge us as if we're all poor? In which way does she mean 'pull up?' I'mma trust the title of the video on this one.

  12. Yes Queen Yess 👑👑👑👈🏾👌🏽 👑 they pulling up or they going get out 🤣😍😍😍🖤❤️👈🏾

  13. Amen we are one race the human race dosent matter where your from or what color you are or sex you are we are all God's creation

  14. Oh my goodness, this young woman has serious charisma and is a flawless public speaker. I am glad I got to see this side of her.

  15. You neglect Jehovah's witnesses friends we cannot be in any protests whatsoever to do so put my people into being a part of this world part of this corrupt system to begin with no instead conquer from within become a lawyer become a security guard and prosicute your target directly in ones own court! Then it would play to a win!

  16. Where is my brother Colin Kaepernick he should have been on the stage receive an award were are the freedom fighters that put there careers on the line this brother is a true champion

  17. She said what she knows we want to hear as black people right now. Where has she been?? Seriously…She's pulled up for the immigration laws by Trump more than any black problem. This is just to make her likeable and to get people talking about her…
    The message was legit but the messenger, I don't trust because of her support of many problematic people in our community.

  18. Pull up for us too. That doesn’t happen often either. Minorities need to have each other’s backs. 👊🏼❤️

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