Rob Gronkowski comes at the King: SmackDown, March 20, 2020

100 thoughts on “Rob Gronkowski comes at the King: SmackDown, March 20, 2020

  1. This is one of the most embarrassingly awful things I've seen WWE do in a while , and that's saying something

  2. New low in wrestling
    Wrestling is absolutely one of if not the worst form of entertainment , and now without crowds it’s absurd to say the least
    Just shut it down
    Incredibly inane even for this form …

  3. Has Baron Corbin REALLY have nothing better to do than play game of thrones? The king thing is already done. Dear God,this gimmick is worse than when he was a constable

  4. Forget Gronks entrance did you see Mojo slap Michael Cole backside
    Cole was having flashback from Heidenreich Smackdown 9 16 2004 Lol

  5. I rather watch Vicky guerrero or Teddy talk. AEW is lightyears ahead have you seen just the inner circle? Just the inner circle has more talent than the whole roster.

  6. Keep this in mind, this was promoted and it doesn’t even have 500k yet, lol. WWE, focus on your current roster.

  7. This feels like a weird fever dream I had when I was a kid… “yeahh so like it’s wrestle mania but for some reason there’s no one in the crowd. Then Rob Gronkowski comes out and dances to the Party Rock Anthem and beat up a king with some guy playing acoustic guitar”

  8. I came here to see this after listening to cornette ripping into it on his podcast

  9. Come on give this guy some credit, that entrance was hilarious. He has already shown more charisma than most of the current WWE roster.

  10. Imagine being Michael Cole's age and having to smile and pretend you're having a great time while Gronk painfully dances to the ring.

  11. God I miss the good old days this is pure trash R.I.P 80s 90s WWF stars if the lost ones could only see this garbage of today

  12. This whole segment (and I guess this era of WWE by extension) feels so much like 1995 WWF. It shares a lot of its qualities:
    – Childish insults that even a thirteen year old would be embarrassed to use against someone
    – Fake laughter
    – Corny overacting like a kindergarten kids’ TV special

    I can’t believe old wrestling fans can bear to watch full shows anymore. I tapped out years ago.

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