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Hello, we are here again, today we wanna introduce the ROCKWHEEL and we compare it to the Airwheel, that you already know this is our new Rockwheel in 16″ there is also a 12″ version that is of course smaller and lighter, only 8,9kg the 16″ Rockwheel has about the same weight like the Airwheel that means nearly 10kg but the Rockwheel ist higher conspicuous are these spokes but in the middle we find also the engine and this one is very loud but you will here it later the Rockwheel’s function are similar to the Airwheel on the top we finde the battery indicator here is the power button very nice: we have 10 leds for the battery status so you always know exact battery status under this cap you’ll find the charging port charging port is the same like at the airwheel, but attention: the charger is different! Rockwheel’s charging time is about 2,5h and Airwheel needs 45min but our Airwheels need always 60min, when battery is totaly empty so we have 150min vs 60min big advantage for Airwheel The Rockwheel works with 57 Volts, Airwheel needs 67. these holders are selfmade, I did it also on the Airwheel these are for light so don’t pay attention to it Because of Carbon-look, Rockwheel looks a little bit cooler and you can get it also in red The pedals are nearly the same like you know it from Airwheel they are more fluted but we sticked our anti-slip tape on it I would recommend it to all owners to have a safe foothold if these datas will be true in reality, we don’t know! we will test it! Airhweel’s range is with our usage at about 10km Special feature of the Rockwheel is to climb up at max. 30° if your weight is very low, you may climb up higher now we do the loudness test we will drive with both wheels very fast close to the camera as you could here of signal (Beeping), the Airwheel is over 12km/h [silent noise, silent whistle] Now the Rockwheel [loud purring, like a gearing] For the next test, we drive both wheels side by side we will see, how fast the Rockwheel is The Rockwheel was faster, and I did not have the maximum speed! the Rockwheel is noticeably louder but also noticeably faster “Please speed up!” I can’t come after the Rockwheel My Airwheel is already beeping “..and you have still reserve with the Rockwheel ?” – “YES!” “no chance, I can’t follow you” He is driving away Now you can see the different to the Airwheel so, all in all, the Rockwheel is great fun, but it is loud Each Wheel has advantages and disadvantages Our test day is ending “Dawid, you had some doubts, because of the noise and the size, but how do you think now?” Dawid: “In retrospect I can say, I was suprised” Dawid: “I had lots of fun with the Rockwheel, and it’s really fast” And even now, we see, the battery stays longer We charged the Airwheel complete, but the Rockwheel was 50% loaded We drove nearly the same, and Rockwheel has 1 of 4 LEDs uand the Rockwheel 3 of 10 LEDs nevertheless, we have this loud noise and if you drive, where people want to relax it may be disturbs them so, thats why both wheels have an entitlement one reason is the lower price for the Airwheel and the size there is of course also the 12″ Version of the Rockwheel, but the price is the same We think the Airhweel offers you a little bit more for the price, but we have no winner or looser in this test

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  1. Thanks for this video but I don't understand German, so could you resume your test and tell me if it worths the price??
    Is the noise an issue??
    Thanks a lot

  2. Gut gemacht!!! Sehr liebevolle Videos!

    Was ich nicht tun würde: Die technischen Angaben der Hersteller einblenden.
    Die sind, besonders bei den Chinesen, regelmäßig derart krass falsch, dass sie einfach nix nutzen.
    Reichweite und Geschwindigkeit könnt ihr ja genau rausfinden, indem ihr einfach ein Navi/ein Smartphone mit Navisoftware in der Hand haltet.

    Es ist auch nicht so sinnvoll, lange Ladezeit zu kritisieren, wenn der Akku viel länger hält. Der Rockwheel-Akku hat ja angeblich 300 Wh, der X3-Akku 90 Wh. Falls das stimmt, dann darf er auch 3x so lange laden.

  3. Don't understand German , but this is the best review on the Rockwheel! Great job! Wich one you prefer? Do you sell them? Where can I buy it?
    Thank you

  4. i dont know what i am going to buy.
    the Rockwheel 16'' carbon fiber or MonoWheel 2.0
    do you know which is better?

  5. Dear Rockwheel

    As we know, Airwheel can be ridden in either directions.
    My Airwheel foot platform dips by perceivably 8 degrees if ridden in one direction but not the other where the platform, as designed , is levelled horizontally.

    Is this a possible defect or as intended by design?

  6. kennt ihr die technischen daten der 12 zoll version des RockWheel? habt ihr es in china direkt vom hersteller gekauft, oder gibt es einen shop in europa?

    angenommen die 12zoll version hat aehnliche specs, wie wuerde sich ein 12 zoll wheel im fahrverhalten unterscheiden?

  7. Thanks for this. Well balanced, interesting, fair review. I've gone in the middle, for an Airwheel X5, which I hope is silent, slow and smooth enough for filming but also will cope with rougher terrain in parks etc. I'll do a video or 2 when I'm up and riding…

  8. habt ihr mal das GR12 getestet? der laden in china sagt das es noch staerker sei, aber ich fahre gerne im wald, ist das GR16 dafuer nicht besser geeignet?

  9. Hallo, eine Frage. Rockwheel gibt's in 12 und 16". Das 12" müßte ja eigentlich stärker sein als das 16" und viel mehr als 30° Steigung schaffen. Denn je größer der Reifen, desto kleiner das Drehmoment. Ich frage, weil sich gerade eine Kaufgelegenheit für das 16" aufgetan hat. Meine Umgebung ist doch etwas hügelig und jetzt bin ich unsicher ob nicht ein 12" stärker und bergfreudiger wäre oder sind trotzdem beide gleich stark? Für Auskünfte wäre ich sehr dankbar!

  10. To the person beotching about wearing helmets no never bs is my choice no law can ever make me weara helmet is not your right to take my rights and I don't care if there is a law I will not wear a helmet ever is my right to choose

  11. Hallo Super Arbeit! 🙂
    Habe eure Videos durchforstet aber noch nichts zum Airwheel X8 gesehen. Konntest Du mal mit einem fahren? Wie ist es im Vergleich zum X5? Gleich schnell jedoch schneller beschleunigt?

  12. which of these is the best one? i've seen several brands out there, solowheel, airwheel, monowheel, rockwheel and 2 more i guess..has anyone tried one against the other?

  13. Danke für den Vergleichstest.
    Ich habe gesehen ihr habt in Adlershof gedreht…
    Vielleicht kann man sich ja mal Treffen, hab auch ein Elektrisches Spielzeug 😉

  14. This was great a very helpful. However, I believe the Airwheel Q3 may be more comparable to the Rockwheel "16. The battery life is about the same and the max speed seems more comparable.

  15. Wo könnte man eins kaufen ? Oder viele Youtuber haben auch so eins mit 2 Rädern , wie heißen die ? Und wenn , wo könnte man die kaufen ?

  16. need to be careful here because a certain speed will require the device to be road legal so you don't want to make it too fast. There is a reason why the original manufactures made it max 18kmphr. Now you have clowns modifying the speed. This is dangerous and does not mitigate the risks involved.

  17. Kann man dieses Piepen abschalten? Das nervt ja total. Da ist ein Tretroller besser, als das Airwheel. Das Rockwheel ist ganz okay. 😉

  18. Do a Rockwheel vs Ninebot One!
    Those Airwheels are not that exciting. Most of their models are identical to the myriads of others. Especially Airwheel X3 and technically identicals are abundant. Even those not even quite looking like it like the TG T3 it's only the shell that's different. The electronics is the same. Granted they /could/ use better motor and another firmware. But I doubt it. Even my nonbranded looking like TG T3 is using Samsung batteries. I got it apart to clear it of water and make it more waterproof to prevent future water accidents. Nothing irriversible damaged but I got a got look at the battery and electronics and searched for Airwheel etc. teardowns. Sure looks like same origin on the inside!

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