6 thoughts on “Role of Compassion in Education and Wider Societal Context

  1. I would like to say thank to you all, and especially his holiness dalai lama.
    You are the most active and the most provoking to call the peace of humanity.
    I have been learned lots from your videos in youtube. Mind and life has changed my old view point of world and so on. Now I am happy person and relax from inner mind.

  2. The world does not have to be complicated but I often think that some people, so called bullies feel fear and shame (a loss of power) if they are caught being nice to someone. By switching the power to the teacher who says to the class, "Everybody is nice to each other–no exceptions!" If someone tries bullying to get their way, the other kids know they will find support from the teacher as well as other classmates. The bully who attended the same lecture knows it too. Repeat the lesson often!

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