Roman Reigns and Goldberg sign the dotted line: SmackDown, March 20, 2020

100 thoughts on “Roman Reigns and Goldberg sign the dotted line: SmackDown, March 20, 2020

  1. Man I'm really tired of this "my yard" boring af idiot, mo matter what legends you throw at him, he's never gonna get over. It's called a promo son, if you wanna be the big dog you gotta learn how to do it

  2. It's ironic to hear Roman talk about Goldberg's Universal title win when he himself never earned a title shot in the first place.

  3. CORONA VIRUS …….will claim about 10 percent of the WWE…..this capitalist system feeds off the masses stupidity. …It will end in 8 years….the world as we know it will not last beyond 2028.

  4. Lol 😆 Damm micheal cole moved out tha way quick once goldberg toss tha table over to look face to face wit roman reigns well comes to "WrestleMania" no big audience at tha tha Grandest Stage for tha 1st time ☝ just Two Opponents One Ring and tha camera crew 🎥 on PPV

  5. Cringe. must be nice to wear a vest and only have to work arms at the gym. Dude is lazy and this match is a joke.

  6. Roman got chosen by the greats? Is he taking in storyline? Cuz if so that’s not true, He picked a fight. With Undertaker at the royal rumble. He jaw jacked with Cena on Twitter. Triple H literally picked Seth Rollins. Brock lesnar has been pretty indifferent lol so what is I got picked bulls hit? lol either this is bad continuity or the start to an added layer of Roman’s character as an illusioned village idiot lmao

  7. 1st time in nearly 2 yrs He's after the universal championship he NVR loss but relinquished it cus of leukemia but went in remission the 2nd time I know he dont have rematch clause anymore but he just step in n take it

  8. i hope roman reigns wins nofence..i mean i got respect for goldberg ..but let sombody new take over ..goldbergs done it all already u know what i mean?

  9. WWE Please postpone the wrestlemania!. Without crowd, wrestlemania is nothing!. Don't waste your best show. Please poste pone it!.

    Please take a good decision and don't do this again. Please postpone wrestlemania and please conduct the show after full cure of corana virus. If you respecting your audience please postpone the wrestlemania!

  10. I still can't over the fact that vince is still going ahead with wrestlemania with no crowd! I mean cmon seriously? The crowd makes wrestlemania what it is today!

  11. Think this , both of them go to spear each other and get head on collision, injured and go to hospital 😀😀😀

  12. Please at least have some guys in the audience lol the jobbers and staffs to cheer them on, maybe the nxt guys

  13. Oh my God just see the Goldberg and sees his eyes he is looking like a lion hes old but he is strong and Powerful he is very tuff person Goldberg is not a normal person is the beast eater

  14. From Jerrod Bridgewater in Shreveport, Louisiana…March 23, 2020…FOX has SMACKDOWN, and right now I am watching simultaneously this youtube SMACKDOWN confrontation between Goldberg and Reigns, and The Five on Fox News Channel, both shows which are feeling the social-distancing effects of The Corona Virus ! And here I go…with my very short, printed promo… for FOX's sister-station show The Five which Dagen is on right now, who said something deliberately-silly-sounding on The Greg Gutfeld show, which I saw on Sunday morning…Dagen said the words: Country Corona-Virus Cooking ! I started laughing immediately when I heard that phrase ! I mentioned how laughable that was ….to make this contrast : There was NOTHING funny about the stare-down stand off between Goldberg and Reigns ! : Of all the wrestling, stare-down stand offs I have ever seen …this was one of the most stunning of those things ! As far as I am concerned…The Corona-Virus-created empty arena only amplified The Anger between these two ! Surrounded by almost absolute silence, I could almost feel and see The Hate and The Heat between these two : These two seriously dislike each other ! This will definitely be one of the best of the main-event matches at 'MANIA , and please believe me, Jerrod B., this one will certainly entertain ya' !Once again…you have just been given another great, printed promo, created by me, Jerrod B., which I am describing right now, but NON-ARROGANTLY !

  15. GOLDBERG IS GOLDBERG 1990s until 2020 2030 GOLDBERG is a metal DOG 🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔗🔩🔩🔩🛢⬆➡⬇dont mees WITH GOLDBERG roman YOU have no idea who is this men in the ring ☚☛

  16. Didn’t this happen at WM Thirty Three? The show I SAT IN THE SUN for Seven damn hours drinking beer. Goldberg Vs Lesnar.. oh well Roman is UC now lol

  17. Does the eye twitch And nostril flare up the intensity or what. Just Imagine somebody doing that have a normal conversation you would think they were having problems

  18. There is no reason for this to happen other than Goldberg's star power, and giving Reigns another title at WM. (Unless they subvert expectations, which would be very welcome)

  19. Love how the crowd was like Friday the movie Dammmmmmmmmnnnnnnn with ice cube and chris tucker when he flipped the table and they almost kissed

  20. Goldberg vs Roman Reigns was just as a dream match as Goldberg vs Undertaker for everyone and look at how they both embarrassed themselves at Supershowdown last year

  21. I think Goldberg is still very strong I just think is because he has been doing jackhammer to people who are very heavy undertaker who is tall and heavy and bray wyatt who is just too heavy and I don’t think the strong wrestlers in there prime right now would be able to get it done perfectly . Also the fact he is in he’s 50s . This wm match he will get it done perfectly because Roman has the perfect weight . Right now I do consider him stronger than Lesnar right now and wayyyyy stronger than Reigns no offence😂 but I think if he wouldn’t have bumped his head in that match with taker he would have had a clean win he still is strong can’t lie .

  22. Why don't people stop complaining? The match will be good. Spear VS Spear. People might not want it now but take it when its given as you might not see it again.

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