Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – An Internet Conversation

Jack: This is a radio play between baby brunette 33 and Andrew Blanchard Burnie (as baby brunette 33): “Hey, what’s up?” Burnie: “I’m a 24 year old female” Burnie: “dot dot dot” Burnie: “you?” Joel (as Andrew Blanchard): “beep boop boop bop bop” Burnie: “I’m not desperate hehe. I just enjoy talking to people online” [Laughing] Burnie: “especially via webcam. Do you webcam?” Joel: “YOU ARE NOT REAL!” Burnie: “oh less than 3 (

100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – An Internet Conversation

  1. I was on vine the other day and this girl started hitting on me with two separate accounts. I'm a 13 year old GIRL.

  2. i actually keep getting something like this for some site with them saying the same bluh de bluh bluh bluh stuff

  3. I reply to spam-bots with insults for their programmers. Granted, no one's is likely watching… but if they are… tee-hehe.

  4. This could probably be a conversation Caboose had with "Amelia", I don't know why it would be, but it does seem like what would happen.

  5. something like this happened to me once not that long ago on a chat. the lady talked a show she had online live shows and invited me to be a guest on her website and I was like "oh that sounds cool but no thanks" but she didn't seem to get that "no thanks" and went on to saying "great see you there" etc. I totally figured out she was some perv when she talked about "toys" and "special things" she had to get ready. I just left the chat and blocked her. LOL the internet is weird.

  6. Lol some guy pretending to be a girly and caboose is talking to him thinking he is also girl….I would totally seems this in red vs blue

  7. its sad that i've gone through this with skype. i was like are you even real? and the bot said something like "i like pink bubblegum" and for some reason that made me doubt EVERYTHING and i couldn't figure it out

  8. I got a massage on Xbox and it said I found you on Xbox friend finder the person had no gamer score and the most uninspired gamer tag ever

  9. I've had a few conversations like this on Skype now and again – eventually I just started adding random lines like "your nose is blue" just to get a kick out out it before blocking the thing

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