Roxette on Listan 1987 –

– …solo artist this fall while Per you’ve been more silent.
Are you relieved or disappointed about this? – No this has been really good. I’ve been home working on new material for upcoming Roxette adventures. – Tell us about your upcoming Roxette adventures. A little. – Yes… tell us now!
– Sure… – Yes we’re going to Cannes January 25, the Midem festival.
– You’re going for an international career… – Yes we need to give it another shot.
It’s so much fun so we have to try. – Will there be less Roxette in Sweden due to this then?
– Yes? Yes… I don’t think we’ll tour Sweden. Maybe we’ll make some videos.
– Mmm – We’ll see. We’re in the process of writing, getting prepared. – Marie, you write a lot for your own projects, but for Roxette it’s Per who writes all the material, isn’t it time for you to show yourself? – Yes, that is the thought.
– It is? – Yes, I’m writing, and we’re also trying to write together. – It’s important that we mix our material so it doesn’t get too one dimensional.
So that we both are seen and noticed. – Mmhmm… but Marie…
– We have very different opinions about music. Different tastes and so on. – It seems you have a hard time getting along, to sum it up? – Yes.
– Maybe that’s our strength, who knows! – Really, it sounds strange but maybe that’s our power,
that we are so terribly different.

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