Royal Caribbean Alcohol Drink Packages Guide 2020

Are you wondering if you should purchase
a Royal Caribbean drink package? Well you’re not alone. It’s a question we get
quite often from fellow cruisers. Luckily, we routinely test out these packages
when cruising with Royal Caribbean, so if you want to know if the Royal Caribbean
drink package is a good value you’re in luck.
I’m DB from and we cover everything you need to know about
the Royal Caribbean drink package. There are a few basic things you need to know
about the drink package before you dive into the details. For a drink package, do
you know that all of them are priced per day, per person and they must be
purchased for the entire duration of the cruise. Along with the stated price,
there’s going to be an additional 18% gratuity charge added to the total
amount of the package. Now, you can purchase a drink package online pre-
cruise or once you board the ship during the first few days of the sailing.
However, we always recommend you purchase pre-cruise and we’ll talk about that a
little bit later. Unfortunately, beverage packages are
non-refundable and non-transferable. Now, Royal Caribbean has just changed
their policies requiring all adults in a stateroom to purchase a drink package.
The drink package covers purchases in onboard restaurants. Those include both
the complimentary and specialty restaurants. Of course, the Royal
Caribbean drink package works in all the bars and lounges throughout the ship as
well as entertainment venues like the main theater. It also works on the cruise
line’s two private islands, Perfect Day at CocoCay and Labadee. When redeeming the
drink package, you’re only allowed to get one drink at a time whether it’s an
alcoholic drink or non alcoholic drink. In addition, you must show your Seapass card
or your Wow band every time you order a beverage. So, if you’re going to the bar
to get a beverage for you and your spouse, make sure you have both Seapass
cards with you. Now, the Royal Caribbean drink package is an unlimited package
during the duration of your cruise. Although, do consume alcohol responsibly
as the cruise line does have the right to deny you service if you are
intoxicated. Now, Royal Caribbean actually has two non-alcoholic drink packages, a
soda package and what they call the Royal Refreshment package; however, we’re
pretty certain you are really interested in what’s known as the deluxe drink
package. Recently, the cruise line has reduced the number of alcoholic drink packages to this one premium offering. This most inclusive package covers a variety
of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Speaking of non-alcoholic beverages, the
deluxe drink package encompasses all of the beverages available in the Royal
Refreshment and soda package. So along with getting soda from bars or the coke
freestyle machines, those with the deluxe drink package also get additional
non-alcoholic beverages such as bottles of water both sparkling and still,
freshly squeezed orange juice, and specialty coffees which include espresso based
drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. Most of these drinks vary between $2.50 to
$5 per serving, and they can quickly add up throughout your cruise especially if
you’re in the Caribbean or have several early-morning ports of call. Now, when it
comes to alcoholic beverages, the deluxe drink package covers all drinks up to
$13 per serving. Now, this essentially covers all 16-ounce beers which are
priced usually between six and eight dollars. Occasionally, they’ll be like a
Foster’s Oil Can or another beer that’s beyond this value. The $13 allotment
also covers a variety of different glasses of wine. Now, neither one of us
are wine connoisseurs, but we have always found a glass of wine that we’ve enjoyed
that’s covered in the package. For those that have very particular tastes, the package
includes most liquors and premium spirits brands such as Grey Goose, Tito’s
vodka, Patron, Johnnie Walker Black Label, and Dewar’s Scotch are all included in
the package. On Royal Caribbean’s standard drink menu,
you’ll see different drinks labeled as premium and classic cocktails. Most o these
cocktails cost between ten and twelve dollars, so of course they’re included in
that $13 allotment. Think of drinks such as pina coladas or mai tais, those would
be considered either classic or premium drinks.
Many of these premium drinks are also found at some of the other bars such as
the specialty martinis you find at the schooner bar, the different mojitos and
margaritas you can get boleros, or drinks found at the R bar or the
rising tide. Now, unfortunately Royal Caribbean has recently also released
some beverages they call signature cocktails. These often cost more. They’re
usually around fourteen or fifteen dollars, sometimes even higher. So what
would happen is if you order one of these drinks you would get a $13 credit
and then need to pay the difference plus the 18% gratuity. On our recent Navigator of
the Seas cruise, we enjoyed a couple of these signature cocktails at the new
bamboo room and were charged an extra $1.18 each to enjoy these
cocktails. So, this brings us back to the original question. Are Royal Caribbean
drink packages a good value? Well, according to the cruise line, the Royal
Caribbean deluxe drink package has a price starting between 63 and 70 dollars.
Now, we can attest that onboard you will see those prices. In fact on our most recent
cruise in June of 2019, the onboard price was $70 plus the 18% gratuity.
Now at those prices, it would probably be difficult to say that the drink package
is a good value; however, we’ve never paid onboard prices. In fact, we always check
our pre-cruise planner to take advantage of the multiple sales that Royal Caribbean
runs all the time. Depending how far in advance your cruise is, the biggest
savings you’re going to get is about 30% off, which is typically listed around $48
per person, per day plus the 18% gratuity. Now, on our last couple of cruises, we
weren’t able to take advantage of that much savings, but we did book the
package with a 25% off special which results in a total of 52 dollars per
person, per day. So, adding that together for two adults, the total for the drink
package was just over $792 Now, you might be
thinking there’s no way two adults are gonna drink 792 dollars worth of drinks.
Well on a recent seven-day cruise, which included three port days and three
sea days including embarkation day, we tracked all our drinks to do a complete
breakdown and analysis of the cost of the drink package. During that cruise, we
consumed a total of 140 different drinks combined. Now, 64
of those drinks or roughly 45 percent were actually non-alcoholic-
those bottled water, specialty coffees, soda, and other premium non-alcoholic
beverages. So for alcoholic beverages, we averaged about 5.5 alcoholic
drinks a day per person ,which when you think about it that’s really not that
hard to do if you have a couple of drinks poolside during the day, a couple of
cocktails at dinner, and then a few drinks later on in the evening. Now if we
would have paid out of pocket for all those drinks, the total would have been
$1233 Now that’s a lot of money!
So by taking advantage of that pre-sale and booking the drink package at
$52 per person, we saved over 33 percent if we had bought
all those drinks a la carte. Now some may argue that if you weren’t on the
drink package maybe you wouldn’t drink as many drinks, but honestly, at no point
did we ever feel like we were drinking too much nor did we feel that we were
ever really intoxicated on the ship. Now of course, you need to know your own
habits and your preferred type of beverage. The wife and I prefer to
drink the premium and specialty drinks and those are on the higher end of the
dollar allotment costing between 10 and 13 dollars. Now if you’re
a beer or a wine drinker, it’s probably going to take more drinks for you to get the
value of the drink package given that most beers are around seven dollars. Even
if you have a deal, you have to drink more like eight beverages a day. That of
course doesn’t account for any of the specialty coffees or the
other non-alcoholic beverage you might get, but overall this example
demonstrates that the Royal Caribbean drink packages can be a good value for
certain cruisers. Other things to consider too is what’s your ports of
call and itinerary look like? During our cruise, I already mentioned that we
did have three ports of call, but one of them was actually Royal Caribbean’s private
island. Now, the drink package actually works on
the private islands, so all the drinks we consumed that day were part of the extra
value. As our analysis also shows, we drink a lot of bottled water and coffee.
If those types of beverages don’t matter to you, you might not get as much
value as we did from the Royal Caribbean drink package. Overall, the Royal Caribbean
drink package can be a good value. We also like the convenience of knowing that
we prepaid for all our beverages, and once we’re on board, there’s little
additional cost. And there you have it, that’s our look at the Royal Caribbean
drink package, but of course we’d love to hear from you. Let us know in the
comments below if you’ve purchased a Royal Caribbean drink package and you
thought it was a good deal. I’m DB from, and if you enjoyed
this video, we’d really appreciate it if you gave it a big thumbs up. Also, make
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24 thoughts on “Royal Caribbean Alcohol Drink Packages Guide 2020

  1. This is THE topic for all of us RC ers 😎. Likely will have. DP for my 2020 cruise…hoping they have. BF sale 😎.. and hey.. someone got to pay towards Coco 's 250mil build 😄

  2. Just got off Anthem on Saturday. I am Diamond level so everything is free between 4:30-8 pm. With that in mind, between a la carte drinks and a 10 drink punch card I purchased, my bar tab was $193 total. There’s no way I could ever justify paying the $1,040 that the DLX package was priced at for our 9 night cruise.

  3. Super informative and beautifully played ~ I purchased the adult refreshment package for our upcoming week long Symphony of the Seas adventure for $165. I believe that to be a good value! I couldn't go without my specialty coffee in the morning and having the extras available are an added bonus!

  4. With the royal Caribbean drink package you get a souvenir cup that can be used in the soda fountain machine. There is not true way of washing this cup while on board, can this spread norovirus

  5. I’m sorry it’s not worth it in my opinion 5 drinks per day for 7 days and when you think about when you do Excursions for port days you won’t drink 5 drinks a day now you have to double up on sea days just to see you money back

  6. Very good video!!

    Remember this also, most of us would get the Soda/Water/Coffee package for about $20/day anyway. So that cost is offset from the Deluxe Package price of $55-70/day.

    So really the cost of the Deluxe Package is between $35-50/day or 3-4 drinks daily.

    The Deluxe drink package is worth it in the end for most people who plan to drink alcohol on the cruise.

  7. My wife and I get the unlimited package mainly for convenience, not necessarily to "get our money's worth in alcohol". When you add in bottled water and specialty coffees, the course of glasses of wine at dinner and maybe [email protected], that's close enough. If I try to drink alcohol 5-6 drinks per day for a 7 day cruise, sheeesh.

  8. I just bought the premium drink package with zoom internet for $60 per person, separately the drink package was $51, internet $22!

  9. They need to have a drink every other day package. Why the hell would I want to drink everyday for my 8 night cruise?

  10. Good informative video!! Considering the deluxe beverage includes. no only alcohol dronks…coffee..bottled water..juices..and soft drinks is a good deal!! In my case that my husband drinks a lot of water..!! Also beers and a good deal!!

  11. We normally cruise on a UK based cruise line. They take ships such as Splendour of the seas and totally refurbish them for the UK market. They are all inclusive including tips so our upcoming trip on Quantum of the Seas required a sharp intake of breath. We talked about buying the drinks package when it was £36 each, Mrs G had something else we (she) wanted and was miffed when the price went up to £41. It dropped back to £38.76 per day so we bought it, at the time it was approx. $1.25 to the pound so it worked out at $48.45, for 9 days it came out at £872 plus gratuities. That may seem great value to Royal regulars but it is more than £0 per day that we are used to paying. It will be a substantial saving over paying as you go, we are not binge drinkers but will have water, soda's as you call them, speciality coffees, a beer or glass of wine with lunch, pre dinner drink – maybe two for me because I am always ready early, some wine with dinner and a late night drink.

  12. Two things: First, forget about bar service. In most cases you'll have to go to the bar and stand in line to get a drink. With these drink packages, they have your money and it's actually in their best interests to serve you less. Secondly, I've heard that if one adult in the cabin is pregnant they will refund the charge for one of the drink packages. You will need to purchase upfront and be refunded. I still prefer to smuggle my booze onboard!

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