RVing With A Mobile Hotspot for Internet

Did you hear? Yvette is going off the grid.
That’s right; follow my journey off the grid. This is the straight-talk hotspot. This is the 4G.
So, it took less than five minutes to set-up. And just make sure that you go in and change your password, so no one else is able to use
the WIFI and use up your data. So, I’ve finally broke down and got the
hotspot from straight-talk. So, I have used it a little bit and I have
been able to get the 4G in some locations. I got it because it’s the start of the RV
season and some places offer WIFI and some places don’t. So, this is a way for me to
stay connected. So, the beauty of it is – is that you can
buy different data plans; you don’t have to stick with the same one. So, on times that
you know you are going to be using it heavier – you can buy a larger data plan.
It comes with an electrical socket and you can also use the USB to hook it into your
computer to keep the hotspot charged. So, this is my review of the Straight-Talk
hotspot. The device cost $98.00 and it come with 1GB
worth of data. At the end of the month, you have the option
to purchase 1GB for $15.00 up to 5GB for $50.00. So, again, depending on your use – you decide
which one you need. If you actually happen too see that you are
running low, you can actually buy more data and activated now; which restarts your month.
So, I think this is going to work great for me. Please subscribe, like and comment. Thank you for watching.

4 thoughts on “RVing With A Mobile Hotspot for Internet

  1. Let me know how it works for you over time. While we're not close to getting out on the road yet I'm using this time to look at whats out there, what others are using ( & how it works for them) and to compare one service to another.

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