Samsung Galaxy J5(2016) vs Lava iris 870 speed test!!! in full HD

hey guys I am back another video of this
Samson black cj5 2016 and lava iris 7-0 both moons are same price the both
phones are power of let’s begin the first test with the boot up test three
two one go j5 is faster lava is so it is log the bottom two are connected with the
same Wi-Fi and everything close in the background everything close in the
background let’s begin the test first small application phone dialer
here we go and lava is faster Jeff Isis took some time let’s launch
settings lava is faster j5 is sloped let’s launch the game
applications sub base offer Java is faster
that’s what is past and j5 is very slow lava is done and j5 took some time and
is done let’s move to the YouTube it is internet app YouTube three two one go and you Cathy lava
no no j5 2016 is faster lava is took some time and it’s done let’s launch go back wrong let’s launch our website Google three two one go and j5 is done first and lava is second let’s launch Facebook hey Vic not here Playstore lava is very
fast and j5 is done let’s launch the RAM management the both phones are 2gb ram
2gb ram phone dialer is kept in the memory it kept it the memory let’s not setting kept in the memory kept in the memory that’s not
let’s launch subway surfer kept in the memory capturing the memory let’s launch
YouTube kept in the memory kept in the memory let’s launch Google kept in the
memory kept in them and both moons are very good thank you so thanks so much
for watching this video see you guys next month
good bye

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