Samsung S9 Plus vs S8 Plus – Speed Test!(HD)|Hindi

Hi Friends! How are you ? Welcome To OneStopShop your friend in this series I have come up with Samsung S9 ans S9 plus Smartphones Yes, it’s correct From today onward We are going to compare Samsung S9 plus and S9 with other smartphones and this series will be very interesting and I Guarantee you that in upcoming episodes the series will go insane and OneStopShop promise their customer always best product for their use everytime So let’s Start So Friends Here on left we have New contender S9 + and on right we have old player S8+ let’s start the speed test but before that both smartphone are on same wifi let’s go to Setting>About Phone>Software Information and check OS S9 plus runs on Oreo Update whereas S8 plus run android nougat So let’s start our first test that is BOOT TEST be Ready for BOOT TEST both smartphone will restart at same time so pressing power button and let’s see which smartphone boot up faster Power Pressed Next Let’s click on restart button and we have one more option to click 3… 2… 1… both Smartphone are restarting So S8+ plus had shown boot logo first and hat taken lead but let’s watch which smartphone can boot faster so… s9 + and s8 + animation is about the same but we are waiting for final result! and We have found winner S9+ completed it’s boot faster then s8+ plus way faster s8+ needs to boost up to win and background apps are closed! So Let’s start the app test but before that wifi are connected to same spot and let’s start with system apps our first hurdle is phone dialer So let’s click over phone dialer 3… 2.. 1… So here S9+ plus tooks it’s first lead Messages Oops Sorry for that So let’s start again clicking on it again Messages both are about the same Next Settings Wow! S9+ took lead again Camera In this portion you tell us which smartphone did better in comments Google Maps So S8+ took it’s first lead S8+ is gearing up,oh yeah Now let’s check Social Media Instagram this S9+ took the lead let’s go to profile and check S9+ shot isn’t it cool ? Then like it man! Next Twitter …… S8+ took it’s second lead very interesting competition S9+ do something you are latest piece So, next app will be Facebook …. so s8+ took lead again competition is getting hard for s9+ let’s see what happen next? Whatsapp and here S9+ took it’s lead back next Snapchat S9+ in form again So,next app is the most favorite app S8+ took the lead here Next Come Travel Apps First is most used & trusted, Olacabs So, it’s about the same Next app Uber, Second app that can be trusted as Olacabs in india or worldwide next social app, guess what ? Oh sorry! Our YouTube, where my channel is! Youtube S8+ plus launched a little faster ,rest your are judges here for me it’s about the same let’s play our video let’s check my interesting but long and boring video S9+ and S9 review I hope you watch and like that halg an hour video Now comes Gaming Section! Subway Surfers Kids played game let’s see which smartphone open it faster and…. S9+ showed it first,oh yeah S8+ is just little behind,you can do it One thing I want to share that S9+ gaming experience is better than S8+ Also both smartphones are set to UHD+ mode meant Ultra High Definition mode Next app our favorite paid game on playstore Super Mario Run! again this is the most played game but it’s paid game in app purchases that can’t be avoided So, if you like you can purchase it for 400 at first as discount but after they ask 800/- if discount period is over let’s check Super Mario Run both smartphone are taking time So here S9+ took the lead as it seemed that both smartphone will be about the same but s9+ plus showed it’s form in gaming even Iphone X was little slow against s9+ So how can s8+, Let’s check this So SmashHit! Ohh… S9+ completed it way faster Next one is most awesome because it’s my favorite game worldwide as well Marvel Contest Of Champions! this is online game as light as interesting 2D version game with best specs and you must download it now! this is not sponsored video by marvel I am playing this game since 6 months from now while talks, S9+ loaded it WOW! it ‘s way more faster than nokia 6[my smartphone] Oh yeah!

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  1. Just Comment down what would you like against s9 plus for your next speed test video.
    Thanks to dugri outlet people
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  2. aisa lag raha tha ki aap cricket me commentary kar rahe ho vaise aapka speed test maajja aa gaya appka voice bardhiya hai……THANKS

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