Satellite Dish Hack for Clear Sprint Internet Speed Signal Boost

I recently moved and had really poor signal
with my Clear Spot Apollo in the front window of my house.
You can see my previous videos on clear and the clear spot Apollo in the video description.
The poor connection has kept me from posting new videos.
I purchased the WinAerial2 12dBi Dual Antenna for Clear Spot 4g Apollo.
You can watch my review of this device by clicking the link in the description or on-screen
annotation. Since my connection was poor, even with the
external antenna, I decided to do a quick hack and attach it to the satellite dish on
the south side of my house that was not in use. This was a very simple job.
The winAerial2 came with a mounting plate. I used some twist wire and attached the mounting
plate to the receivers on the dish. I then attached the winaerial2 to the mounting
plate. With my cell phone in hand, I pointed the
dish in the direction of the tower and made slight adjustments until I had the best signal.
I ran the coax along with the satellite dish cables into the attic and into the closest
room. The clear spot Apollo now sits on a shelf,
out of site right next to my signal repeater. My signal improved drastically…
RSSI jumped 15 from -88 up to -73 My CINR also increased a full 15 from 1 to
16. This is amazing when you consider I am in
a dead zone that is out of range for my closest two towers. Since I used twist wired with the mounting
plate, I can easily remove it from the dish with causing any damage to either device. My internet speed no longer fluctuates and
is constantly over 5 Mb/s download and over .5 Mb/s upload. Now, I know some of you are saying that is
slow compared to Time Warner, Comcast and AT&T.
But I can tell you, I NEVER have to deal with any of those companies and that alone it worth
having a slower connection that meets my internet needs.
I never have to haggle for price changes, bundles, extra fees, or technician visits,
clueless support agents, or data transfer caps.
Slower, but still high speed, internet and a much higher quality of life. What do you think?
Please let us know in the comments section below. Thanks and have fun out there.

39 thoughts on “Satellite Dish Hack for Clear Sprint Internet Speed Signal Boost

  1. When it comes to dealing with cable companies you're blowing things way out of proportion… You're still just an account number to Clear and have no reasonable expectation of them remaining "better" than any other company especially since they are now Sprint.

  2. just FYI they are going to start shutting down clear sites beginning 2015 and they have already started thinning them out in other markets. once that happens i guess you will never get back on the internet again eh?

  3. Interesting, I did a somewhat similar setup back in late 2006 at a temporary residence by placing the old Motorola Expedience Clearwire Home modem ( in place of the LNB on a 24" Dish Network while the whole setup sat on the floor of a living room facing out the window towards a CLEAR tower site that was up on a mountain side about 13.5 miles away. Didn't work great with only three lights showing resulting in 0.5~1.5Mbps, but it was better than all lights just scanning without it! Obviously this was on the older Clearwire Expedience network back then.

  4. I like clear alot!! I didn't have to sign any contracts or price lock guarantees or any other terms that companies talk about. All I have to do is to set up my credit card to automatically pay each month for internet service. If I don't have funds for a month that's ok. When I get the funds in I can just go ahead to the website and pay with my card and my internet resumes. Also the fact that I can take the modem anywhere and just plug it into the wall is very convenient since I travel alot. I also dislike having to deal with soo many random extra charges that I used to get when I was with ATT. They would offer 29.99 a month but the first payment is like what they took off of the monthly payment and just lumped together in the begining. After the huge first payment then you can go ahead and pay your 29.99 with or without the extra fees for modem rental and what not. I'll stick to my simple Clear for now. Thanks

  5. I'm confused about how the dish helped it? How did you connect that box to your dish? Like how did that box use the dish to get up signal? Could you use this for a cell booster too? I have verizon  🙁 give me set by step guide please

  6. hey sweet hack! I thought of this for myself so we're kind of on the same page 🙂 what on your phone did you use to tune the dish? pS Sorry about what the big box brand did to you. recovery is a long and painful road..

  7. How do you know where the tower is by using a mobile phone.Do you use some kind of app of=n a smart phone to tell you or watch the signal strength bars on the phone.Since a phone has an omnidirectional antenna built in how do you know what direction it is picking up the signal from.

  8. "High speed" phahahahaha … I've got 300 Mbps down/ 100Mbps up FTTB connection for ~16 EUR (that includes cable tv, landline, 3g dongle)

  9. "High speed" phahahahaha … I've got 300 Mbps down/ 100Mbps up FTTB connection for ~16 EUR (that includes cable tv, landline, 3g dongle)

  10. I watched this video through a paperclip sticking out of the back of my phone… Using to USB tether to my laptop..
    So I got to enjoy this video in FULL HD… on a Big Screen monitor…
    a far jump from using a paper clip.. to a repeater and dish.. but good video man…

  11. Charter is cheap good internet with 29.90 a month plus the 5 dollar rental fees a month with no data caps.

  12. we built a wifi antenna using an old satellite dish; now I need information on how to connect the coiax cable from the antenna to my netgear router; the router doesn't have a screw in connector on it, just connections like a telephone; can someone give me a idea?

  13. Is it weatherproof? i doubt it! Those connections will corrode in no time at all, wrap them in self amalgamating tape, put the box in a weatherproof enclosure.

  14. Sir i have listen that we can use our dish to catch signal over 180 miles by using a modem ,dish and cable,etc please tell me that how can be it done and i am india

  15. I have a Kasens N5200 USB wifi adapter and i also have a Old Dish in the backyard from when we had direct tv years ago, so you are saying i can take my wifi adapter put it in front of the dish and that will increase wifi signal??? I

  16. So I'm with T-Mobile, and they have boosters but the boosters cant't receive the signal from T-Mobile because the towers are way to far away. Can I put a booster in front of a satellite like what you did and I'll get better cell signal from that way? Also the nearest tower is about 14.23 miles away or 23.22 km away.

  17. Cambium vs Ubiquiti . Ubiquiti all the way to the cashier .. cambium only offer to be the judas of promoting!!. The term judas! needs some judas actions to take un-need attention. but unifi is the way :p

  18. hi last year I watched a video about making a dish into a wifi receiver The man who sold it to me and hosted the video is called thanksbuyer-hobby he said I need to buy this 2.4GHz Mini Amplifier Remote Controll Range Extender for FPV Transmitter Black  and linked it in the video. I have tried him and still looking the video that was attached. Can anyone tell how to use to create a wifi receiver? I have the dish and this part, any help would be appreciated. My brother-law is in need  of wifi and on fixed income and I would really like to help  thanks so much everyone please tell what I should buy if this is wrong.

  19. Before installing this kit, what was the reason that you were not getting any cell phone signal? Do you have a mountain or something blocking your signal or what was the cause for no signal? Thank you,

  20. Hey I have an old huge house antenna that is up but not needed can I use it somehow to Boise my cell signal?

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