Scrapyard Wars 7 Pt 1 – NO INTERNET

okay I don't know the rules this time for you I'm always the one who announces the rules but I don't know what they are Colton no no internet how are we supposed to build a computer with no internet they've got two thousand dollars to build the best bang for the buck PC but they have to do it without internet they've got three days to do it and on the fourth day we find out who the winner is in this edition of scrapyard Wars brought to you by D brand okay so the one way that you can benefit from the Internet is if you ask someone a question and without any prompting they use the internet to find the answer for you I'm at a complete loss right now because I know a lot of people will look at the at the amount of money I'm holding and they'll go well that's easy but what's not easy is bang for the buck I can't spend it all I have to shop as though I have as close to zero of it as possible if we need a paper map it's us up to us to go get one which is actually slightly problematic because I don't know where the heck you buy one I think I'm just gonna get in the car and start driving basically the only places that I know how to get to our BCIT Kwantlen technically but I don't know if they have computer courses there and best buy because other than that I pretty much use GPS to get everywhere and I can't now not even the not on the internet GPS in my car thanks thanks rules I rarely think of like using Google Maps as using the internet but I can't use Google Maps oh I can't I don't know how to find anything YouTube yep I genuinely hope you do quite well because one of us need something thanks dear and nice guys nice guys deep brand well I didn't think it would be like this it didn't occur to me that I couldn't use email I actually kind of wonder how necessary the map is because I'm not gonna be able to find anywhere that I don't already know okay so the girl in there was really helpful they don't carry street maps anymore but she did have this handy-dandy printed map of the local area which I guess is better than nothing like I really appreciate the help but I do have to wonder what the purpose of this is they've got their locations circled and highlighted but who are they giving this to they're out there already here thought process right now is I've found a few terrible ideas at BestBuy but the guys there were really helpful and they did what they could and we have some options okay so potential idea that it's a little low spec but it's really cheap because I think it's been like in an open it was an open box return from like a long time ago that's just been sitting in the back 300 watt power supply 810 7800 8 gigabytes of ddr3 the power so I would need to be cranked up because I need to put a graphics card in there it's really cheap we're gonna try a little bit more sneaker networking I'm gonna go to be CIT my old University and Brandon's old University I'm really hoping I can find someone carrying like a gaming laptop or something like that that is a big goal approaching random people has been difficult for me mainly because I don't want to be a burden on people or annoy them I'm certain that won't bother Linus at all okay so I got this street map of the entire Fraser Valley for $6 crap excuse me this might be a bit of a long shot I see you're cleaning up though do you happen to have a phone book yeah no phone book okay I was worth a shot what about an old computer are you selling any computer stuff okay was worth a shot thank you Duff that is the most desperate feeling thing I think I've ever done there is a very distinct possibility that I am going to end up having to go to a computer store and buy a computer what does geeks are us let's find out what geeks RS is here there's no parking way to go geeks are us more like losers with no parking spaces are us hi all right good what kind of a store is this exactly I was just driving by computer repairs do you guys deal in used hardware at all I mean we're both like 2nd gen core i7 3rd gen it was a sure when I get more desperate I might get to the point of just going to computer stores and asking people there but that's like pretty rude to make a deal with me under the table on some stuff that they own on the side like that's the kind of thing that they would keep on the on the DL on the CL you know even if it's like something you have personally I'll deal under the counter anything I'm desperate ok so what would be what would be fair pricing for these I'll leave it up to you know oh yeah it's it's up to you guys honestly I would give it to you if you write we can't we can't take it from you I mean the i-5 6400 you wouldn't give that away you can't get a word for it it's useless to us so here's the situation these guys have some older used stuff but they don't have pricing for anything because this is all in the like put it in a bin and take it to free geek once a quarter pile so I think what we're probably gonna have to do is keep exploring but this was a solid lead unfortunately the best graphics card they've got that's not a Quadro is a 77 70 and I think that might be a little bit underpowered for our purposes okay thank you very much this has been very helpful I'm okay literally we have a wall of bins all the babes they just can I see the wall of bin okay you know this is where you keep your memories our memories I have been for my memories too you know got everything server parts okay do you mind if I just poke around a little bit excuse me a really random question so I noticed you're working on a laptop that wasn't a Mac I just wanted to ask if you or anyone you know are trying to sell any computer parts okay thank you much I'm working on a project right now which is like a competition where I have to build the computer sure I'm not allowed to use the internet to find any of the parts and I can't buy them from traditional brick-and-mortar stores I have the case and if I still have the case but I do have the RAM just had to find it I never needed to go to the IT desk we talked to the first guy behind the IT desk food yeah has some stuff at home that he's looking to get rid of which is hilarious he had some ram in a case which is unfortunately like in the lowest section of things that I need right now but I have his number he's gonna contact me when he figures out what that stuff is and maybe maybe he'll know someone else who has some more things as well apparently I do be CIT as a whole just finished their finals last week and is currently in like marking time or whatever so it's basically just teachers here so plan a right now is to go to a bunch of different repair shops self repair shops laptop repair shops stuff like that and try to see if they might know anyone or they themselves outside of that work have some computer components that I can buy scrapyard Wars is brought to you by D brand their new Nintendo switch cantar available now and you can also order along with like horrible these are cute you can also order tempered glass screen protectors these little kits come with everything you need they look great and they're durable including fantastic scratch resistance you can learn more at the link in the video description ok so here's a 1366 Zeon now the problem is that it's an e 50 607 whatever that is no internet I don't know I've been conditioned by the much higher quality of information on the Internet to not bother to ask people in stores therapists what if I showed up with an APU as long as I could run fortnight at 1080p that could be an excellent value so they've got an a-10 5800 series not sure exactly what chip it is here's some ddr3 though that's potentially interesting so this is a 4 gig 2 by 2 kit and it looks like they've got a couple of them okay well you know what this has been very helpful gentleman and we may return I'm assuming a motherboard in this bin is dead they're going to salvage are there okay thank you very much gentlemen it's possible that I'll return my options are somewhat limited how did people get the word out about things before the internet signs let's go decorate my car selling selling your I can't do like block letters I wasn't paying attention in that class in grade four you know I have literally never done this before this is just based on watching other people do it no I'm not want to buy right my plan for the next few days is to try to come up with a better plan than this now I don't think it's enough to have this on the inside it's kind of hard to read through the dick but so I'm gonna put it on the outside of the car I'm gonna tape it on to the back window was there any doubt that I was gonna go full moron it just shut up I'm working on it okay okay this might have been ill-advised that's not going anywhere let's go find a phone book it seems like a total long shot but you guys have a phone book I know right got a bit of a long shot question the other phonebook I'm your neighbor from about six stores down long shot questions you guys have a phone book Hey long shot question do you guys have a phone book it is amazing how hard it is to find a phone book I was laughed at literally laughed at do you have one you can't say yes it Toby don't that's not the art of negotiation would say you guys are savages okay ed are our good neighbors cover star thank you very much I can bring it back in four days Oh I mean this feels like a total shot in the dark but video production services if I can find an old workstation holy crap there's a listing for industrial vibrators you've dialed a number Oh four to would not be a good start here yeah I don't think that's awful video productions any work hi this is a bit of a random question but do you guys have any old workstations that you're looking to get rid of like for money I would pay for them like you guys do video work right oh never mind thank you you're under video production services in the Yellow Pages so I figured yeah okay that makes sense thank you bye okay here's a post house they will have powerful workstations for sure I mean do this many businesses just disappear hi um this is a bit of a long shot question but do you guys have any like PC gaming stuff systems did you know anyone like even if it's not willow video who has some gaming hardware that they might want to get rid of okay I'll give that a shot thank you okay crazy Bob downtown Langley okay let's try some pawn shops I've never had luck with these before though but the thing about pawn shops hi I was wondering if you guys have any computers or a computer hardware laptop say do you have anything like gaming grade I know really I tell my seven quad core with 16gb memory okay and what what are you guys asking for that one okay that's that's pretty rough okay okay all right that might be outside of my budget thank you very much okay right yeah oh I legitimately just looked you up in the yellow pages I'm just looking for a workstation I thought people who work on video editing might have old workstations we have workstations but how would he call me back the Yellow Pages is worthless it deserves to be dead how can this many places be closed what if I wore a shirt that said I want to buy a gaming PC and then people would walk up to me want to buy I mean it's not the worst thing I've ever done it's a pretty little bar though oh you can't even read it it's like way over under probably not gonna tape it put it back I already look like enough of an idiot okay so we've only got like an hour and a half left so we're gonna check out the local community center to see if we can get a list of events around here that maybe would attract nerds in the next couple of days and then we're gonna go to crazy Bob's because apparently according to willow video they have stuff sometimes getting stuff in and out of the backseat is gonna be a bit of a hassle now yeah so back when I used to paint houses this was how I used to drive with my hands at nine and three on the steering wheel because that's what they taught me in driving school [Applause] this is the worst I've want the internet back I think this is like really old because there's an overpass in front of us that straight up is not on our map Oh check out the other path I need that how am I supposed to know where I'm going you can't operate a camera and defend this map at the same time I think we are about to have a no internet experience here because I don't know where exactly crazy Bob's is I don't immediately see it and I think I'm going to have to ask for directions this seems like a really long shot so while I do really appreciate them trying to help a brother out I I do not have a lot of confidence that this is gonna yield anything you can just wait here and I don't think this is a thing I feel like an idiot in this shirt I'm taking it off wow they have like everything here you know like army of Darkness paraphernalia you know like that kind of story there's a community donation center here there's a thrift store and there's a Value Village this is the editor viewer dual 8 I think this is a film viewer here's another thrift store electronics section da doo 6 bucks I'm buying it this for me personally though this has nothing to do a scrap yard worse whoa what is this oh oh it's just a heat sink I thought this was a CPU that would have been unbelievable so I'm feeling pretty good I got myself a PlayStation 2 controller and a lead on an LGA 2011 box heatsink so I was gonna just leave this here tonight but I need to get my badminton stuff out of my truck yes I should have just done it on poster board ed thank you you captain hindsight all hindsight now a big thing that I learned today is that the entire market for used computer stuff has moved online it's a high tech category so it makes total sense that the people selling and the people buying would take the whole thing online deep brand is your source for awesome vinyl skins and now you can finally skin your Nintendo switch your switch accessories and your switch controllers including the pro controller they use high quality authentic true textured 3m vinyl on every product they feature unrivaled precision so no matter what colour you like your joy Kahn's to be me personally I'm partial to the pink and purple combination they are going to look absolutely fantastic like a factory finish and their customer service robots are easy to work with and wonderful their products are affordable they ship worldwide so check them out today at the link below your switch could look like this or like this or like this or this look they have so many colors let's see if I can juggle new brand new brand joy cones oh yes I can whatever it's d-branes joy cones oh newsflash for dbrand you guys are like super not getting these pro controllers back these look awesome next time on scrapyard wars I don't want them to lose money either like I'm not in the business of just screwing people over I don't want to be like I don't want to be rude or anything but like that's not worth anywhere near the sticker like not even close a fraction of it

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  1. why linus thinks that all the places are closed what if they just changed they're number yellow pages are pretty old

  2. I Use to wish I was born earlier or could go back in time to the late 90s and early 2000 but forgot that all these conveniences and Technological advances wouldn't exist. it's crazy how much things have changed in the last 20 years.

  3. why the hell they dont try junkyards? sure the computers are broken but individual components aren't and then there's recycling centers. just because you salvage every non broken part out of your computer doesnt mean there arent people who throw entire towers away for upgrade or broken hdd.

  4. I have a pretty good idea why every business Linus called from the phonebook had a disconnected number. At least here in the US, the numbers in the Yellow Pages are not the main business numbers. My shop had an ad in the phonebook for years but the number listed was a new one used so that they could track how many calls were generated specifically from our yellow pages ad. As soon as you stop paying for ad space, the numbers likely become disconnected.

  5. couldn't you jut ask other people to search things on the internet
    obviously this does NOT count as YOU using the internet so it should have been fine

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