Search for aircraft for Charter – Charter Promotion Module

Welcome to AviMall let’s go through a
quick flight search tutorial to quickly find a suitable aircraft for one of your
customers hover to the search menu and pick one of the available
selections: aircraft for charter, empty legs helicopters you may click aircrafts for
charter and start filling your own search criteria details the only
required information is the flight schedule you may start with the
following departure airport arrival airport date and time local time and UTC arrival or departure
and number of passengers also you can add or remove sectors by pressing the +
and – buttons on the right side once you have completed the flight schedule
you can move to select the aircraft type specifications under special
requirements and cabin will change according to the aircraft types you have
selected for instance selecting air ambulance would reveal the options
number of Stretchers number of Escorts and Door size if we choose freighter the
number of ton and the floor size will appear in cabin configuration this time
we will check the VIP jet and the VIP airliner box as an example you may first
choose the cabin size then next to range exclude aircrafts requiring fuel
stops during the performance of your flight by selecting no fuel stop then
choose the range of aircraft you wish to hire in the model line you can choose
aircraft age based on your preference you can also choose one or more options
to define the exact model of aircraft you’re looking for under special requirements it’s possible
to exclude aircraft that requires owner approval by selecting the box next to
exclude aircraft’s requiring owner approval or include them by leaving the
box unchecked if your customer prefers to smoke on board you can select smoking
allowed and since there are operators who allow smoking of cigarettes and prohibit
other type of tobacco the system allows you to specify the type of smoke also if
your flight requires transporting pets you can select live animals and enter
the number and size of cages you wish to transport selecting availability of
cabin crew will give you the option to search for operators providing flight
attendants who speak certain languages some operators don’t offer alcohol on board
therefore you can exclude such operators by selecting exclude operators
that don’t serve alcohol or leave it blank if you select this flight requires
coffin transportation the system will display additional fields to
determine the number of coffins needed to be transported and the sizes the
search engine will show you only the aircraft which can accommodate your
requirements cabin enables you to search for an aircraft that specifically meets
your customer’s request next to cabin configuration specify the number of club
seats divans or divans convertible to bed available partitions to divide
the cabin to sections bathroom shower and number of toilets also may provide
information luggage compartment location specification and capacity in the power
plug section you can select the type of electrical output you want to have on
board since many VIP flights hold business
meetings Internet and other electronic devices are considered essential for a
successful flight therefore you have a variety of devices to select from AviMall search engine will show you all aircraft equipped with requested devices
and utilities you can also insert your own reference for the search and/or
define the preferred operators once you have filled the required info you may
click the search button the system will display available aircraft for charter
according to your search criteria with the operators system pricing structure
if you want to gather more info on one of the options listed below click on the
detail button and you will be able to see details related to aircraft flight
itinerary and the price select one or more aircraft and send your request once
you press send a new tab will open where you can type in your message to be sent
with your request then click on sent messages to see the status of your
request now we will go to the operator account to show you how your message has
been received the operator will click on received requests then open the
brokers request to accept or reject after confirming the availability of the
features in this example French speaker flight attendant will not be available
which will automatically appear under the operator customized message to the
broker we will type in the customized message now and in the private notes
section the operator will be able to write a remark or a reminder that only
the operator can see on this page the operator can set the price as required
as well as the price validity date and view price details for request
trips then reply to you as it shows here reflecting any special notes that you
have entered the broker will receive the operators response under the requests tab the broker can then respond with a message directly to the operator
through the system without any third party interference or even using other
ways of communication the broker can ask to option the aircraft and can type in
the message directly back to the operator account now the operator will
receive the brokers response and will be able to view previous messages between
them and communication will continue this way or by using Outlook the flight
search tutorial is finished we hope this video was helpful thank you for listening

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