Sen. Ted Cruz: Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment circus is done

100 thoughts on “Sen. Ted Cruz: Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment circus is done

  1. Call in joe hunter Biden and call in nasty Nancy Pelosi and her dirty son. And john karry and his scum son .and Hillary Clinton Foundation for all dirty dealings in Ukraine for corrupt scum deal they have been doing all over the world.trump should call in a air strike on the dirty democrats rats political party

  2. Pelosi wasted money and time on a impeachment campaign that had no nothing to stand,she has no business experience.

  3. The house gave the president a chance to defend himself and asked for witnesses and documents that Trump blocked and rejected so Cruz is lying… again..

  4. The $5000 pens delivered one sterling silver platter all paid for with tax payer money, are mightier than the sword……….. Except, whoopsies, the sword is holding all the Trump cards.

  5. President Trump should've already been acquitted and this sham impeachment should've already been over with but the republicans have no backbone.

    Everyone in congress on both sides should be replaced for allowing this circus to continue.
    This president is the only one working for the American people everyone else is a joke.

    This impeachment is total bs, a huge waste of hard earned tax dollars, and an embarrassment to our great country.

    Everyone who is allowing this to continue should be very ashamed because they will be viewed as a disgrace by future generations.

  6. Love this man.. What a great friend and asset he turned out to be. Proud he represents this Country. You know that those who challenged the President have to be thanking God they werent

  7. The circus isn't going to be over until Pelosi, shiff-for-brains, and that garden gnome Nadler are out of power. That means the circus won't be over until 2020.

  8. I (and, I believe, most Americans) want this farce to end soon in the Senate so that Congress can get back to work on actual issues. The sad truth is that when President Trump is acquitted the House Democrats will go right back to square one and try to find some other way to remove and/or obstruct the President. The Democratic playbook seems a little one dimensional these days. If they lose they double down and try again. But even if they win they double down and demand even more.

  9. Hunter Biden! Wrong topic! The justice department has dismissed lots of other Hannity charges. Trump doesn't have the talent around him. He'll violate the law again.

  10. It's frankly weird and even a bit scary, that these Dems could possibly believe the Mainstream media will stay with whatever Lie Narrative to Brainwash enough people to stay voting for them.?

  11. Everyone should read The Red Thread by Diana West if you want some insight into the complete lack of regard for the constitution and rule of law.

  12. all senate and house need to be replaced along with the white house too . al l conectedand corupt . and dumb as s opinion shows like this breed hate speech while attempting tm cofuse thd real truths . idiots need to hear from KATIE JOHNSON AKA JANE DOE AS A WHITNESS .T-RUMP WAS A CO- DEFENDANT IN COURT WITH JEFFEY E.

  13. " His Daddy was Vice President "

    Reminds me of a story……..
    Once there was this Democrat thief slipping through the dark looking for his next pile of loot, when out of the darkness a voice said…Jesus is watching you…….Jesus is watching you!
    The thief/Democrat soon realized it was a talking bird. The thief said, who do you think you are? The bird said, I am Moses. The thief laughed and said who would name their bird Moses? The bird replied, the same person that named his ROTTWEILER Jesus. : )

    Moral of the story….Well, You know!

  14. You forgot pelosi's boy karrys step son they all got money from the Ukraine… Hilary Obama sold urainmum to the Russians… expose them all ….vote all solicist out of office…quit wasting our tax dollars ..

  15. The Democrats should not want witnesses because then the truth will come out and the Democrats will be even more exposed as a corrupt criminal enterprise.

  16. Our country has been dragged through the mud by these lunatic Democrats! Our Constitution is being shredded before our very eyes and our duly elected President has been smeared beyond all measures and should totally have a first term do over. "We the People" need to vote these fools/sociopaths out of office in November and then hold them accountable by filing charges against them for doing the exact things they accuse our President of doing.

  17. I want to know why the hell they keep spending We The People’s monies the keep spending on everything they can scratch up against Our Duly Elected President Donald J Trump give us more money on our Social Security, they go through our money like water and another thing where is our F Pens.😡😡😡😡😡

  18. Mr. Cruz Please help civilians getting war crime treatment. . I know you know with due respect. These treatments are against the Geneva Conventions laws.

  19. I love Senator Cruz. He's really come into his own. He did not have this confidence or charisma in 2016. If he says President Trump is doing alright, then he's doing alright. Cruz 2024!

  20. Bribery was included in the Abuse of Power article…why does the right continue to say there was no criminal charge?

  21. get all of our money back that was wasted by the democrats over the last 3 years and all the corrupt money
    the Bidens, Pelosi and Kerry got and through a huge nation wide celebration party when this sham gets thrown out of court ! TRUMP 2020

  22. Oh no… Dems arent done by any stretch. There will be more BS coming out over the next two weeks.. it will keep dripping in and keep dripping in.. there is no stopping the Dems. They've crossed the line and there's no going back. So there's no reason why they shouldnt dream up more stuff as we go.

  23. Send all the third grade level Dem's to be re-educated , and then take them to court , and teach them the consequences of their actions , through the full punishable letter of the law , with their removal from government for ever ,and a fine for every dollar wasted on their bias political assaults and investigations against the President , as their minimum for their collusion to oust a legitimately elected President !!! May they enter the gates of hell at Godspeed !

  24. " … that's why she delayed this for so long, because she knew that once the House no longer had it that they wouldn't be able to put on a kangaroo court like they have – instead we are going to move in the Senate where I hope and believe we are going to follow the law and acquit the president."

    Sorry Ted, that's where you are dead wrong. Nancy Pelosi held on to the articles because she was waiting for the other shoes to drop (READ: Lev Parnas and GAO). This whole impeachment scam – from the very beginning has been one big organized & coordinated Psi Op. And unlike you and the other idiot Republicans in the Senate – THE DEMOCRATS ARE GOING ALL IN ON THIS. They have no other choice. They bet on impeachment and removal – NOT IMPEACHMENT AND ACQUITTAL. And they don't give a rat's asz what happens to the country. Even if the removal of Trump ends up in a civil war – WHICH IT WILL. To the Democrats NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THEIR TYRANNICAL POWER. THEY WOULD RATHER BURN DOWN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY THAN GET OUT OF TRUMP'S WAY SO HE CAN FIX WHAT THEY NEARLY DESTROYED.
    Ted, you have an opportunity to get in front of this and save your country by sitting down with the Treasonous Crew (Romney, Alexander, Collins, Ernst, Gardner and Murkowski) and let them know that the American people will not stand for their showboating or consorting with the DNC enemy. Trump did not get a fair process in the House. And if Treasonous Crew (Romney, Alexander, Collins, Ernst, Gardner and Murkowski) think they are going to grandstand or placate the DNC enemy in the Senate they are putting their own lives in danger. If this does not end in an acquittal we will take to the streets and it will end in a civil war. And we will not going to take any prisoners.
    Godspeed to you.

  25. I am from South Africa.
    CNN just showed how the impeachment does not affect the US economy. Now is that not Allah's way in ensuring that there is no famine, no below breadline families, education, sports, basically a healthy nation. The High Moral Ground Dems (Self righteousness….. Liberals, Tree huggers)….. Are they against what God wants for people on this earth? An easy life then praising the Supreme Being?
    Yet they do the saddest thing to another human being, yes….. DONALD TRUMP is a human being.
    They have been victimizing him since 2016…..psychological bashing and yet he stands up, dust himself off….. And ra ra ra….. With tweets in between growing the economy and signing a revolutionary trade deal with China.
    Yes, he lacks emotional intelligence but make up for it by ensuring sustainable dollars…
    And that makes him a The Dollar Renaissance Man of ever.
    Go Mr Trump tweet away and expose those sanctimonious self-serving "leaders"…. Who are so silly, yes silly being led by Nancy Polony (SAUSAGE IN OUR COUNTRY)…. can they not see that she is an arms swinging, hallucinating person of age…. I am being politically correct with the age thing.

  26. It will be so nice once November has come and gone. We will have another 4 years of greatness. Plus think of all the videos there will be to laugh at of people screaming at the sky. 🤣🤣

  27. Impotus has been IMPEACHED. Lke it r not Insamity We not FOOLS Nunez wz main clown in on Ukraine plot Cruze look alone sz he hiding frm truth


  29. Thank you ted.Sick of the whole crap right from that clans start.There against Alot of american people.If i were trump i would have held back money to Uk..I would have investegated sleepy joe and kid.

  30. They should impeach the Democrats they're the ones that are breaking the law every way you can they get away with it because they know they can it's time to start impeaching the Democrats it's getting too out of control

  31. And Senator since many allegations were made in the Steele dossier, that entire dossier in every circumstance around its creation ought to be opened up, investigated, Exposed. Then of course there is a great deal of evidence connected to correspondence around the Steele dossier that was found on Anthony Weiner's laptop. ALL of that ought to be admitted into evidence.

    If they want a circus you can make it a three-ring one– every single investigative thing at the Democrats have done to try to discredit Trump could be looked at pulled out into the daylight and examined carefully from all angles.

  32. If there are no constitutional grounds for impeachment being put before the Senate as Senator Cruz says, then why even bother having a trial at all? Just dismiss the unconstitutional charges on that basis alone and be done with it. Having a trial only seems to play into Pelosi's farce and can give the impression to some that the President might have done something wrong.

  33. Does the faithless servant doctrine apply to Congressional members who insist on a baseless impeachment? They should have a financial consequence, not the taxpayer

  34. Nobody is talking about Epstein neck broke in 4 places or 1billion in cocaine seized in philly, or chase banks 1.3 billion in cocaine seized….🤣🖕😜🖕

  35. History in the making first president to be removed from office. Woohoo you people suck do you want real news watch CNN. You guys are following a cult leader worst president in history. You people voted them in there Russians helped him history will prove Republicans wrong

  36. When they call shiff,Biden Jr,and even Biden Sr ,and they get caught lying to the Senate I do expect, no I demand they get a 3:00 am swat team escort to get their bail set and have to serve every bit as much time as Roger Stone did

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