Sensolus | Supply chain optimization

Are you an entrepreneur? This is a question I ask myself every day. In the end, you just want change. And at a certain point, you decide to create the change yourself. You want to move ahead, you want change, and that’s when you become an entrepreneur. I am Kristoff Van Rattinghe. I am the co-founder and CEO of Sensolus and we are active in the industrial Internet of Things. We connect machines and all kinds of materials that are not connected to the Internet today, directly to the Internet. In fact, this sensor can be installed easily. It can, for example, be attached here. We attach it in an optimal way to collect all the necessary data of the machine in a completely wireless way and transmit it to the cloud. We expect that all the objects that are not connected today, will be connected soon. Because this brings along quite some profits and optimizations. And then I don’t only think of industries in our region. Think also of global industries like, for example, in developing countries. This can unlock a true revolution. After a very strict selection procedure, which is an acknowledgment for us as a Flemish company, we started supplying our trackers to Airbus. For Airbus, we track engine parts, landing gear, and flaps on a global level. This definitely helps, it opens doors. As a start-up, you don’t look at the next ten years. You look at your next step. And the next step is about improving our product. Making it even more suitable for industrial use and introducing it in different industries. We keep on pushing, we stick to the plan to keep our distinctive character as an entrepreneur.

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