Set up a RAMDisk and Make Your Computer 415% Faster!!

hello this is John Tech Locke and today I'm gonna show you a really cool and interesting way to utilize your RAM to make your computer a lot faster now this method is called Ram disk or utilizing your RAM as has hard drive space pretty much where you have programs running from the RAM without having the saving to your hard drive first Ram is incredibly fast Ram is pop is the fastest piece of hardware on your computer if it wasn't for Lam your programs would be running incredibly slowly because a hard drive can only do so much hard drive a physical hard drive is always moving now first with solid-state hard drives we're getting to the point where it can reach the level of RAM but even then Ram is so fast which is why when we run programs from the hard drive and always constantly sends its data into the ramp so when you're using the program it doesn't slow down that's why you've seen over the years the size of RAM has been increasing because programs need more RAM to run and the things we need to do quickly need more RAM of course now the reason why Ram disk isn't so popular anymore back then it was incredibly popular it was probably one of the only ways to have some sort of decent computer I'm talking mostly about DOS and the first pcs the reason why it's not popular anymore is because people don't have enough RAM and I know it sounds insane but the average battle RAM on a person's computer right now is too big advice if you're running Windows 7 and I'm running Windows 8 if you're running Windows 7 at 2 gigs you're not getting a lot of RAM left over so how much space would you really have for a ram disk maybe about 400 megabytes not a lot but if you're like me and you have over 10 gigs of ram about 16 gigs of ram ddr3 ram on my laptop and that's the maximum amount of RAM so make sure you maximize the amount of RAM on your computer before you really want to do this of course now if you have 10 gigs go right ahead you have even eight gigs that's still a lot right now you I'm only using two and a half gigs of memory and I'm like running Camtasia it's recording my screen it takes a lot of RAM but I have about 13 gigs just you know waiting to be used and thought being used currently so I realize that I do a lot of video editing I do a lot of audio editing I can really shorten the amount of time it takes to render my productions if I just run my programs Adam Ram and cut you know the hard drive from even having a huge role in the program so what you'll need is this free utility called RAM disk configuration the free version gives you 4 gigabytes to create a ram disk the entirely full version you've got to pay for it's around 25 bucks you get unlimited amount of RAM to create a ram disk now the thing about data RAM does configuration is you're not really taking a risk but if you only have three gigs of RAM or two gigabytes of RAM you're not gonna really be able to see a large difference it's probably not going to even be that beneficial if anything you'll just see marginal improvements but let's say I'm gonna create a two gigabyte RAM disk right now so 2048 megabytes is equal to two gigs what you can choose to do is load the disk image at startup so okay so let's say I install Google Chrome on my ram disk and i have this on tips what that means is everything on my ram is gets deleted it's non-volatile memory well I'm sorry it's volatile memory so that means it gets cleared every time your computer reboots or turns off if I click if I tick this mode this can adjust startup radiobutton what it does is take what I have installed on my RAM and put it into hard John and then when my computer starts up it pulls it out of the hard drive it puts it right back into the RAM disk and that same time we've got save disk image I'll shut down which is incredibly important you've got to have both of these checked in order for what I said before they even occur and then of course event blog and all this this doesn't really matter so let's we go to settings and let me open up my computer right now I have one hard drive on my computer as you can see it's just one block when I hit Stark Ram disk it's gonna clear the device list it's gonna start the disk and it's gonna verify a driver and once it does all of that I'm gonna have a ram disk start successfully so let's say ok sometimes it's what happen you're not gonna see it right away right-click on computer and hit manage and what we're gonna do is go into the storage utility and the disk management and then we're gonna see there we go so right now it says you must initialize a disk but the logical disk manager can access and now a logical disk is something that it could be a physical thing but it doesn't use it as memory to always doesn't use it has space to all this store it's very hard to explain I'm just hit okay okay now this is unallocated that's fine we're gonna right-click it and we'll hit the new simple volume I'm gonna hit next just hit next I'm gonna sign a drive letter hit next and the format it as NTFS or fat doesn't matter I do NTFS all right so it's gonna it's gonna do all of this and then bam you got a new volume setup right here that's two gigs it's 2040 megabytes around two gigs is when you have left over after it does all its cache now you can exit this or just minimize it now let's take a look at what I can do here this is where I install my programs so I have Adobe Audition and I have Adobe Premiere I do a lot of audio editing video editing I have Photoshop sometimes my render large files it takes one file because it's transferring data from my hard drive straight into RAM that takes time and then it does everything in RAM why don't we just cut the connection it has with hard drive almost entirely and just dedicate all your programs into memory only and I can do this because I have 16 gigabytes of memory and I have 11 gigs right now doing nothing and two of those gigs as my ram disk so I have 2 gigabytes to do entirely whatever I want so here I can install Adobe Audition on this Ram disk and then I can install other programs that I use that require a lot of memory now the beauty of this is that you can install you can set it up so that you have files on your Ram disk so let's say in Adobe Audition instead of putting your files onto your hard drive drag your files into RAM I'll just do it real quickly right here let's say alright let's let's go online and let's download a program and we want to download audacity I don't have a dasa T installed let's download audacity all right so let's slip that download sorry so we're gonna run it yes should ask you where you want to install right here so in any of any of any of anything you trying to install there's always a prompt that tells you where you want to select the destination location of where you want to save the the entire program instead of saving it into your C Drive go into your new volume this is your RAM disk hit ok now it's gonna install everything here so let's if next command a desktop icon doesn't really matter then hit enter so it's an extract all the files and you see right here there's a new folder it's called audacity then we're going to hit next don't launch it yet because I want to show you guys how cool this is so so instead if it's not installed on my physical our drivers assaulted my ram so when I double-click here and then I go into my folder and I run audacity it's gonna boot up incredibly quickly it's gonna be so fast when it loads damn it's done anything that I want to do if I wanna drag and import files I can do that incredibly quickly and it's pretty damn amazing how fast these things are now so let's say I want to put California love into my audacity it's gonna import from my hard drive and now it's here if I want to Jenna if I want to create an effect and let's say I want to compress it and get rid of the threshold and put it in negative 31 dB look how fast it does it it's incredibly quick if I was to do this on my hard drive we would have taken the police to another 30 seconds and that's not exaggerating because it's taking a file from my hard drive putting into my RAM disk has temporary place and then right in the programs running out for my RAM entirely now even what would be even better is if I put my California love file into my RAM disk which is what I should be doing all right so I'm gonna do that right now we're going to go into libraries and music – like media music Tupac greatest hits California love I'm gonna paste it right into my RAM disk so BAM but saved in my RAM disk I'm gonna go into audacity and load that up again alright so audacity sup I'm gonna show this again right file import audio then we're gonna go into computer volume California love mam it's gonna import who let's say I want to do a compressor again and then change things incredibly quick I mean the fact that it applies things within seconds is amazing I've never see anything that's quick it's remarkable because it's using a file that's already in RAM it's applying things live in RAM just decreases the amount of time it takes you to things now using audacity might not be a huge thriller right I mean once you start doing large things this is really you're gonna see its effect when you're even doing some gaming when you're doing a lot of video editing and photo editing put everything everything into RAM disk and then watch how high your productivity level will go it's gonna decrease a lot of wasteful time transferring information from your harddrive into RAM just probably thinking to ram it and you're good so you close out of that and I can stop this Ram disk it'll save the disk image file on to my hard drive there's a cache folder that it sets up so mam it stops the RAM disk go with your task manager you get your RAM back so now I'm only using two point six gigs so here you can see the peak is what I have my RAM disk loaded and then it's gonna go decrease and I can restart the RAM disk it's gonna put back all the files that I had in my heart in my previous session so audacity is gonna be there so is California love so that's what ramdisk does essentially decreases a huge amount of time because it just allows you to save everything into your RAM without having to access the hard drive you're kind of getting rid of the middle guy so that's pretty much it galbart program I'm going to have it in my description so make sure you download it from there and yeah you pretty much try to make a computer as quickly as possible optimizer and this is one of the best ways to do it so thanks for watching and please subscribe and share this video you

24 thoughts on “Set up a RAMDisk and Make Your Computer 415% Faster!!

  1. hey guy! my motherboard RAM slots just got fried after following your advice, I went from an already fast computer to thinking I was going to achieve (super fast) to now my system is seized now so basically you just cost me my whole system so you and I need to talk asap because we need to go over how your going to go about replacing my computer and I need to go over my entire list of custom components that you'll need to know before you can process the order for my new system. ordinarily I'd be ready to drop everything I'm doing and take flight on you for this but because you are going to pay to replace the system that you are now responsible for destroying I have decided to be patient but my patients usually wears thin really fast so take your time and thank you in advance but get back to me immediately because I am now waiting without use of any computer thanks to you and your advice here, come on guy wtf for real

  2. so this trick will work only for them who has got more ram in there computer. I search for how to increase ram not to loose.

  3. I suggest using ERAM. Its a RAM Drive that works on Windows XP/NT/2000/7/10 (32 and 64-bit) and has a maximum limit of 4 GB on Windows 7/10 (until I fix the BSODs caused by using a disk that is larger than that after removing the limit). Its driver and source code can be found by going to

  4. 5 years changes a lot. "16GB DDR3, that's the most you can have."

    Now it's average to have 16GB DDR4.

    That's not even mentioning that M.2 storage is faster than ddr3 ram… And that it's the only storage device in my pc… And it's a terabyte.

  5. Lol, why are you importing audio from hard drive and not from ramdisk? and sound effects wouldn't be processed faster cause it's already in ram don't matter if you loaded it from hdd or ramdisk.

  6. Wait so basically it uses ram to create a storage device and it basically makes the program faster…am okay 👌

  7. using a ramdisk for these purposes is very stupid. when an application is started it runs in memory anyhow. so once chrome is running, it will be just as fast on harddisk, plus you wont be wasting valueble ram space. installing programs on it is never benificial. also, when an application is starting from a ramdisk, it uses read and write operations at the same time, taking up twice as much bandwith slowing your programs down that were actually meant to run in memory. programs are designed they way they are. if things were faster in memory, these programs would have natively used ram. with a ramdisk you are wasting time and hardware resources.

    you will only be able to use ramdisk benificial when you know what you are doing. if you need this video to figure anything out, your too dumb to use it right, and your better of doing something nice, such as watching a nice movie or going out. you have understand program design. you need the sense of a pre-hacker to get anything out of it. if your an end user, dont use it.

  8. does anyone know does this still work with DDR4 RAM cause i have 128GB running @ 3600Mhz and only eve use 10 max was hoping It can boost my VGPU's

  9. Really nice video, thanks, but explain me that, can we directly copy our program files from local disk c in our ramdisk rather than installation again

  10. so i can generate gb end gb of free space theta i can abuse cool first job need to test it on my AMD graphics card it says it needs 512 mb i do Wonder if i can jump the shark end generate at 1 tb only detected to my card cool virtual box end this generator a two of the best thinks

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