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AT&T TV is the game-changing
entertainment device you’ve been waiting for. Let’s get you set up
so you can begin the fun. ♪music♪ To get started, unpack your AT&T TV device
and cables. Then, use the
included HDMI cable to connect your AT&T TV device
to your television. Next, connect the power cord to both the device
and a wall outlet. You should now see a
blinking red light on the front side of the device. The AT&T TV device
supports Wi-Fi. You can select
your Wi-Fi network and enter the password, or if you like a direct
internet connection, use an Ethernet cable
from the AT&T TV device to your home Gateway or router. You may need to switch the
active source on your television to the HDMI port
that the device is connected to. You’ll likely need to use
the Input or Source button on your TV or TV remote. Refer to your TV’s
manual if needed. Once the device powers up, you’ll be asked to pair
your remote control. Remove the plastic tab from the back of
the remote control, then press and hold the
Fast-Forward and Rewind buttons at the same time
until a message appears stating that your remote is
now ready to use. If you are having trouble
getting this message to display, try standing closer
to the box itself. ♪music♪ If you’ve chosen to use
a wireless connection, you’ll now be asked to select
your wireless network from a list of nearby options. Once selected, enter your Wi-Fi password
using your remote control and the on-screen keyboard. Choose “Next” and the device will connect
to your Wi-Fi network. ♪music♪ The device will now check
for software updates and may reboot, which can take a few minutes. When asked, enter your
AT&T TV user ID and password and select the Sign In button. Remember, just press the
OK button on your remote to access the
on-screen keyboard. After reading and accepting
the terms and conditions, select the location where
this device will be used, either by choosing
from the list on screen or entering your
own custom location. Next, your remote may
be updated as well. Once all updates are complete, you’ll be given the option
to sign into your Google account to get the most out of
your entertainment experience. While you can skip this section, we recommend you sign in
with your Google account to get the most
from your AT&T TV experience. Search and play
your entertainment with your voice remote, cast videos, photos, music,
and more to your TV and access over
5,000 popular apps in the Google Play Store. If you choose to sign-in, you have two options
to complete this step. Use your phone or computer
or use your remote. When signing in
with your remote control, you’ll see a standard e-mail
and password screen. Again, just press the
OK button on your remote to pull up the
on-screen keyboard. If you chose to sign
in with your phone or computer, make sure your
smart phone or computer is on the same Wi-Fi network
as your AT&T TV device. You will receive a PIN
on your TV screen, just enter the PIN
at Once you submit this PIN,
your device will be connected. Proceed with the Google Account
sign-in process on your phone or computer. A Google Terms of Service
screen appears on your TV next, which must be
accepted to continue. The location permission
screen gives you access to local channels
and live programming. Please select “Yes” to watch TV
after setup completes. You may also opt in to send
diagnostic information to Google if you wish. Then, a Google Play
screen appears for installing recommended apps
to your device. You can even sync apps that you have
previously purchased on other Android devices when you use an existing
Google Account. The next screen introduces
The Google Assistant, which allows you to search
and control your entertainment with your voice remote. Feel free to turn this feature
on for added convenience. Now, a couple of
tutorial screens appear. Finishing touches are completed,
and that’s it, you’re all ready
to start enjoying. We have combined Live TV,
On Demand, a Cloud DVR and access to HBO,
Netflix, music and more. The future of TV is here. Thanks for choosing AT&T! ♪music♪

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