Severe Coronavirus Cases Among Young Americans Raise New Alarm | TODAY

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  1. Pets like dogs smell other dogs , benches, garbage…once they get the virus they will transfer it to their owner,

    In the elevators their breath stay few hours, it is enough to transfer the virus to the others.

    Transit subway cars night time inhabited by homelesses
    Sleeping on seats,
    Their breath stay few hours
    Virus stay on metal and seats
    For 8 days,

    Many commuters will get the virus.

    Residential tall buildings, many they share the elevators
    Virus can stay hours
    Many will inhale it.

    Government: more Corona testing locations is needed, free masks and gloves also
    Please, order factories to manufacture them, please .

  2. In China and many eastern countries, the elders are the most to be respected. As a result, youths took the virus very seriously so that to protect their families. However, in many western countries, the elders live by their own and youths show less care for them, which in turn assisted the spread of the virus.

  3. No thank you TODAY! We know that if we build our immune systems naturally we can survive anything! FAKE NEWS

  4. علاج فيروس كورونا بالطريقة الوقائية
    خبر عاجل انشر " ومن احياها فكانما احيا الناس جميعا"

  5. Do no believe in Chinese data! Everyone knows they have 100000+ death count including young people. All countries will surpass Chinese 3000 death number.

  6. PROBABLY BECAUSE AMERICANS EAT CRAP!!! Especially young people. The Chinese use a lot of herbal medicine and eat way healthier. We are also way overvaccinating including the flu vaccine which ia damaging to your body

  7. The company I work for is deemed an essential business because we are making equipment that will be used in the production of ventilators by another company. All our resources have dropped other current projects to focus on that.

  8. I thought it was bs that only older people are at risk.a virus doesn't care about age this virus can hit anybody.

  9. The "Novel Coronavirus" Infecting the World is a MILITARY BIO-WEAPONBIO-WEAPON PROOF

    Make no mistake: this disease is, in fact, a MILITARY biological weapon.   The disease sequence from the original Bat coronavirus was uploaded to the National Center for Biotechnology Information at the US National Library of Medicine, in the year 2018 by China's Institute of Military Medicine, Nanjing Command.

    Developed by China's ArmyThe "novel Coronavirus" outbreak affecting China and many other countries right now, has been determined to be a military BIO-WEAPON, which was being worked on at the Wuhan Virology Laboratory by China's People's Liberation Army, Nanjiang Command.  Somehow, it got out.  The world is now facing a massive wipe-out of humanity as a result.

    The proof that this virus is a genetically-modified Bat-SARS-Like Virus, manipulated by the Chinese Army, appears below.  The evidence is irrefutable.

    Two separate components of genetic sequencing from HIV-1,  the virus which causes AIDS, were added to Bat-SARS-Like coronavirus in the laboratory, thereby allowing it to infect human lungs via the ACES2 receptors in our lungs, and to disrupt the human body ability to fight it off, by reducing human leukocytes

    That Bat-SARS-Like coronavirus was issued Reference ID: AVP 70833.1 by the National Center for Biotechnology Information at the U.S. Library of Medicine.

    The present outbreak of "novel Coronavirus" was uploaded to that same National Center for Biotechnology Information in January of this year by the Shanghai Public Heath Clinical Center and was issued 

    Using the test facilities known as BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool) from the U.S. National Library of Medicine researchers have determined that the "virus envelope" of those two separate diseases, are 100% identical!  Within the first month of this outbreak in China, the government there effectively QUARANTINED more than fifty-six MILLION people (56,000,000) in nineteen (19) major cities, even though China reported publicly that only a few hundred were infected and only about 25 had died by that time.
    EVENT 201

  10. These young people weren't healthy to begin with they were compromised by a weak immune system or had previous health issues if your old sick or both stay inside let the rest of us go about are normal lives how about the few sacrifice for the many not the many sacrificing for the few 🤔

  11. If you do your research we ALREADY NEW ABOUT THESE THINGS WEEKS AGO!!! you are not giving any new information having to do with who it infects and why! Your just making people panic and our society spiral into a recession. YOU ARE NOT HELPING THE SITUATION!!!!

  12. Stay at home. If you need to go out, wear a mask and limit your exposure. Mortality rate is 5%. That's 1 in 20 people die if you get infected.

  13. Hate to say it but the world would benefit from the deaths of a few healthy kids to scare the rest back into isolation.

  14. So what's the difference between young people in the US and those in China. I'm no medical expert but I reckon it begins with o and ends with esity.

  15. This is what is happening out in the open, while all the sheep are hiding in the barn shivering from fear!

  16. Government is saying do not go out the world is saying and Someone in Kentucky threw a " CORONAVIRUS PARTY" SO FUNNY OR STUPID AND GUESS WHAT one of them in the party was tested positive watch this

  17. Why hasn't a backtracking app been made available like Israel has. They made it open source on GitHub. Not sure what is stopping our gvnt or private sector companies like Google from picking up that code and making it available. Then at least if your path crossed someone who has the same app and tested positive, the app could alert you and authorities that you should be tested. Honestly our gvnt has dropped the ball.

  18. Coronavirus can now be learned with a very simple method … This is how covit-19 is used in ultraviolet light … Ruhi Cenet's video

  19. No the information from China and many other countries including Iran showed that many healthy young people also became seriously ill, many 20 year olds have died. They had to wait here in America for it to happen to then finally say the truth that has been known.

  20. Video from 2010, minute 15…. judge yourself, just give it 5 seconds, watch! wake up USA…. they are gonna let you all die….. wake the f* up!

  21. Virus mutates, and the more people it manage to infect, the higher chance it'll mutate into something worse.

  22. Read here is it really vital to wash your hands for 20 seconds? What of we wash for 10 seconds?

  23. There are also young people died in China because of the coronavirus, but they are mostly doctors, who are at high risk and have a bad immune system because of the tiredness. But generally I will say the percentage is not as high as in the USA. I guess it is because young people in China are mostly strictly following the rules, staying at home, wearing masks when going out. The older generation in China is those who are not really willing to wear masks. While in the US, young people seem careless and still having praties or gathering around, there is of course a high percentage for young people hospitalized in American. So please just STAY AT HOME, even if you are selfish you need to think about yourself.

  24. We need to look at the food chain also as it seems like fast spread of the virus is also something to do with it. Speacially raw consumption of meat should be also prohibitted.

  25. Is nobody going to question the broadness of the ages?? like for real 22-54 is just them reaching to fear monger the public. It is a big deal but the facts are being stretched by every news org. it seems. Oh and are we really going to believe China gave accurate states, the same people who arrested those talking about it and told doctors to destroy anything about the virus back in November December.

  26. The media is not saying a word about the two strains of virus. One is more virulent than the other and more contagious.The media is also not saying anything about vaping and smoking and whether it sets you up for a serious case of corona.Finally when young people start to get really sick someone will say something even if it offends the Tabacco Industry.

  27. Doctors : Social Distance is the Key
    21 Year Old : Licks Airplane Toilet Seat saying only old people can get sick from covid 19 ( Watch Dr. Phil )

  28. 20 in 2 weeks let us know how those 53% between 18-49 did. How many of that 53% died vs the 40% ages 50-99 died or did not die? Then you'll know your number.

  29. Oh good thing I had my fair share of spring breaks to bad for those that can’t experience it. But seriously stay home 🏡

  30. Aren't Americans generally quite unhealthy? Also their health care system doesn't favor the poor so there could be many people who are more at risk. Hope the guy in the video gets better. I'm also unhealthy so I'd probably get very sick if I got it Dx

  31. I’m pretty sure it’s simple, younger Americans are fat and throw hot vaporized air directly into their lungs. Both are things I’m sure that are not common trends in China…..

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  33. O people of Italy, Europe, Catholic Church & people of the earth not fearing the true God!
    It's the God's wrath you are suffering now. Repent now… Let your proudful stone-hearts be melted….throw away your pride & self glory.. turn on to the Almighty God Jesus Christ… declare fasting days & cry on to Him.. bow down at His feet…gloryfy Him… right now… For the Lord Jesus is so merciful He will cast away the deadly curse coronavirus from your country immediately and you will be healed…saved. JESUS IS ONLY THE WAY FOR YOU… FOR ENTIRE NATIONS ON THE EARTH..

  34. The mistake is of one country and the whole country is getting results. What is needed is to drink bat soup, eat live animals .. Vegetation is over in the world and one country error has endangered all countries and endangered the lives of all

  35. Just say EVERYONE is at risk! So what you're going to get the people who say it's only old people you will always have those people. Consider them the toilet paper people.America was caught with their pants down. South Korea God Bless them. This happened to them during the MERS OUTBREAK. They were more prepared for this than we were. Thank god they are sending help and any help is better than NO help.

  36. Dear America … Stay Home … If the virus spreads … It will be much more difficult to fight it … I love America … In Italy we are following the rules to contain the infections … After almost a month of total isolation … Contagions and deaths have fallen a bit .. In America there are many more millions of people than Italy … If the infections are not contained … It will be a disaster … THE PRESIDENT Tramp it is a little underestimating the problem as it was in Italy at the beginning … The result? Uncontrollable infections … Thousands dead … AMERICA FORCE … A hug from Sicily (Italy)

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