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I really like Ola.
She really likes me.
We are going to have sex. You’re going to have
sex tonight! Yeah! Can you calm down? No more clinic, no more drama.Now everything’s fine.The heart wants what it wants.Sometimes you’re just
with the wrong person.
Do you guys know each other?I think you should tell him
how you feel.
What have you got to lose?Otis. What? What?

100 thoughts on “Sex Education: Season 2 | Trailer 2 | Netflix

  1. Season 2 is a complete disappointment. As usual they have ruined the story by trying to drag it out for more seasons.

    Shame I really liked the first season . Have watched it a dozen times. Wouldn't bother watching this one again.


    What did the lead characters ( Maeve and Otis )have limited availability for this season or something. ? Total screen time for the Lead Characters together on screen for the whole season is like 15 minutes.

    If you have come to see the Otis and Maeve story move forward your wasting your time.

    By the way that ending sucked.Yet another useless character throw in for distraction.
    Everyone can see he is a sly piece of crap , but not "Smartest" girl in school.She can see her mum is dodgy in like 2 seconds. But not the horrible acting job in a wheel chair.

  2. Like you couldn't release the season during the holidays because we would all watch it in one day and you do it now that we have exams and homework and school and stuff to do. Thanks Netflix

  3. Season 2 review it pissed me off so much how ottis didn’t get with maeve and that wheel chair person annoyed me so much I felt really bad for rahim and Adam had good development. Didn’t care about the family issues or the ola stuff I thought otis and ruby was good but in general a dissapointing ending and a decent seasonn

  4. I know everyone wants Maeve and Otis together – but i just hope Ola doesnt get too hurt or next season they bring someone right for her

  5. I've spent 8 straight hours for the 2nd season and u give me that ending, sons of bitches give me season 3 asap or i'll be angry


  7. Wtf in last that guy deletes otis msges for maeve handicap shit loves maeve he thinks he is more lovable than otis tf

  8. Eric and Adam got together but I still need to wait for Season 3 to get Maeve and Otis TOGETHER!!!! And that wheelchair guy os getting in my NERVES!!!!

  9. Hmm a second season seemed just enough but clearly forcefully extending the ending by having the cripple delete that stupid voice mail was a pretty shitty move by the writers

  10. Spoilers – Honestly there’s more chemistry in this trailer between Maeve and Otis than the actual season. Such a drag.

  11. Eric said at the beginning of the first season that it will be a great two years and it was only the second semester so we can expect two more seasons

  12. The overall season was good but the ending was very disappointing for me, that crippled kid was such a D*ck deleting Maeve's voicemails. Cute how Adam and Eric are together though.

  13. I just binged it.

    In a few sequences, it was even better than s1!! I feel so wholesome after a show holds up all its promises and delivers par to expectations. Loved every bit of it.

    And killer soundtrack btw. Netflix, hope you compile both seasons' soundtracks soon ✌

  14. I am here after season 2. I love it. BUT. With that ending I CAN´T WAIT ANOTHER YEAR! And what the f**k are you doing to Maeve. If she will not be happy next season I´m out, Netflix.

  15. SPOILER:

    Really disappointed about how it ended between Otis and Maeve. What is it? The kind of show where the main characters fall in love and we have to wait for ages for seeing just a kiss at the end of the entire show?? Seriously?? In 2020?? Like, this is a great show, with a lot of great characters! This drama between them is just annoying! Let them be and go on with the story! Thanks

  16. U got to me kidding me…. What a bizzare ending to this season also.. u r knowingly complicating things.. now i hate Issac… I m sorry guys. I have just finished the season. And i m angry with the ending

  17. We can all agree with the fact that we're glad about Otis not being a virgin anymore.
    S3 will give us what we want. Be patient

  18. It's not fair @netflix….why don't you put Otis and Maeve together ?…do I have to wait for s3 ?😣.. it's kind of annoying.

  19. I'm waiting for season 3 and I'm very excited. It was a very nice season. Maeve and Otis should now be together. I look forward to having them together Maeve❤Otis


    In season 1, Otis was struggling. Meawe did not care. In season 2, Meawe was struggling. Otis did not care.But it wasn't a bad season, it was just fine.
    I hope Season 3 will be different.

    I am waiting for the third season.
    Waiting Meawe ♥ ️Otis
    I am waiting for a different 3. season.
    I'm waiting for a happy ending in Season 3

  21. Honestly disappointed because:
    1. They decided to got with the adam route, i was so happy when he and rahim got together.
    2. Also why didn't they let otis tell his dad that he knows he cheated on his mother
    3. Isaac was completely unnecessary
    4. Why was there no sort of discussion between adam and his dad

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