Share PC Internet with Android – Reverse Tethering

Hello everybody welcome to Pear Crew in
today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to use your computer’s internet
connection on your Android phone using the charging cable, a process also known
as reverse tethering. So before we get started we need to go to our phone
settings go under the About tab click multiple times where it says build
number until we finally enable developer options. Then we’re gonna go back, open up
developer options, head over where it says USB debugging and make sure it’s
enabled and ok. Then we’re gonna connect our phone to our computer and set it
aside for a while. Please note however that when you’re not using this
technique it’s recommended for security reasons to have USB debugging disabled.
Now let’s switch over to the computer. To achieve our goal we’re going to use a
tool called gnirehtet. In order to download gnirehtet head over to this URL
which I have linked in the description below and then scroll down until you
find the download section. Now download the version according to your platform
I’m using Windows so I’ll download this In order for gnirehtet to run correctly you will
need a recent version of adb. Adb stands for the Android debugging bridge which
which is bundled with the Android SDK platform tools if you’re on Linux you
can install the Android tools adb package or if you’re on Windows you can
download the platform tools from over here. Now that we’ve downloaded
everything that we need let’s create a new folder and in it you want to extract
the zip that we’ve just downloaded the way I show you right now.
so first of all open up the gnirehtet zip and extract these files into the folder
and then open up the platform tools zip. Click on the folder and
extract everything that’s in here into the gnirehtet folder. Now as you can see
in this folder we have the gnirehtet files and the adb files. Now since we’re
running gnirehtet for the first time, there are some setup steps that we must
follow. So open up a command prompt or a terminal window. If you’re on Linux or
Mac OS please note that all the commands that I’m using here on Windows can also
be used on Linux or Mac OS you just need to type dot slash before you execute
them. So navigate to the folder we created and execute gnirehtet install. Now you have to switch over to your
phone. Unlock your phone and you should see this message that says allow USB
debugging. Make sure to give it permission and the command prompt should
say success or it should close by itself. Now that you’re all set up just go ahead
and open up a command prompt, navigate once again to where your gnirehtet
folder is and execute gnirehtet run. Now check your phone and you should see
this message where it says connection request. Hit okay, open up your web
browser as you can see your phone is connected to the Internet. If you want to
stop using gnirehtet just close the command prompt window. So that was it for today’s
video guys, hope you enjoyed it. If you did make sure to give us thumbs up below
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100 thoughts on “Share PC Internet with Android – Reverse Tethering

  1. 2019-04-13 11:24:42.547 INFO Main: Starting relay server…

    2019-04-13 11:24:42.552 INFO Relay: Relay server started

    2019-04-13 11:24:42.555 INFO Main: Checking gnirehtet client…

    2019-04-13 11:24:42.700 INFO Main: Starting client…

    Broadcasting: Intent { act=com.genymobile.gnirehtet.START flg=0x400000 cmp=com.g

    enymobile.gnirehtet/.GnirehtetControlReceiver }

    Broadcast completed: result=0

    It won't pop up connection request. 🙁 anyone can help me

  2. i cant do it
    can you write me how can i do
    program not installed
    i write cd Desktop/gnirethet but write that, system not found
    please help me

  3. Bei mir kommt folgende Meldung auf dem Handy: "*Das Netzwerk kann möglicherweise überwacht werden*." Jetzt habe ich Angst, dass ich im Internet verfolgt werde! 🙁

  4. You know what bro you just saved my time, I ride here in internet cafe for about 1 hr then i realized that i forgot my USB wireless adapter wifi something life that, but Just because of you I just connected to the internet here, And i signed in just to thank you and to like your Video.

    Greate vid,

    Grom the Philippines

  5. api-ms-win-crt-locale-l1-1-0.dll An error like this is coming so gnirehtet is not installing for me @Pear Crew Help me

  6. If you get any error message with the word "adb" in it, try copying the newest adb version to the gnirehtet folder. It looks like this programm can't work new android versions because of the outdated adb inside it, so giving it the newest one fixes any problems caused by the outdated adb.

  7. gnirehtet install

    2019-05-01 08:57:18.848 INFO Main: Installing gnirehtet client…

    Performing Push Install

    gnirehtet.apk: 1 file pushed. 2.2 MB/s (21564 bytes in 0.009s)

    pkg: /data/local/tmp/gnirehtet.apk



  8. excellent video thanks very much. tried many other procedures and your is the only one that worked. Samsung Galaxy Tab A …. am now subscribing to your vids.

  9. This worked on my laptop, but my desktop gives the issue of "more than one device or emulator", can't get it to work :/

  10. To just go on the internet, that works very well. However some packets make errors when I try to use a game app and even discord. That's too bad, if that worked I could get a good ping for mobile games :/

  11. adb: connect error for write: cannot connect to daemon

    2019-05-15 10:12:20.254 ERROR Main: Execution error: Command adb ["install", "-r

    ", "gnirehtet.apk"] returned with value 1

    Please help, Thank you!

  12. How do I solve this?

    This version of C:wwgnirehtet-rust-win64gnirehtet.exe is not compatible with the version of Windows being run. Check your computer's system information and contact your software vendor.

    Press any key to continue. . .

  13. hello bro when am installing it displays system error and the program cant start because api-ms-win-crt-local-l1-1-0.dll is missing
    pleas what am gone do

  14. "ERROR Router: cannot create route, dropping packet: a socket operation related to an unavailable internet. (Os error 10051)" WHY WONT IT WORK HELP?!

  15. Hey, really want to get that stuff working… But theres that error at the last command:
    Cannot start client: Command adb ["shell", "dumpsys", "package", "com.genymobile.gnirehtet"] returned with value -1073740940

  16. ERROR Main: Cannot start client: Command adb ["shell", "dumpsys", "package", "com.genymobile.gnirehtet"] returned with value -1073740940

  17. For anyone who gets the following error – "ERROR Main: Cannot start client: Command adb ["shell", "dumpsys", "package", "com.genymobile.gnirehtet"] returned with value -1073740940"

    You need to download a precious version of the "Platform Tools" (V28.0.1).
    You can download them here –

    Read here for more information –

    Many thanks to both video up-loader and developer. I really appreciate it as it was just what I wanted. 🙂

  18. I keep getting an "app is obscuring a permission request" message, not sure how to fix it.

    using an LG G& ThinQ as a reference

  19. For me when i ran 'gnirehtet run' it didnt show any prompt on my mobile. So i went to developer options and enabled 'USB Debugging (Security Settings)' also. Then i was able to use internet. Thanks for the amazing solution by the way.

  20. 2:44 If no message is showing in your phone it doesn´t matter, just continue with the tutorial, because here 3:17 , it will show the message to connect to internet and it will work 🙂 hope it helped you.

  21. One thing I noticed is after I start using my pc internet on mobile if I enable hotspot on my mobile, internet doesn't work on devices we connected to mobile

  22. what should i type exactly in the command prompt i followed and its saying the execute install does not recognized as an internal are external command. help

  23. it worked , but now, when i make a hotspot from my phone to share it to my laptop the laptop says no internet in the hotspot

  24. thank you sir for sharing this .. now i know how to reverse Tethering but so hard to set up a ADB devices. sir when you setup a adb devices it is permanent or not??

  25. all things work fine except play store I can easily surf play store but can not download anything from play store I hope you have a solution for this particular.

  26. when i write " gnirehtet install" it gives me the following error message.
    ( 'gnirehtet' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

    operable program or batch file.)
    plzzz someone guide me

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