Shimmer on Vellum – Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pens & Wink of Stella Glitter Pens

(cheerful music) – [Voiceover] Hello and
welcome, it’s Jennifer. Today’s video is going to
show you how to do coloring on both vellum and cardstock
using shimmer pens. I’ll be using both the
Spectrum Noir sparkle pens and the Wink of Stella shimmer pens. So I’ll talk about both of
those, especially at the end of the video I’m gonna talk about those. And I have to apologize. Have you ever had one of those times when you went to sit down to make a card, and things just didn’t come together? You were fumbling a lot, and just kinda struggling here and there. Well, that’s what I
had happen to me today, so bear with me through this video. It is longer because I
do talk about the markers at the end and show you
all the colors available. Okay, but right now I wanna go ahead and jump into creating these cards. And I’m doing two cards on
cardstock, and two cards on vellum, so I’ll talk
about the differences I did. On both of them, I did top folding, 4.25 by 5.5 inch notecards. And if you use a heavy-weight vellum, you can actually make a
notecard out of vellum so this is 40 pound vellum from Bazzill. Now I did plan out where I wanted to stamp my flowers on the card. And this is like my practice run here, and my little three-year-old
colored it in. But I just did super quick stamping to kinda plan where I
want the flowers to be. This stamp set is from Whimsy Stamps. I really like it, I like
the sentiments in it, and how just simple and
beautiful these flowers are. You can stamp layers of flowers together or color them in like I’m doing today. I have placed my practice sheet into my Mini Misti stamping tool, and I’ll talk about that in a moment. And I’m lining the stamps up with where I stamped them on that practice sheet. This just takes the guess work out of making sure I get good placement. I’m going to be making four cards, that’s why the Misti stamping
tool is helpful to me here. You could do all of
these cards by using just an acrylic block if you don’t
have this stamping tool, but I find it’s very helpful. So now that I have my two daisies ready in their place that I want
them, I’m going to go ahead and put my top folding
notecard into the Mini Misti, and go ahead and stamp
with black versafine ink. Now I’m doing black versafine ink because I want to heat emboss this. So I want heat embossing today. And to get a black heat embossed image, I don’t like using black
powder, I find it to be messy. So instead, I use a versafine
black pigment ink, which stays wet for a bit, and then I
add clear powder on top. And this gives the look of
a black heat embossed image. So I’m gonna do that on two
of the cardstock pieces. And then on the vellum, I’m going to instead do some white heat embossing. So I’ve cleaned my stamp off really good. I don’t want any of that
black ink on there anymore. My stamps are stained, but that’s okay. And I’m going to go ahead
and use an anti-static powder tool on my vellum so that I don’t get powder where I don’t want it. Now I am inking it up with
versamark ink, which is a clear sticky ink, and pressing
that down onto the vellum. You can see that this Misti
saves me a lot of time because I get great stamping and placement on all of the cards,
however, you could again use just an acrylic block
if that’s what you have. So now I’m just gonna put some white embossing powder on it and heat set that. So now I have two vellum
cards, and two cardstock cards. Now it’s time to do some masking. So I’m going to be overlapping two flowers and also stamping a
stem below each flower. So I am stamping these flowers, just very quickly onto a post-it note. But this is a special kind of post-it note that the entire back of it is
covered with that stickiness, so these are great for
masking, very inexpensive. I highly recommend it because
there’s a lot on a pad, and you can use it for most size images, anything that’s that size or smaller. To save time, I didn’t
cut out the whole image. I just cut out the portion
that I needed to mask. And I always cut on the
inside of the stamped edge. That allows your images
to overlap just slightly, and not have a gap. Okay, so I’ve positioned
my two masks down. I’m going to put the stem on
this little flower over here because this flower’s by itself. I actually want the stem
to kinda hang off the edge of the card, so I’m moving my vellum up towards the top corner of the Misti. So you can move your
card around in the Misti to allow things to hang off the edge. I’m also gonna go ahead and do my third small flower there on the right. I’m doing the stamping
the same way I did before with the versamark and
white embossing powder on the vellum cards,
and the black versafine and clear powder on the cardstock cards. With all this masking,
this does take me a bit of time because I’m making four cards. But if you create just one, it really doesn’t take that long at all. Okay, so now I have my
three flowers and one stem, but I need to leave some
room for a sentiment. And if you look there on the
bottom, I have a sentiment, but I don’t have the
stems going through it. So we’re gonna do a little
bit more masking here. I really like to use
masking for a sentiment when you have a busy background and you wanna keep your card one layer. For the two vellum cards, I’m
using this mother sentiment, along with the thinner line sentiments from the same Whimsy Stamp set. So I’ll be stamping
this with versamark ink and white heat embossing
on the vellum cards. Now I only needed two Mother’s Day cards, so I decided to instead
use a different stamp set for the other two cards. I’m going to be using a blessed sentiment from this Right at Home stamp set. This is a newer stamp set, and I really like the sentiments in it. Now I’m actually going to team up the word blessed here from one of
the thinner line sentiments in that Whimsy stamp set. I really like to mix and match sentiments from different sets. It gives you different
looks and allows you to get more out of your stamp sets. So here I’m using the blessed to stamp with the black versafine ink, and then I’ll clear emboss that onto the cards. You can also see in
the same way, I stamped and heat embossed that
thinner sentiment that says I am thankful for you
every day onto the cards. Okay, so now that I have
my sentiments all done, I’m going to create quick masks for them. So I stamped exact sentiments
onto those post-it notes, and remember these post-it
notes have the sticky on the back side, the entire
back side, so it stays put. Really handy to have. So I’m putting that
mask over my sentiment, and then I can go ahead and add the stems to the other two flowers. This way my stems don’t
overlap with the sentiments. Now if you wanted to save
time, you could just glue a piece of cardstock
down with the sentiments right on top of your flowers,
or you could put maybe a word die cut greeting on there. But I really like the look
of having that sentiment part of that one layer background. So I did this for all four of the cards. And I noticed I got some black ink where I didn’t want it onto the cardstock. I highly recommend
having a sanding eraser, like the one I have here. I’ll link to the one I use. You just can rub off that ink,
and nobody will ever know. It saves the day all the time for me. Okay, so now it’s time to
put these cards together. So if you notice here, the flowers kind of hang off the side of the cards. This is a fun trick, and a great way to really do more with your stamping. So what I’m doing is I’m
putting this into my trimmer, and I’m cutting a half inch off the edges, but I’m not cutting
through that stamped image. So I’m cutting everywhere up to the stamped image and beyond it. So here I’ll do it again. I’m going to drop my trimmer down, cut up to the flower, and then past it. So I’m cutting a half inch off each side, but allowing that flower to hang off. So I’m gonna go ahead and trim around those flowers on the edge, too. By the way, that’s the new Fiskars trimmer that has like a metal guide,
so it cuts nice and straight. I have a review of those
trimmers coming up soon, so I’ll talk about those soon in a video. So here I am just cutting
the flowers around the edge. So I did this with both cardstock pieces, and both vellum pieces. And you can see that
difference that you get between that cardstock and vellum. Completely different looks. Okay, so now I’m going to do the coloring. And I wanted to have shimmer coloring on both the vellum and the cardstock, so I decided to use two
different products today, and kind of compare them a little bit. I’m using the Spectrum Noir shimmer pens, which are a little bit newer. And the Wink of Stella shimmer pens, which I’ve been using for a long time. So I’m gonna first show
you them in action, talk a little bit about
the differences I found. And at the end, I’ll
compare them a bit more, show how you how to go about opening them, and also the different colors there are. I’m going to show a few
coloring techniques with these. In this one, I’m showing
to take a dark color, and then the clear shimmer pen to pull that color out and kinda soften it. I decided to use Spectrum Noir here, but you could use Wink of
Stella, too if you wanted to. I’m first coloring down with
the dark pink Spectrum Noir pen, and then I’m using
the clear Spectrum Noir pen to kinda pull that color
out towards the tip, and giving it a softer
look towards the tip. You wanna move kinda quick with this because you don’t want that
pink to completely dry, so that you can pull the color out. If you wanna extend the
amount of time that you have to pull that color out, you could do this on watercolor paper, and
that would really help. If you don’t have the colored
Spectrum Noir shimmer pens, or the colored Wink of
Stella, you could put down maybe like a Tombow marker, and then blend that out
with the clear shimmer pen. So both Wink of Stella
and Spectrum Noir have the clear shimmer pens, and
they’re great for doing blending like this, like kind
of like a watercolor look, but very controlled, or just
going over a stamped image. And I’ll talk about the comparison between the two clear shimmer
pens later in this video. I do find that the Spectrum
Noir colored shimmer pens kinda move better for this technique, but you can use the Zig if you want to. Now what’s hard to see in the video is that this is super shiny. These pens have a lot of shimmer to it. It’s beautiful, it stays put, and it really grabs the attention. I’ll kinda tilt it in the
light a little bit in a moment, but you can see the shimmer
in the picture here. Here’s another way to
use these shimmer pens. In this case, I’m kinda blending
one color into the next. So I’m actually using an
orange Spectrum Noir pen and blending it with a
yellow Wink of Stella pen, so you can use them together. So I’m first putting
down the orange, and then I’m taking that yellow,
overlapping it very quickly, and pulling it out towards the tip. And look at that beautiful color you get, and this is super shimmery. Now I will say, as I mentioned before, that this does work better
on a watercolor paper. I’m using just a regular
Neenah white cardstock here. You could use any white
cardstock for this. But if you did it on watercolor paper, you would get even better results. Here’s a piece of watercolor paper. You can see how wet that
Spectrum Noir goes down. And now this is the Wink of Stella, and you can see how much of
that color pulls together. So you could try it on either. I didn’t really want the
thickness of a watercolor paper today, so I just did it
on regular cardstock, \and you can see it works out just fine. Here’s another way you can do some colorful coloring with these shimmer pens. Here I’ve just colored a flower to be blue with some of those shimmer pens. And now I’m taking a clear shimmer pen, touching it to the tip
of a purple shimmer pen, just to pick up a tiny bit of that purple, and add it towards the
center of the flower. You can do this to get lighter colors, and just add a little
color here and there. It doesn’t damage the tip
of your clear shimmer pen ’cause you can just scribble off the color on some scrap paper. This was a great way to add
just a little bit of that dark purple onto this blue flower. I really like how vibrant
and shimmery these turn out. But remember, you could
use your watercolors with the clear shimmer
pens if you want to. And I’ll link to some videos that show that at the end of this video. Okay, so now that I’ve
shown you the coloring on the cardstock, I wanted to show you the coloring on some vellum cards. So here I’m taking the blue Spectrum Noir and I’m going to pull that color out once again with the clear shimmer pen. Now notice I’m using the Spectrum
Noirs more in this video. That’s because this is my first time experimenting with them. I’ve used the Wink of
Stella ones many times. But you could use your Wink of
Stella for this example also. The nice thing about working on the vellum is it doesn’t absorb into
the paper right away, so you have a lot of time to get the color you want, or the results you
want blending them together. You can add other color in if you want to. You’ll notice that some
of that blue I’m kinda taking off the vellum
with my clear shimmer pen, and kinda putting it on the
scrap paper on the side. So you get a lot of time to
add this color on the vellum, which I really think is a huge advantage. And this does eventually dry. I just set it aside to dry
for awhile, and that color stays put, and you get
that beautiful shimmer, too It’s really actually, I thought, more fun to color on the vellum than
it was to do on the cardstock. I like that you can move it around a bit. And you end up with that beautiful shimmer on that see-through vellum. Another fun thing about
working on the vellum, is that you can dab away some of the color if you get too much in different places, or if the color builds up on
your white embossing powder. So I just kinda dab it with a dry cloth. I don’t wanna smear it
’cause it’ll just spread the color around, but you can dab some of it away if you want to soften it. Now check out the shimmer
that you get with this on both the vellum and the cardstock. It’s super shimmery. You could use either the Wink of Stella, or the Spectrum Noir once
again, on the vellum. And they give beautiful results. So earlier on cardstock,
I showed you blending like a pinkish-orange
color Spectrum Noir pen together with a yellow Wink of Stella pen, and that’s what I’m
doing here on the vellum. And you can see that you
don’t have to hurry as much because that color, the first color, doesn’t dry onto the vellum very quickly. So you can easily blend these together and get some beautiful color combinations. I actually like to use the
two types of markers together because they have
different color palettes, so I can really get what I want. But again, you could like a Tombow marker and the clear Wink of Stella to get some color blending on vellum also. I had been getting a lot of questions about these Spectrum Noir shimmer pens, so I wanted to make sure that
I covered them in a video. And again, I’m going to
talk more about these at the end of this video,
but first I wanna wrap up the cards that I’ve created here. I have cut some cardstock here. It’s just a flat piece of
pink cardstock to 4.25 by 5.5 Putting strong adhesive around
the back of my card here, and I’m gonna glue it right on top. It’s just a fun and different
card with the flowers kinda hanging off the edge,
and it just flips open to show the inside where
can write a message. And check out the amount of shimmer that you get on the cardstock also. These are absolutely beautiful pens. Okay, so now I wanted to show you how I put together the vellum cards. On this I did it a little bit differently. I decided to cut off
most of the back flap, except for an inch there at the top. So I’m just gonna glue this flap onto a regular notecard,
top folding notecard, so it’s just kind of an overlay. I’m using some strong
double-sided tape here. You will see this tape through
the vellum a little bit. Doesn’t really bother me since
it’s on the back of the card. But if it does bother you, you could cover up this with a piece of cardstock, put an added piece of cardstock
on the back of the card. So I’m removing the release paper. I have a top folding pool
colored notecard here. It’s 4.25 by 5.5. I’m just gonna glue that
flap right to the back. And there we have a vellum
overlay on our card. Now again, if you wanna hide
that adhesive on the back, you just put a piece of
white cardstock over it. But I didn’t, I don’t
know, this didn’t bother me to have that little bit showing. So you can see how beautiful that overlay is onto the card. So that wraps up the four cards. Now before I talk about
the pens a little bit more, if you want see pictures of these cards, you can head over to my
blog, which I’ll provide a link to, and you can see much more. Okay, so now I want to talk about the two types of shimmer pens. I don’t like doing comparison videos because I don’t like to
make one product look better than another because everything
is a personal preference. So I was excited when I found
out I liked both of these. There are things that I
like about both of them So I’ll talk about those. So the Spectrum Noir is the bigger pen, the black one that you see on the left. The Zig Wink of Stella is the white one that’s a little bit smaller
that you see on the right. Now the name of the color is on the cap of the Spectrum Noir and the Zig. But I do like that the Zig Wink of Stella also had the color code on the pen itself, so you don’t mix up your
pen caps with your pens. I haven’t compared how
much fluid is in the two, but I assume that there
is a bit more fluid in the Spectrum Noir
because the pen is bigger. Before I show using these
pens, I do wanna show you how to activate them
because a lot of people ask. For the Spectrum Noir,
you just take top off and remove the yellow ring,
it just slides right off, then you go ahead and put
the pen back together. This activates it and allows
the fluid to start flowing. So you wanna screw that on tight, then put the lid on, and
shake the daylights out of it. You really wanna shake this product up. They say it doesn’t matter
which way you store it, as long as you shake it every time. Next I just gently squeeze
the black barrel of the pen until I see the color flow
to the tip of the brush. And then scribbled off on scrap paper and wiped the tip clean,
just very quickly, and then it seems to be ready to go. It’s really most important to
shake it every time you use it to make sure you have even
kind of flow of the shimmer. Okay, now I wanted to show you how to activate the Wink of
Stella, it’s very similar. You take the pen apart,
remove the black ring, put it back together tightly,
shake the living daylights out of it, squeeze it on the white barrel ’til you see the product flow to the tip, and then I like to
scribble it on scrap paper, and then wipe the tip
off with a dry cloth. I find that it comes out a
lot of shimmer when you first do this, but then it kinda
calms down and evens out. I will say that from my
own personal experience, I seem to get better control of how much comes out with the Wink of Stella. One big difference between the two, is that the Spectrum Noir
shimmer pen has a much bigger brush tip than the Wink
of Stella brush tip. Now both work great. I do find that more seems to
come out with the Spectrum Noir than with the Wink of Stella,
but I like the quality of the Wink of Stella tip a bit better. It seems to be a bit higher quality, but I do believe it cost a bit
more than the Spectrum Noir. So really, it just depends
on what’s important to you. I did put together a color
chart of most of the colors that two the two lines come in. I don’t have all the
colors, but I have most. And I will put this up on my blog. I will say, with both pens,
the color of the fluid is what is colored,
not the shimmer itself. So the shimmer is just
the same in all of them. The fluid is colored. So you can see you get a lot of shimmer with the Spectrum Noir. You get about the same with
the Wink of Stella, maybe a little bit less shimmer, but
not really noticeable at all. Now in the Spectrum Noir, the shimmer itself seems to be more silvery. In the Wink of Stella, it seems to be more champagney, like a warm silver. But I really like both of
them to be honest with you. You’ll notice also, that there aren’t many color overlaps between the two. So if you really like these shimmer pens, you could get both lines
and not have much overlap, or you can pick and choose
which colors you like from each. Now look at the clear
swatches between the two. On the left is a Spectrum Noir, and the shimmer is kind of a cool shimmer, whereas the shimmer
with the Wink of Stella on the right is a warm shimmer, you can see the color difference there. It’s pretty subtle, so whichever you like is really up to you. Now I do like that Wink of
Stella has a silver shimmer, a gold shimmer, a black shimmer,
and even a white shimmer that you can use on dark cardstock, so that’s sometime to keep in mind, too. I wanted to show a difference
between the cool shimmer and the warm shimmer between the two, so I’m gonna ahead and do
that on black cardstock here. Lilah really likes these
pens, so she was waiting for me to be done with them, so that’s why you see her hand coming in here. She plays with these all the time. Okay, so on the left
is the Wink of Stella, on the right is the Spectrum Noir, and you can see the difference here. Okay, so in summary, I really
like both of the lines, and I think you could do just
fine with either of them. They’re both great products. But to compare the
advantages, the Spectrum Noir does come in more colors, there
are even some light colors. The fluid does seem to blend
a bit better with water, or with each other when
you’re working on paper. It doesn’t become as permanent. The price point is also
a little bit lower. And you can also get a
three-pack of the clear pens. Now for the WInk of Stella, I
like the colors of it better. I do like that there is the silver, gold, and white, and black with it. I find it’s maybe a bit
higher quality product. And it’s just something I’ve used for a long time and I’ve liked. So you’ll be seeing me
use both of these lines and for future videos, but do know that you can use them interchangeably. And you can do a lot with just
the clear shimmer pens alone. I will try to share some more fun ways to use these pens in future videos. And you can find this color comparison over on my blog if you
wanna check that out. Thanks for sticking around
for a super long video. You can find more information on my blog by clicking there on
the top left of my logo. In the middle are three
videos where I show how to use the clear Wink of Stella pen alone with markers to get some
beautiful shimmering coloring. You could use the Spectrum Noir here also. So be sure to check those three out. Thanks so much for watching
and bearing with me, and I’ll see you again soon.

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