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– It’s so cold.
– Yes. Go jump on the trampoline to warm up. Yay! Alma! I’m sorry about the mess in here. We are going through clothes. A positive thing about the colder weather
is that you get around to doing these things. The kids have grown
like flowers this summer. All of these clothes are too small for them now so
we will give them to Stockholm City Mission… to charity. – Hey.
– Hey. – Your bag is packed.
– Yes. How luxurious? – What will you do today?
– I’m going to a friend’s house for a sleepover. Mhm. We will drive you to the city. – You will sleep away from us for two nights.
– Yes. – You have never done that before.
– Yes I have. – You have?
– At Tanja’s. But… She’s like an extra grandmother, so that’s different.
This is a friend-friend. A friend-friend. We will make a stop on the way there to look for some
new clothes. We need a few items before school starts. – You don’t like jeans, so you need pants like these, right?
– Yes. Something cool. – Harry likes jeans, but he needs more sweatpants.
– Yes, he has lots of jeans. We will see what we find so that you both look nice,
because in less than two weeks it’s time to go to… – School!
– No! It’s true. School is fun with all
my friends, but I mean… Being on summer break is more fun. A lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot. We are collaborating with Stadium
so are going to their store in Nacka Forum. We will see if they have
what we are looking for for the kids. – And I would like to buy some new workout clothes.
– I would like to look for new shoes. I’m one of those moms that wear
workout clothes even if I’m not working out. – Yes, but not right now.
– No, for once. Yeah. Chase them. He is chasing us! I think that the best way to go about this
is to grab a bunch of clothes and then try them on. Good idea. Oh, oh wow. – What are you two doing?
– This is our secret place, don’t tell anyone. No, this is just our place. Our. Our. – Only our place.
– Only our place. Daddy is coming, hide! – Where are the kids?
– I have no idea. I saw a blonde head of hair
disappear down this hole. Hello there? That’s a good hiding spot. I feel like a Christmas tree,
let’s go and try these on. Look, they sell tents. – Do you want one?
– Yes, I really do… camp out in the backyard. – I won!
– I won! Welcome inside. Oh! There we go. Oh my God, there are too many
cool children’s clothes here. Look at this one. She can’t stop dancing
because she’s wearing such a cool outfit. Should we put all the things
that we will buy into that basket? – Yes!
– Okay. – The plan is that you and I will find things as well.
– The kids will watch something while we look around. Now I’m also a Christmas tree.
I will go and try these on. I’m surprised that both the kids and adult section here at
Stadium has such a good mix of workout clothes and… – Street?
– Casual. Casual! Workout/casual. How do you say that in Swedish?
“Ledigt”! Workout and “ledigt”. This is getting so strange.
I will go and try these on. We are finally done choosing our clothes
and Alma got a job as a cashier. It smells nice. Yes. It makes it not smell so bad
in the summer when you sweat. You can fold this one. – Here is another security tag.
– Yes! This one goes in here. – Is it fun, Alma?
– Yes, very. Here you go. – Alma, are you not going to say “thank you”?
– Thank you. You are welcome. – You did so well at the register.
– Thanks. – Do you want me to carry the bag?
– Yes. – That went well.
– Yes. Great! We have some time before we will drop off Alma at her
friend’s house, so we will go to our address in the city. Yes. Joanna, Harry and I plan
to go sailing for a few days. To be able to live and sleep on the boat we need
sleeping bags, so we’ll see if we can find our old ones. In our storage unit.
The apartment is still rented out. My guess is that Harry will have a Bamse sleeping bag,
because that’s the only one Harry and I have. – I want to bring my superhero costumes.
– I think they’re in the apartment. Or are they in storage? – Let’s check.
– Yes, we will search for them. – How does it feel to be on our street?
– It’s nice. Come, cutie. – How do you feel about being here?
– Very good, it’s nice. Several of you have asked us
when we are getting our apartment back. It’s not decided yet
when we will be moving back. The people renting it want to stay longer, and we have
plans for this winter that aren’t 100% determined yet. But… soon. – Then we promise to talk about it on our channel.
– Yes, exactly. Have you found any sleeping bags? Maybe in here. No. No, that’s even more outgrown clothes
that we will donate to charity. I think they are in this
old backpacker backpack. Look! Sleeping bag. – For me and for Harry.
– Yes, for you two. And here is an old sleeping bag for daddy.
It’s from like the seventies, but it works great. And last but not least… A super modern sleeping bag for mommy. My superhero costumes aren’t here. – What a bummer.
– Yes. Do we have time to go to
the school playground for a little while? Yes, sure. Then we can also try on our new clothes
and take pictures for Instagram. Yay! – Look how nice, we are matching.
– Look! Throw it to me. Oh! Come here, try to take it from me!
Alma and Harry. A completely natural situation. This is how we always lie.
Don’t all families do this? – The kids are feeling relaxed…
– Hey, stop that! – Wow, that’s a good thumbnail.
– That’s what I said. Do you feel ready for fall
and school and preschool? – No.
– No, I think the summer break has been too short. Do you feel ready for the fall?
Comment below. Below… I will swing some more now. – Harry says he wants to swing on his own. I can’t push.
– I taught him to swing on his own yesterday. Nice, Harry! – Can I push?
– Yes. We have already answered some questions,
but we will answer a Question of the Day. It has to do with that basketball. Ebbe Petraeus asks:
“What activities will Alma and Harry do this fall?” Good question. I will go to riding school
and play basketball. – That’s what Alma wants to do.
– No, I will. Okay. – Harry, you will continue to play football, right?
– Yes. I will continue to work out the way I already do.
I run, do yoga and strength train. I’m looking to build my physique on a more professional
level so I will try to find a good personal trainer. Thank you for watching this video! Please leave a thumbs up, or down. Recommend, ask questions
and take care until next time. Bye bye!

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  1. Nej nej längtar inte ens till kompisar eller till hösten heller ni är bäst sluta aldrig det ni gör ❤️


    Alma. Vill du ha hål i öronen

    Harry. Hur gammal är du

    Johanna. Vad gjorde att ni börja med youtube

    Axel. Vad tycker du om att ha ett jobb som innebär att resa

    Hopas att ni gilla frågorna puss puss älskar er kanal😋

  3. Ni va fina i era nya kläder Alma och Harry och johana va basket bollen ny oxå ny elskar era videjos 👍❤️❤️😘

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  5. Jag vill inte trakassera er men jag tycker att Alma inte ska ha Top men jag älska era vloggar så därför vill jag inte trakassera er men jag älskar er😻❤️😻❤️❤️❤️

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