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[MAN] “Can I just make a suggestion? Can we just have a conversation?” [VOICES] No! The problem that they’re having is hetero-sexual white males have always dominated the space. [MAN] I’m actually gay.
[VOICES] Well, homosexual white males are like the top of the hierarchy.” [music] [ROB] This is Brown University, the elite Ivy League college famed for its radical student activism, wide-open curriculum that, yes, does technically allow you to major in Drum Circle Studies. It’s also my beloved Alma Mater. I entered Brown about a decade and a half ago, perfectly embodying that charming paradox common to newly minted adults. I’d never known less about the world, and yet somehow also never had more confidence in my opinions about it. The endless campus debates burned away a lot of the stupid stuck to my brain. But now that vital campus dialogue is being snuffed out. Brown has been overrun by this nasty censoring species of student activism, that’s overtaking college campuses across the country. [WOMAN] You need to get out! [ROB] Back in the fall of 2013, former New York City Police Chief Ray Kelly, was invited to give a lecture about his controversial Stop and Frisk policies. Protestors picketed outside, filled the lecture hall, and then they did this. [SPEAKER] Thank you all…
[STUDENT] Asking tough questions is not enough! [STUDENTS] Brown is complicit. If Brown won’t recognize it, then we must. [ROB] They shouted down administrators. [SPEAKER] It has to be a basic principle of this university that we allow for free speech. We are asking you to… [STUDENT] How many people do not want to hear Ray Kelly (students cheering) [ROB] They shouted down students. [STUDENT] Your inability to listen has quieted my voice… [OTHER STUDENT] Racism is not for debate!
(loud cheering) [STUDENT] Shut him down! [ROB] And then they got their way. [SPEAKER] I’m going to ask that everyone please leave the auditorium. (loud cheering from students) [STUDENT] They didn’t respond to our demand to cancel the lecture, so we cancelled it for them. [ROB] This is not the Brown that I know. This is students weaponizing victimhood to stifle debate. And things have gotten steadily worse since then. So I went back to campus to find out why. [music] [GLENN] A university ought first and foremost to be a place in which reason determines outcomes. [music] Not the ability to throw tantrums or fits. The people who perpetrate this act of tyranny are remembered in heroic terms at this university, and it’s held up as an example of student activism and as a positive thing! That’s an error, it’s a profound error. [LIZA] We all collectively, you know, need to just own, sometimes things don’t go the way we plan. And certainly in the wake of that, there was a lot of learning that happened. [WOMAN] I got called a white supremacist when I tried to go inside. [music] [ROB] Brown administrators did even worse than capitulate a year later. The writer Wendy McElroy was invited to be on the ConSci in a debate about whether America has a rape culture. Student critics framed McElroy’s opinions as a kind of mind violence. They set up one of those infamous Safe Spaces running videos of puppies, to protect themselves from her “really hurtful beliefs.” [CHRIS] The political majority on this campus believe that speech that disagrees with the inclusions of the left is in and of itself an act of violence. It becomes in this moral calculus, as warped as it may seem to outsiders, rational to shut down something like the Ray Kelly lecture. [ROB] University President, Christina Paxson, preemptively denounced McElroy in a school-wide email, and set up a competing lecture. [LIZA] There has been a lot of pain, and we wanted to create the kind of respectful, thoughtful climate that invites those conversations without harming individuals. [ROB] Whatever thin caricature student critics had constructed of McElroy was promptly shattered, by the actual content of her speech. [MCELROY] When I was 16, I was raped, and brutally so. I had a hemorrhage in my right eye that left me blind. I know the pain and the importance of violence against women, because I see half of the world because of it. North America is not a rape culture, and it is an insult to women who live in one that women here, with so much freedom and so much opportunity are trying to share the same status with them. [music] [ROB] Shortly thereafter, in a closed door faculty meeting, a small group of professors introduced a resolution that simply reaffirmed the section, in Brown’s own founding charter, on the value of the free exchange of ideas. That resolution did not pass. Leading the charge against it, a star professor named Tricia Rose, who said that even considering the resolution again would “extend the pain.” [GLENN] It’s not an argument. It’s a move of power. Not a move of reason. [ROB] Here’s an illuminating nugget about Tricia Rose. She has a lecture in which she literally has students pledge their loyalty to her politics. [TRICIA] I am not personally responsible for racism.
(students echo) [TRICIA] Or in fact any other vast form of structural oppression. (students echo) [TRICIA] Even though I very likely benefit personally from some aspect of it. [ROB] Many students in last year’s freshman class received an orientation pamphlet, that denounced data and statistics as structures of oppression, and matched the unsafe spaces on campus, among them this historic lecture hall, because its portraits of white former university presidents constitute microaggressions. And guess who the administration picked to give the opening convocation address. [TRICIA] I’m not sure I went to the equivalent of this when I was a first-year, at Yale, but it’s different there. [ROB] Professor Rose showed them that a string of fashionable jargon, is indeed an acceptable substitute for an argument. [TRICIA] We have used in the post civil-rights era the ideology of the illusion of color-blindness, as the rhetorical vehicle for the maintenance and development of a system like the prison-industrial complex. [ROB] Now, the excesses of Brown’s activists obscures some legitimate grievances. Most importantly, of course there’s such a thing as privilege. I’m it’s distilled essence! I’m the product of a plush Los Angeles private school. I’ve never suffered racist slights. I didn’t have to take on a single cent in student loans. The Ivy League was originally built by and for people like me. And activists are right to demand that it evolve to better accommodate students that don’t share my advantages. Last fall, Brown unveiled the multimillion dollar plan that, in part, did just that. And here’s how student activists thanked them. They stormed the President’s office and shouted down the provost. [PROVOST] Can I just make a suggestion, I’m sorry… [STUDENTS] No. No. Why do you think you get to run the conversation? [PROVOST] No no no! I’m sorry, I just wanna, can we just have a conversation? [STUDENT] The problem that they’re having is hetero-sexual white males have always dominated the space… [PROVOST] Well I’m gay. [STUDENT] Well, homosexual white males are the top of the hierarchy. [ROB] This is not a grand battle against institutionalized injustice. This is an addiction to indignation. [ROB] That same semester, Brown’s student newspaper published a pair of columns which, essentially argued that European colonialism generated some economic benefits for Native Americans. These columns made easy tinder for another explosion of student outrage. [STUDENT] We begged this university to hold the BDH accountable. [STUDENT] We should not have to be in pain for you to do something. [ROB] The paper’s editors buckled, retracting one of the columns and denouncing both as racist. [ROHAN] Essentially it’s a climate of censorship. What you say has to conform to our sort of worldview, and if it doesn’t, then you’re a racist. [GLENN] If you talk about what happened in 1492 in a particular tone, then you’re out of bounds! Then you’re making the environment impossible. Then you’re exercising a kind of power that needs to be countered by limiting what you say. [ROB] Brown’s top administrators implicitly encourage this censorship. [ROHAN] The administration says that The Herald has rightfully owned the harm they caused, you’re saying that The Herald caused harm by publishing a dissenting and unpopular opinion. And that is the norm that you are expressing to the community. [LIZA] There were people that were really, that are really, continue to be, traumatized, that continue to be concerned and in really deep ways. [GLENN] If you’re an indigenous person and someone says the Indians didn’t get their land stolen, if it had been left for them, they’d still be living in poverty today, if somebody says that, something like that. The answer in every case is to take the offender to the intellectual woodshed. Which is to say, to refute what they just got through saying. To point out how it’s silly, ahistorical, superficial, and without ethical foundation. That’s what the university is for, the university is there to teach people how to do that! They preempt that process of education with a capitulation to the presuppositions of adolescents. We will have abdicated our responsibility and not deserve the pay. [ROB] It’s perfectly natural for college students to think they have all the answers. The university system was specifically designed to puncture that warm womb of pure certainty. One of my favorite articulations of this point comes from a university administrator named Ruth Simmons, who called learning “the antithesis of comfort.” Oh, and who’s Ruth Simmons? She’s the former president of Brown University. [music] [ROB] Born into back-breaking poverty in the Jim Crow South, Ruth trained as a professor in French Literature, and served in the administration of several elite colleges before being appointed president to Brown. She was the first black president of an Ivy League University. [MAN] Why does a tenant farmer’s kid decide to study French Literature? [RUTH] Ahh, ahh. Because everything belongs to me . There is nothing, there is nothing that is withheld from me simply because I’m poor. [ROB] The semester right before Ruth took over the right-wing provocateur, David Horowitz, had taken out an ad in the student newspaper criticizing reparations for slavery. Incensed student activists stole all the copies. That controversy was still simmering when Ruth came to campus. Did she justify this censorship by denouncing Horowitz as an agent of oppression? Whose very existence constituted an erasure of her struggle? No. She insisted Horowitz be invited back to speak. I was there. So was Ruth. She sat in the front row. [RUTH] The collision of views and ideologies is in the DNA of the academic enterprise. We don’t need any collision avoidance technology here. Thank you very much. [music] [GLENN] University’s foster an environment where the exchange of ideas can lead to deepening of our human understanding. These institutions are a fragile but precious achievement. This idea that ‘We are going to shut you up because we don’t like what you’re saying,’ that’s the enemy of this achievement. That’s what’s at stake.

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  1. Gen Z has some sharp kids too, they will pass up these cupcakes at warp speed. The real world is kind to no one.

  2. A young mother was wearing a mini-skirt while grocery shopping. Her 2 year old son would not listen to her. She was struggling to control him while at the same time struggling to control the mini-skirt from exposing more that she wanted exposed in public. The 2 year old seemed to perceive this and fell on the ground in tantrum. The mother could do nothing to address the bad behavior because if she had her own nakedness would be on display to shoppers. True story. School administrators are wearing mini-skirts.

  3. Interesting, it seems the American progressive professors were able to create in the american universities the environment that the Italians communists weren't able to create in the Italian universities during the sixties/seventies; good luck America, you are doomed.

  4. Wow. This lady single handedly owned the entirety of the culture of exclusion through identity appropriation. Like a bunch of Ivy League kids appropriating the struggles of those who never finished 6th grade as if they have anything in common with those people other than skin color. That is the definition of racism and appropriation….period.

  5. There is a
    War for your mind. And since they cannot win by oppressing your personal freedom of thought they will go after not your children, but those who will likely be the movers and shakers in the world of the future, forming their worldview into a twisted ideology of pandering to those who appropriate race and culture…

  6. Without the light of the word of God, we are all fumbling around in darkness. "But science, though!" Idiots.

  7. I barely graduated high school, worked hard as a house painter, started my own business, self made man. What they're teaching in these universities and what theyre producing is Shit. I used to beat myself up when i was younger but this taught me the value of hard work and has allowed me to make alot of mistakes so as to be the Man i am today. I feel sorry for these kids today going to college and being indoctrinated instead of prepared for life. Its gonna be a rude awakening.

  8. It's funny that many still believe that Ivy league colleges should be their goal in terms of academic achievement. They're only working towards a hell hole of prissy, sensitive "intellectuals" who try to silence any source that disagrees with them.

  9. Explain what this ignorance has to do with educating Doctors,Lawyers,Educators and other profession that Universities are suppose to prepare you for.

  10. It’s so easy for these punks to stand up and think their nasty ,vile attitudes has anything to do with fighting the oppression others suffered in the past. They don’t have to live with the fear and the full impact that those that were living through such times. It is an insult to those that did suffer from inequality,extreme racism or many other hate environments. They don’t get to pretend to feel the pain and suffering and fear that others have lived through. It is impossible to know the fear and pain that they lived through and for these over privileged punks to think they are entitled to someone else suffering is disgusting.

  11. Priviledge exists, it's for the rich. It is colorblind and genderblind.

    A homeless white guy is not more priveledged that Oprah.

  12. Well. I wouldn't be surprised if Brown becomes an illegitimate university and all degrees earned there are meaningless in the near future

  13. If you interview a white professor that doesn't agree with them you are white washing the conversation and they will tell you you need to amplify POCs voices. If you Interview a black professor that doesn't agree with them they are your token black. You can't win unless you submit

  14. If I was hired someone for my business and they told me they came from Brown University I would throw him out of a second-story window

  15. I hope everyone in that school drowns in debt and lives a life of indentured servitude taking it in the ass from corporate America.

  16. This is nothing more than an expensive cult-like indoctrination camp. 10+ years of this is why America is now in such sad shape. Contrary to the MSM, the Right is NOT the problem…Freedom of Speech has been all but shut down by the Left on many Campuses.

  17. 𝘩𝘦𝘭𝘱! 𝘮𝘺 𝘴𝘢𝘧𝘦 𝘴𝘱𝘢𝘤𝘦 𝘪𝘴 𝘣𝘦𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘵𝘩𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘵𝘦𝘯𝘦𝘥 !

  18. ironic how the ones scream about racism are racist, the ones who scream about oppression oppress others based upon the color of their skin.

  19. The Students at Brown University are all BSCl Bat Shit Crazy Idiots. You can't take away Freedom of Speech period.

  20. Keith Keremes
    "I've never known less about the world, and yet, somehow never had more confidence in my opinions about it."

    That comment he is likely the clearest hypocrisy trait of libs whove lived in a bubble; most of their pseudo knowledge by indirect, not true, sources. Selectively spoonfed misinformation. Fear mongers needing to feel validated, so they seek the easiest sheep upon whom to paint a dragon's face. And their "causes" are not people who are oppressed, or else wed not incessantly hear how bad said people supposedly have it.

  21. You communist educators are failures and reflect the collectivism of hate you have instilled into these spoiled brats that would crumble and melt under true oppression and real victimhood… You have all lost touch with reality…

  22. „Clinton referred to Pussy Riot as a group of strong and brave young women who refuse to let their voices be silenced." oh the irony

  23. We need to get back to basics in our education system. Teach our kids the tools to get a JOB! NOT YOUR POLITICAL VIEWS!
    That Muslim leach in congress took a TERRORIST CLASS FOR CHRIST SAKES!

  24. Damn heterosexual white males run everything! I'm gay. Oh well then give me one second to change the goalpost. Got it. White males run everything, so you cannot speak!

  25. Ya and just happened to Nancy Pelosi the immigrants weaponuzed against her she was trying to give a speech about how she wanted to help them! as a Democrat I was so disappointed and embarrassed that my leader would be treated that way when she has fought for their rights that's just shows you how much they really love this country right they can't even respect the people that are trying to help them!

  26. I have grown to completely hate a anyone under the age of 50. They're the sickest, most spoiled , good for nothing, sorry excuses for human beings than I've ever seen. They HSVE no idea how to work, backbiteing, fit throwing, babies I've ever seen. If we lost power they say 98% OF THE population would be dead in 1 year. I say they wouk d all be dead in a month because they f not have a clue how to take care of themselves. A completely GODLESS, devient generation , COMPLETELY WORTHLESS PIECES OF S- – –

  27. I grew up a poor white kid in the projects of southern Ohio. I’m still waiting on my white privilege card I guess because I definitely never had any so called white privilege.

  28. This generation was so cuddled as kids they are crying about what they don't have and all the wrongs of the world. Instead of getting that money . And growing up

  29. Well I'm from a white family in New Jersey. Father murdered when 6 on the corner of my block ,20feet from front door. Had to walk over that spot everyday . Grew up hard in Hudson cnty. Did the whole drug shit to make money. Couldn't go to college cause I had to get a job to pay the mortgage and bills. Now in 40s still working my ass off. I've had it harder then most of these minorities. I'm white and there's alot more to that story.

  30. It just absolutely warms the cockles of my heart to see these idiot liberals being devoured by the monster that they created.

  31. I know those who pushed for diversity in Ivy league schools regret it now… 😂. They kicking their own asses for allowing those not of thier statys in because now those same individuals are wrecking havoc in their schools. This may be a humorous comment on the surface but there is actual truth in these words!

  32. This is very disappointing. There kids will learn nothing at University and then get kicked in the ass by reality. They'll have no choice but to give the autonomy to the government. Where once we were producing laborers, now, we have dependents.

  33. Some ideas aren’t beneficial nor helpful no matter how bad we may want them to be. Some ideas are outdated and need to be changed/replaced. Free speech and conversations are important, but if the same cycle of human ignorance continues through our Egos desires to be right in a scenario of opposition, nothing will be achieved. Sometimes an effective and well needed change will work itself out with great force to be successfully undergone. Then the balance and fairness shall emerge post-tense.

  34. By the way, this channel does seem to support Trump through extremely clever tactics to get people from both parties to be like “you know what, the left are going too far. This next generation of students is only causing damage”. It’s suspicious to me. This video bounced around leaving me confused for what the message is. Ohhh that’s right, it’s just another biased YouTube channel trying to act unbiased, thus enabling them to receive more subscribers, likes and views.

  35. I’m not an Ivy League student, nor have I attended any of their protests yet this channel has just accused me of being Complicit, for voicing my opinion on the matter. How immature and incorrect. The point of my comments on the video, in summary is ‘Shit happens and will continue to happen if change feels necessary to the people’. I should also state that I personally believe it’s vital for our species to maintain clear and efficient communication. If I were an Ivy League student I’d understand why there’s so many protesting to the degree they are, but I would not attend or completely agree with their actions.

  36. Those who dislike this want to oppress ideas that do not wash with their beliefs. I am right you are wrong so shut up , I don't want to hear you. ( Might make me have second thoughts)

  37. Please keep making these videos. I’m sure we won’t always agree. But, God I hope we don’t. If people in my life didn’t challenge me, I’d be more shallow than, well I possibly am. But I love, love to learn and dig deep for truth. I have found that absolute understanding is allusive. Even the most simple mathematical formulas appear far more complex and beautiful today, than in 8th grade. We can learn something new and we can test what we believe is true or false. The testing is crucial. Set up the wrong testing criteria and you’ll get garbage results.
    So please keep up the good work. Your videos are outstanding.

  38. "Privilege" is not a white or black thing. It was made up by some full of herself airhead, white girl, as the basis of a college paper and played like it was purposeful. It completely dismissed how many white people shared the same circumstances she only associated with Blacks or how many blacks shared the circumstances she only associated with herself. I wish you would've added the majority of white people in this country didn't have your resources…they didn't have your privilege.

  39. I can see that colleges are quickly becoming places that are poisonous to our young adults minds and the future of our country. I have my Masters and I am appalled. There are other options. Keep pandering colleges to these children. You will lose.

  40. SJWs aren't leftist, they're Alt Wrong.
    They don't actually have a place in a socioeconomic spectrum.
    You can't build a viable socioeconomic system on the premise that having to work to achieve a goal is an abuse and that not catering to their vacuous claims of entitlement is oppression.

    If we generalize the right as believing that wealth is the seat of power and the left believing that labor is the seat of power, where does "sitting on my ass and raging on Twitter," belong on that spectrum?

    Anyone who hires people that useless, deserve everything they get.

    Every industry they seize control of fails.
    Success is a merit based system.
    Merit demands effort, meeting and overcoming obstacles, confrontation, cooperation, learning and problem solving.
    Whining that meritocracy is oppressive is simply a demand to be paid for being completely unprepared to perform.

    Uselessness is not a job skill.

  41. I am a white male and do not suck the dick so I guess I'm evil with privledge .so I tryed useing my privledge at the DmV and guess what no privledge

  42. As a pro white I am glad these dam sjw done this they woke up young whites by showing their ass thank u sjw for your help now go shoot your self oh wait u don't like guns hang your selfs

  43. Wasn't George Orwell a Fucking Visionary Genius?
    He saw this Hive-Mind/Collectivist/Thought-Police Tyranny becoming mainstream in 1949.
    Jeez !

  44. The University system. THIS is what fascism looks like.
    Projecting what they do on anyone who disagrees with Alt-Left indoctrination on campus.

  45. I’ve been waiting for reality to claim it’s wisdom back , its wisdom in historical truth , and it may be on its way , although within the limits of dependence on “any” political type , “any” political side of “any” political entity is UN acceptable.
    (except in defence of attack from a counterfeit version of itself)!

  46. Go to fucking class. Do your fucking work. Fuck you. You're adults. Act like it. Fucking pretend if you have to. This is so fucking ignorant.

  47. Hey students of America stop playing victims. You are in school and has a megaphone and shouting. Most here in Asia didn't have that privilege but still feel blessed. So pls sit at the back and let the true oppresed sit in the front.

  48. I am so confused. Im still in high school, and I am amazed at how college not only a place for personal freedom, has A). turned into exactly the opposite of that.B). Turned into such an atrocious place that is full of unusual activism.C). That legitimate adults (19-20s) who go to such a prestigious Ivy League institution have the audacity to not only prevent an open discussion to hep the issue and make it worse, but also to act like complete and utter children. Not only are they hurting their cause as they look and act incredibly childish, but they are making it worse for everybody around them. These are the same people who had the thick of the “stop bullying” campaign in their schools and yet here they are doing the exact same. They are using their beliefs to force them upon others who disagree with them, and using it as a bullying strategy against others. I hope that in the short time I have left in high school that the solution to this issue is found.

  49. The American University system is a scam anyways. It takes, essentially children, away from their families in the last stages of their maturity cycle and indoctrinates they into the system of falsified dualistic government propaganda. Whether it’s left or right political programming it doesn’t matter. It’s unnatural for the future for this republic. Family is the most stable of relationships and the whole system is destructive. I say the only good degree is a business degree. Everything else is propaganda and programming to promote and sustain anti- American transnational corporate agenda for global government. A fucking piece of paper doesn’t make you a piece of shit!!!

  50. Seems like nothing more than children crying until they get their way. You know they must live unfathomably privileged lives if one of their main concerns is words or “microaggressions”.

    I know this because on a list of things I personally have to worry about or think about, that doesn’t even come close to making the cut and I’m sure I’d be considered privileged. Sounds like these people need a hobby.

  51. My God these people are ridiculous. I can't WAIT until my kids are competing with this lot in the real world.

    All I can say to these morons is, "Learn how to say "Do you want fries with that?'"

  52. 3 years later and it's only gotten worse. These people are now in all of our institutions spreading their poisonous nonsensical idealogy.

  53. This is why all immigrant countries suck. Now they're making america suck too. Not just for "white males" which the racists would be happy about but for themselves as well.

  54. Your views are important to us only as long as you’re in full agreement with us otherwise you’re a racist, bigoted, idiot and need to be silenced.

  55. If you sincerely believe that you are "in pain" because someone else believes something you currently do not believe — YOU NEED THERAPY. FOR YOUR OWN SAKE, AND FOR THE SAKE OF EVERYONE AROUND YOU, PLEASE SEEK THERAPY. If you are insincerely pretending to be "in pain" because someone else believes something you currently do not believe — YOU NEED THERAPY. FOR YOUR OWN SAKE, AND FOR THE SAKE OF EVERYONE AROUND YOU, PLEASE SEEK THERAPY. What is never the appropriate move: to try to silence the entire world when they believe something you do not currently believe. It's not only evil, but also rock-stupid. That is ACTUAL oppression that will ultimately turn people against YOU, because even if you temporarily trick their minds into agreeing with you that others are "oppressors" for "thinking or speaking things you don't agree with" — their own bodies, to the core, recognize YOU as the oppressor they fear. They know in their very bodies that you are the one exerting violence and oppression to silence those who dissent from your ideology. And that foments inevitable rebellion against YOU, because the human spirit is resilient; eventually, that embodied knowledge that YOU are the oppressor (not 'white people' or 'men' or whatever you make up tomorrow) will overflow into an ultimate rejection of your insanity and oppression of them and others.

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