Simple Machines Types & Functions Kindergarten,Preschoolers,Kids

machines Wow I like this very much yes let's go to the slide we this is so much fun yes oh do you see that as well oh yes people are pulling water out of that well let's go there let's go Oh what is this field oh that one on which the Rope is moving yes this is called a pulley it helps to pull out water easily but how let me show you let me pull it it's so difficult oh now try to pull this bucket oh it's as easy to pull you know you could pull it because of the poi this is called a simple machine water machines the instruments which make our work easier are called machines there are machines like cars fans but those are complex machines but pulley is a simple machine instrument which made our work easier machine oh can you show me more simple machines yes in this garden only there are many simple machines come with me see this is also a simple machines a slide is a simple machine yes see this well we are using a slide to load the material and it looks so easy yes this is called inclined plane also see this makes a work easy yes that is my slide is called a simple machine whoa did you see that how fast he went huh we are going on forward he was on a cycle yes cycle also travels fast because of its wheels see this temple so wheels helps to travel and carry load so wheels are also simple machines Oh see here what the gardener is doing hmm he's trying to move a big stone with the rod yes this road is called liver liver yes let me show you it's different parts liver hey this is fixed at one point yes the fixed part is called bail chram and see he's putting force with his hands it is called effort what is stone Collier oh it is called the load do you know there are many kind of livers many dabs of liver yes see Phil kromm is on center here and see here oh effort here is by the person yes but Phil kromm is on the other side and Lotus in the center yes in first one phantom was on the other side and here it is in the center let me show you one more type Oh your effort is in the center yes Lotus on one side and thargrim is on the other side let's see one one turnip flavor now can you tell me where's the pilgrim on this simple machine oh yes it is the center it is fixed and very the effort is put there for this put from the back and load is on the front you know this is also a simple machine yeah it looks like a nail yeah it is a nail the groove can you tell how these grooves help hey the knee can come out easily but with groups it can come out can you tell any use of it oh we can hang our clothes and the screws on the walls oh there are many more uses of it see the screw jack Oh even my Papa's car has one see the screw in the jazz moves and it takes the car up hey I did not know a simple screw can lift a car oh yes that is why these are called simple machines they can do big things but a very simple today I learned about play inclined plane wheel three kinds of liver and screw

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  1. by the way wheel is not simple machine a wheel and axle both make one simple machine so it is kind of innacurate

  2. very nice ☺😊👏👍👌🤘👐✊👊🤛🤜

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