Sing It – Teaser Trailer – YouTube Original Series

♪♪Get ready!America’s #1 singing
competition is back…
[high-pitched singing]…with your favorite
celebrity judges:
Barry,Holly,and Troy Blue returnsto host the biggest
and best season yet.
[pants ripping] –Don’t say it.
– CROWD: Sing it!“Sing It!”– This is gonna be
– This is gonna be – the worst season ever.
– the best season ever.a new comedy,
coming soon.
We’re all
very excited. [applause, cheering] Ooh-oooh! ♪♪

100 thoughts on “Sing It – Teaser Trailer – YouTube Original Series

  1. I pay $10 a month to have this shit pushing its way to the front of my Red list everyday…

  2. No matter HOW MUCH I LOVE Sam Tsui, Debby Ryan, Diamond White, Sasha Pieterse … I'm still not paying for YOUTUBE RED.

  3. Yooooo, Disney's Debby Ryan and her ridiculous chest beefers. You couldn't STOP me from watching this.

  4. Since this is: a) behind a paywall on Youtube, and b) not even available in my contry, I can't wait to pirate this. Looks entertaining.

  5. This reminds me of the commercials in Tropic Thunder, it'll either be hilariously self aware or hilariously cringe worthy and bad. Time will tell.

  6. lol yeah right.. I'll definitely pay to watch a show from two legends who tried to help the whole world into using "their" show format..

  7. YouTube, stop making tv shows because all of them are garbage. Also, I just watch the first episode and it was just awful.

  8. Just download YouTube Music and you'll get a email saying you have a 14 day trial of YouTube red 😛

  9. YouTube… Just stop… Everyone clearly hates this business, these shows are terrible compared to the actual stuff I can watch for free on this website. Every single feature ytr has can easily be replaced. Can we just let this website be a video sharing website and nothing else?…

  10. I think I'm the only one who is completely in love with this show. It's actually really hilarious, or I just have horrible tastes. Probably the second one tbh. XD

  11. dude fuck your sing it shit you guys are pitch correcting people, you cant even hear what they really sound like. fuck you youtube, you sellout

  12. The is one of my favorite YouTube red originals I urge the ones who haven't seen it to try it if they can take a joke, and it's nothing like what you see on Disney channel TRUST ME

  13. Escape the night is still better
    Escape the night is created by joey and joey invites his freinds over, They got invited for dinner party but what they dont know is it ended up getting killed 3 people must survived Season 1 survivor is Eva Gutowski , Joey Graceffa , and Oli White Season 2 Survivior is Andrea Russell , Joey Graceffa and Tyler Oakley

  14. I remember watching Jessy as a kid… between this and insatiable… my childhood has become non existent. That’s ok tho cause it’s a awsome show

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