SIU Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders Services

The core deficits of autism are always
being targeted at the Autism Center and the core deficits of Autism being communication and social deficits as well as the problem stereotyped and
repetitive behaviors. We conduct evaluation to determine the
presents for the autism spectrum disorder we can see clients from birth to age 18 so anyone in the pediatric age
range is a client of ours. After receiving an autism diagnosis a family may feel confused they may be looking for answers as to why their child has autism. What is autism? A lot of families are
looking for treatment for their child. We have had a number of parents report that the quality of life has improved for their child with autism. As a parents you know you want to help your child in any way you can and we didn’t have any place to go until we came down here and this has pretty well been our base to work with Caleb from the beginning and starting out from here and going to the different places getting help. When we were first given Caleb’s diagnosis of autism our first thought is, where are we going to find some place to get him help, we live in a rural area and there is not people that specialize in autism just around the corner, you know. My relationship with Caleb has has definitely gotten a lot stronger, I feel like I am a lot closer to him. Joshua enjoys coming to the
Autism Center everyday I hear SIU and he is ready to go, he he loves coming here, he loves people the clinicians, he forms a very good bond but this clinician every semester. The progress that Josh has made is that he can talk to us and tell us what he wants what he needs he just able to communicate better he he is actually interacting with peers, he is
playing his player is normal for a child.

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