Skeleton Army (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay tutorial. Today we will create the whole skeleton army from Clash Royale. You wouldn’t believe it, but it all starts with a paper clip. The paper clip and the pliers. The reason is pretty simple. I was looking for an easy way for you guys and also for me so that I can produce a lot of skeletons and that all of them would have the same body size. So, I decided, let’s use some paper clips for that. I just used the superglue for fixing of the wire. So that the body wire and the leg wire part aren’t moving too much. These will be the arms and I’m coating them into some white clay and I’m using my scalpel for cutting these arms again. And now I’m just doing some modelling with my fingers so that there are no sharp edges. So that the arms look pretty nice. The same also with the body. And then we are almost done with the body part of the first skeleton. I really want to thank you all guys for all of your suggestions for tutorials I could make in the whole world of Clash Royale and also Clash of Clans. And I really loved all your suggestions. I decided to go with the skeletons next after the Giant because I was looking for a counter card against the Giant and so, of course, we have to go with the epic card of the skeleton army. While I’m preparing the ribs and I’m attaching them to the body. I would like to know and please participate in this poll which figure should be next from Clash Royale. So, this is the skull. It’s pretty simple, you just start with this cube and after that a thin layer of white clay for the face, for the front part of the face, for teeth and you can just put it on top and this will be the left eye the right eye and the nose, of course. And for the filling I’m using just some black clay. So, this is pretty simple. Well, the nose is a bit tricky because you need a very thin and a tiny piece of black clay. And after that we can start working on the feet. These will be the knees. And we can put together the shoulder part and the body part and also the feet onto a plate. And well, this is just some detail work on the toes or at least the bones and the toes. And this will be the right hand. It’s pretty difficult as it is that tiny but it’s always the same technique. I don’t care if it’s a big hand or a small hand just make always the same technique attaching it to the body. And now we can attach the skull to the body of this skeleton. What we need of course is a weapon so this is the sword this skeleton has in his hand. This is the hand piece of this skeleton, of the sword. Sorry. And we are ready to go into the oven. Freshly baked skeleton! The next working step is, of course, the painting. I thought this skeleton just looks too clean so I decided to take black and white acrylic paint and mix it with just some water and this dirty water is soaking into every gap and it emphasizes all the bones and the ribs so perfectly, so I really love this method. Just gluing the sword into the hand. And this is the first one! Now that we have finished the first skeleton, we can start with the mass production. And for that we need some more paper clips and some more clipping and then we can start producing all the… the wire skeletons gluing them together. You can also leave that out. The part with the superglue but I recommend that. So, the next part is coating and this is what looks like when you produce 12 skeletons all at the same time. These are the hip bones. And these will all be the ribs. It is a lot of fun, but it was so much work. It took me I think three hours for all of these skeletons. Yeah, these will be the skulls This is also pretty funny if you’re creating so many faces and skulls at the same time. And.. yeah. I’m very looking forward to seeing the end result. I used just some plates and the cup which I could place the skeletons right next to and these will be all the swords. Pretty great on building all these swords and that much. OK, after baking in the oven we can start gluing. I’m using just some sand paper for the edges on the swords. I left that step out on the first skeleton but afterwards I always used that because it looks nice on the swords. And now the painting and finally… that’s it! I know you’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Me too, so let’s fetch the Giant and let’s have a big fight against the skeleton army! Hey skeletons, I’m the Giant! Oh! OK, I guess that’s it, thanks for watching and I hope to see you next time. Bye!

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  1. darn skelebone army i always lose to them i got no arrows and valk cant reach them because they spread out around towers

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  3. YOu dont explain ANYTHING >:( it makes it WAY harder to create when your doing something difficult and your not explain it >:(

  4. do the giant skeleton that holds a giant bomb don't forget he has a bigger draw the bottom that's one thing that's good

  5. Sometimes boardgames crossover into videogames, but I wish someone would make a proper boardgame of Clash Royale because I love the look of the CR characters with their Chibi appearance, and the modeled pieces like what ClayClaim has made look like SodaPopMiniatures' boardgames characters.

  6. bro without seeing your full video i subscribed because of your voice and great talent please make sparten army with some easy method

  7. I can't buy polimer clay cause my mother thinks that I can't make any thing but look my insta I have made a spider face with shilpkar help me

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