Slide (Remix) (feat. Pop Smoke, A Boogie Wit da Hoodie & Chris Brown) (Official Video)

100 thoughts on “Slide (Remix) (feat. Pop Smoke, A Boogie Wit da Hoodie & Chris Brown) (Official Video)

  1. Who ever thumbs down this shit is dumb as hell because this bitch fire asf 🔥🔥💯 only come out when the stars out

  2. She went all the way off on this one, no cap no shade no nun. This my bop all 2020, somebody tell me it ain’t and they’re walking home. 😂💯

  3. 1.) Slide – H.E.R.

    2.) Slide – Calvin Harris

    3.) Slide – French Montana

    Every song named Slide is a banger! 🔥

  4. I also believe if H.E.R. was your girl she’d be a down ass chick “ I don't care if we on the run
    Nothin' matters when we one on one
    Lookin' at us 'cause we goin' dumb
    We on the same wave, you the same way
    You know I be down if it's with you
    Where we goin'? Baby, what's the move?
    We should take a trip up to the moon
    Get a room!”

  5. this song punches when you’re high. ik that sounds stupid but when your sober it only slaps. this time it punches bro 😍😂

  6. Shit makes me get lil tears of a feeling just so glad for her its crazy, met her back in day, Now 35 views- like yeeeee. Sparkin one, vtown lit

  7. I hope you guys know that this song is a double entendre it has two meanings especially if you’re from the hood you should already know

  8. love that youre putting our city on the map gabi!!!! still remember you missing spanish class all the time to pursue your dreams. it all paid off!

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