One thought on “Some North Texas Renters Unhappy, Unable To Cut Cable TV

  1. There is no Discount! I pay $50 per month using Spectrum. Bargain shoppers always win. Apartment Complexes are deceived about that discount and they are trying to make you believe it! I bet you money that the apartment complex has figured out a way to profit from the bulk services. I am sure they get a discount, but pass on the full price to the tenant. Apartment complexes have become very corrupt. They nickel and dime the resident for Trash pickup (I can walk the trash out myself), they charge us for carpet cleaning even though my carpets are clean and that is considered "normal wear and tear", they also charge for Water and Sewage, they started charging me for package delivery from a company called "FETCH", but ALL the delivery companies will deliver to my door. FETCH is another $10 per month. Most of the parking is covered and they charge you extra for that even though I think it is part of the property and should be baked in. Apartment complexes are trying to figure out ways to may you pay more without having to call it Rent. They also now days have a move-in FEE. Not a deposit, as if you can get it back. Many apartments just turned the deposits into a fee. So they get to keep it at the end. They present themselves as sweet and a great place to live, but they are really saying "up yours!"

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