Sony | α | α6600/α6400/α6100 l Optimal movie autofocus

Alpha Optimal movie autofocus Face detection AF Fast tracking Fast tracking
α6600/α6400/α6100 Conventional model Wide area tracking Wide area tracking
α6600/α6400/α6100 Conventional model Precise and stable autofocus
α6600/α6400/α6100 Conventional model Touch Focus Intuitive focusing Touch Tracking Keep focusing Real-time Eye AF for movie
α6600 only Adjustable AF drive speed Focus expression in line with your intention
Fast Slow Autofocus performance in dim light High AF precision even in low light
α6600/α6400/α6100 Conventional model Reach for every decisive moment Alpha 6600 Alpha 6400 Alpha 6100 Features and specifications are subject to change without notice. Screen displays and effects used to illustrate some functions are simulated.

46 thoughts on “Sony | α | α6600/α6400/α6100 l Optimal movie autofocus

  1. where is 4k60 ? 10 bit ? faster bitrate ? bigger body ? better IBIS ? a6600 is a huge disappointment…3 years waiting for nothing's time to go to fuji because they listen to their customers and give him what they want

  2. poor dof details in video footage (lacking due to using too shallow DoF, try deeper dof with narrower apertures, for more detail)
    too much of the selfie style footage leaves too much of the background out of focus, and the overall "scenic context" is not so scenic anymore (blurred away)

  3. 6 year old sensor. Not flagship specs. No innovation. T30 and T3 are better. You got out spec by Canon & Nikon? I’m switching to Fugi

  4. Put Real Time Eye AF for movie in Sony a6400. That’s a 2019 camera Sony please!!

    Firmware update please!!
    Like if you agree!

  5. They still only do 8 bit 4K UHD at up to 30fps though. My Z Cam E2 does 10 bit 4K UHD at 160fps, and without ever overheating. Much better image quality than my A6500 too. Sorry Sony, your autofocus might be nice, but your video capabilities are still way behind.

  6. I shoot stills only and I dearly love my A6400. Battery life??? A sixty dollar Meike battery grip will give my A6400 the same battery life as the new Sony A6600…

  7. so ı pay more than 2000 euro for my sony a7iii ı dont have Optimal movie autofocus samone will pay 700dollars to a6100 and they have Optimal movie autofocus and reall time tracking update it soon is posibel …profesinal photographer are not stupids…how we left nikon or canon …wich we use them years and years …that very easy to left sony to..

  8. Same sensor, same ibis, same colors, $1400 for a bigger battery and a flippy screen? … comm on Sony, you can do better. We need 4k 60, 10Bit 422, better IBIS and please fix those colors.

  9. Real footage from camera is at 2:56 because it's shaky. It's done by a6600, fix your IBIS, Sony.

    The others are fake because too smooth with only that holder.

  10. Hey Sony , I am a professional wedding cinematographer from Bangladesh, I want to make a review of your new Sony a6600 and Sony a6100, I think it would benefit so much in weddings cinematography. I mostly use canon in wedding cinematography but I think this Sony a6600 and Sony a6100 camera will replace my canon camera.

  11. I feel like they missed focus on the “conventional model” just to make it seem like the auto focus is that much better lol

  12. Give some update love to a6500 we paid money for that thing too. Is the ibis in a6600 been improved over the a650 ibis? If so give an update to the a6500

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