Speed Test – 12″ Sandpiper Balsa Glider

Brad: Hey guys, welcome! Nighthawk Gliders! You ever wonder how fast this thing goes at launch? Bruce: How fast? I don’t know we got to figure this out right? Yeah. So, how we gonna do this? Radar gun. I’ll be the guinea pig he’s gonna shoot it at me and hoping it don’t hit me and I’m gonna find out how fast it goes. Wait, I’m going to get to shoot it at you? Yeah that’s how we’re gonna find out. How fun is that gonna be? I don’t know. I don’t know does that sound safe? Maybe need a little protection yeah I think so let me… yeah I got I got protecting… got glasses… oh wait a minute I gotta get something else. Oh I think you need more than glasses. Yeah hold on okay I think I’m ready. So if it goes through I got glasses protect my eyes but I don’t have nothing in the front of me so make sure it don’t hit my stomach. Okay. All right. We’ll make certain we don’t. All right, so I’m going to shoot at sort of off to the side at an angle so it should go away from you. It should. Right? So, against the wind or what… I should probably shoot it so that wind pushes it that way. Yeah I think so, too. Okay so I’ll go over here you go over there and we’ll see how fast this thing goes all right all right. Okay. Okay. Okay. Ready? Ready! Aim… Fire! It didn’t read… Oh, oh… it flew good. (chuckles) It’s on the other side of the street. (Bruce making tackling noises) Ready? Ready. Aim. Go. 24. 24. Going easy. Hut, Hut. (Bruce makes tackle sound!) (Brad laughing). What was that? I’m really going to put off your shoulder and give me a little bit. Okay. Back up. Back up. Back up. Okay. Ready? Ready. Aim. Aim. Fire. Fire! Nothing! it might be too far away. Fire. 53! 53! Okay should I max it out next? Yeah. Okay. Bleah! I’m out of shape. Ok, I think you need to be further away. Alright. I’m going to really push it this time.
All right. Ready? Ready. Aim. Fire. Nothing. Too fast maybe? I don’t know. how fast is this thing allowed to go? It should go pretty quick. Where’s Bruce? Oh okay I think maybe instead of launching it at you we should try something different. All right. Maybe this will work going reverse. Okay. Let’s give that a shot so we’ll face this direction. We’ll launch it and you point it this way and we’ll just get close. 55. 55… 5, 5! And it’s just still sailing away right now. okay so Bruce is now behind the camera pointing the gun this way we’ll see if that gets a reading. Ready? 56. Okay that went really high. 56. Go. 64. 64 yeah! Okay our last run was (boop) 64. Go. 67. Okay. Yes, but we got yet 70 let’s do it! Let’s see if we can beat 70. Ready? Ready. Okay. Go. 74. Yeah! 74 mile an hour glider! Now if we hit 88 we can go into the future! (bruce laughs) Right. This guy right here… how fast? It went 74 miles an hour 74. 74 miles an hour. Yeah. Do you think we can hit 100? It might snap the wings but we could try. All right I think we’ll do that for another day. Catch you guys later! Bye! Nighthawk Gliders… Out! On. 17, 20, 13, 18. Ready. Go. 21, 19, 21, 19, 15. There ain’t no way a person run 19 miles an hour. Why not? Show them. It says that 21 miles an hour… 21! There is no way. 21. 2, 1. You can run 7 miles an hour… You could walk 3. Yeah so you actually ran 21 miles an hour. 21! Dang. Your turn! 19! I think you were at 17 and then you hit a 19 mile per hour roll. 19. You got 2 mile an hour faster than me. 19. That’s pretty good. Still moving 19.. and how fast was your roll? 18? That’s too much work. I give up… I surrender!

7 thoughts on “Speed Test – 12″ Sandpiper Balsa Glider

  1. Dude. I just now saw that you did this. We really need to get together and see how fast these would go on a full AMA catapult. I believe that would give you more than double the launch energy. It's enough to put a strong 8" model over 150' up.

  2. Love the idea and the nutty creativity!

    Did you guys ever end up testing Josh’s 8” on 1/4” 9” loop band???

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