Starswirl Academy — Debut Trailer

Dear Headmaster Celestia I’m writing to thank you again for the
opportunity to study at Starswirl Academy I never dreamed that I’d be able to attend
a school like this and it wouldn’t have been possible without your generous scholarship I know that it’s uncommon for students to
transfer in for their senior year but I’m confident that I’ll be able to find my talent all the same I’ll be arriving on campus later this week, and I look forward to finally meeting you in person. Your future student, Twilight Sparkle PS: I should also thank you for making special arrangements for- Tom? Tom? Tom! Wake up! We’re almost there!

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  1. I found out that there's going to be two version of this: A teen version and a mature version. I'll give you two bits if you can figure out what the mature version has.

  2. Seeing as KS was about people with physical disabilities (mental in Hanako's case, for PTSD, which is still a legitimate disability), and this, well, isn't… it's a visual novel about a high school. There's lots of them. If anything, by your logic, Katawa Shoujo was a ripoff of Clannad.

  3. If you're ever feeling good about the state of the fandom, just visit the Equestria Daily page about this game, and… well, the fandom in general won't be shaken, but you'll probably facekeyboard several times.

  4. Really? How so? Because we like a show with good music, multi-faceted characters, and references of everything from Star Wars to The Big Lebowski?

    Look, the only reason this gets flak is because the characters are ponies. If they were a "less girly" creature, like in Adventure Time or Gravity Falls, I doubt there would be problem.

  5. The roles we give and the things we classify to be gender specific are all delusions we make for ourselves because of how much people conform to them. When you think outside of what is seen to be real, in actuality is just the boundaries we create for ourselves to limit our understanding. Genders stereotyping is pointless, its the individual that matters most. So really, this show is meant for everyone. And everyone has the right to enjoy anything they so chose.

  6. This game has NO SEXUAL ACTIVATES of any kind that's what the developers of this game said themselves it's just a simple dating game.

  7. I'm not into MLP, but you seem to assume that because there are NSFW elements in a fan made VN of a series, you're apparently turning them into sex objects. This, I believe, is wrong. While it does depend entirely on the quality of the writing of the characters, they have personalities and qualities which would definitely make people attracted to them. The sex isn't going to only be about sex in these sort of games, it's going to be about romantic love making. Boobs =/= sexualisation.

  8. That being said, there's fanmade art that's NSFW of kids series absolutely everywhere. Just because kids have a chance of seeing these things doesn't mean that these things shouldn't exist. The parents are responsible for monitoring their children's computer use, not anyone else.

  9. Cant deny that, but what can u do. All cartoons, one way or another have been turned into something..sexual at some point. Its the internet, u cant expect it to be appropriate even if it is a kids show. And not all people think or see it, sexually. That's a small part of the fandom, its not right to judge everyone the same way. Plus the rly good work the fandom has put out outweighs the bad stuff that has also came to be. And whats sexual here? This reminds me of many anime visual novels.

  10. And I wasn't talking about the characters being turned to sex objects but about how generally all cartoon T.V shows have been turned into something sexually at some point. As for this, its a visual novel. This is how they usually are. This isn't even sexual or made to be one. There just ponies made into anime characters with diaogue u would normally see in anime, which has a wide range of a demographic.

  11. Dude, this is the internet. Go visit 4chan. You'll find a lot worse things to complain about. Starswirl Acadamy is intended primarily as a love story. If you're not into the slice of life genre then why are you even here? If it's anything like Katawa Shoujo, then the characters are all 18 and in their senior year. Therefore sexualizing them in a romance setting is to be expected. If you wanna complain about sex being in media go complain about modern literature. You'd still be missing the point.

  12. One major issue with your reasoning is that the market team didnt market to little girls as its main demographic its actual males in their early adult lives so 21-30

  13. "There is a chance the younger viewers will encounter the associated derivaties." So what you mean is…somehow an 8 year old girl is going to end up here? No self-respecting parent would allow their 8 year old girl to surf the web alone. If they do, they don't care about their kid and their kid has the right to find whatever they want. This is the internet, buddy. Rule #34: If it exists, there's porn of it. That's just the way it is. Nothing you can or do say will change that ever.

  14. I could make a comment like 'still better than Equestria Girls' but I really liked that movie. And this looks very nicely done too

  15. Something tells me that Pinkie's route is going to involve feels the likes of which no mortal man was ever meant to experience.

  16. We don't speak of that event. Just download the demos as fast as you can; if it does go the way of… *single tear rolls down cheek*… then at least you will have something to remember it by.

  17. I'm kinda excited for this, looks super quality. Played the demo when it came out, but I never saw this trailer. Though it was short, that cutscene blew my mind. I'm extremely excited for the release now.

  18. I want to play the demo but my laptop doesn't allow games and my family aren't that accepting of stuff like this. I'll have to wait until they aren't home and play it off a USB

  19. I betcha' during this experience of Tom's, he's gonna' be…..ROCK HARD…, eh?
    Get it, because….fuck you.

  20. an anime version visual novel based on the character off of My Little Pony…huh…kind of excessive but I like it!! will it be like a dating sim or what?

  21. See that. This is what i would like too see if Japan made their own anime spin off of Equestria Girls (The anime animation version)

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