Starting A Communist Revolution In The Year 150AD – Three Kingdoms Total War

ah hello haven't been in this game in a while that's right guys were back in the world of Battle Royale China aka free kingdoms total war probably one of the best total Wars to come out in a unfortunately long time could be worse oh it could be imperative they're right anyone still playing that game bar Alex the Rambler oh it's Bettina the best thing that came out of imperator rope that's right it's the boy t-shirt look at that it even comes in unisex so if you're a unicorn I know yeah that means women can wear I completely forgot women exist I haven't seen a single one on this channel ever well thank you very much to anyone that does buy a t-shirt let's get straight into total war free Kingdom so the one nation I did want to go ahead and give a try today out is not actually a nation at all it's an it's a person a beautiful waifu person my waifu you mean someone who looks like they'd gut you and eat your insides then yeah sure thing if that's what you're into yeah today we'll be trying to the Bandit Queen and just because it says very hard down there does not mean you have any excuse of your so the mechanic that the Bandit Queen actually has is infamy which means you can go around and plunder and pillage and beat people up and the more you do it the better buffs you get essentially I am a ancient dominatrix just quite a lot more murdery so here we are we obviously have the in-game missions to give us a bit of a basis on what we should be doing but essentially walk to province take over province plunder guess I'm in for me move to next prophet surprisingly it's a very simple life when you're out there living in the sticks as a bandit outlaw but we can't be bandits forever we do need to establish ourselves as an actual nation in this world and no better way to start then surged murder this guy you should stand in it I'm going to take your shoes and eat them so I don't remember if I mentioned this last time for you can actually get guerrilla units which you can actually place outside of your boundaries which is it's pretty good it offers a bit of a tactical advantage if you want to slow down the enemy on the beginning especially in these small bowels when you can probably do a bit more damage if you get yourself a flank but you know this whole band that life guerilla warfare you know bringing the wealth down from the richly of China I think we might be communist Oh God oh my god we're up against an army of Santa Clauses our guards my bandits wife who is murdering all of the Santa Clauses that's that's not very festive as you know it's kind of understandable now think about his Santa is himself a bit of a bandit up there in the isolated North Pole handing out stuff to the peasantry yeah he's kind of encroaching on our territory here come on beat him down okay Oh a couple of those elves too while we're here Oh generals are still just absolutely stomping on everyone no I but I've got to appreciate it another way is that guy isn't even a proper general as a strategist he's brought a damn feather into battle with him in comparison my waifu' bandit lord has two massive axes and he has brought in it that is like a weird fan feather right yeah hundred percent is there go surprisingly Santa Claus and a dude with a fan didn't they naturally fare that great against my communist wife also still but across our first town here which we are gonna take and probably burn to the ground in just there's no real reason to burn it to the ground over than the fats I get a few in three points that's pretty progressive as my Bandit Queen I can get myself a female concubine and the game does take note to let you know that there she's not my wife I just keep her for pleasures which means we play yugioh dolls all night and that's it oh my god I play this game I hardly ever pay much attention to the internal relationship system mostly because if I wanted to do internal relationships I'd go play ck2 not this game where I just want to murder hundreds of Santa Clauses this guy is called coup condo and that is very similar to do gonk which is a very amazing animal for what purpose do you even exist that was aimed at you by the way if you are not the beautiful to conquer wow thanks zank yeah that's just very rude isn't it probably just scared I'm gonna murder him in his sleep which is actually very fair enough because I'd probably well it's gonna do OH the big old dogs already dead was the point of view every time I play this game you die immediately I guess I'll just have to take my mind off it by murdering some peasant valiant defeat okay uh-huh we'll see about that one I'm about to show you why they call me Zheng Jiang daddy nobody actually calls me that by the way they don't actually call me anything mostly because they have way too scared to even look at me yeah I murdered every single one of them quite easily actually which means we now actually have a bit of a power place to work with here we only have enemies on the one side as well which I really want to keep it that way for now because this game does turn into big coalition's versus big coalition's and I don't want to get trapped in between that I want to keep plundering my way throughout all of China I mean liberate China to the people it's actually like a negative to employing characters that Yangtze be I'm not entirely sure I miss you and if they're good there might be useful by it they just turn on me I don't want to deal people turning on me oh my God look I got a big fat naked poor guy to hang around one of my generals go congratulation okay I've been Auto solving a bit too much here because Bandit Queen fell over she's got an upset stomach she's totally she didn't get beaten up yeah curry is your boy is the Yellow Turban rebellion you guys just kindly go away Oh guys it's so bright my eyes huh I like him because my Bandit Queen got a little bit of a messed up in the last battle this guy's now in charge Tommy I should probably change that back but we're only against lubu here so I'm not gonna bother fighting this we're also Lu it so we can feed the Bandit Queen more babies so she can get a shrimp fast oh god that was lucky I almost ate a very important baby then so if I control this baby Emperor now that means that the Han Empire is actually my puppet now which is it's pretty good other than the tradition of child Emperor's in China so one might come along and try to kill him Oh overpopulation ass no problem for the Bandit Queen looks like we're gonna have quite the banquet on our return so like over tall walls where you just show of constantly go ham always conquering never kind of having peace in this game I find that you kind of do Nita actually have some peace now and then so you can rebuild up and develop your provinces so we're having a quick timeout sweating up the people in this game are just show greedy they're trying to take all of my rare treasures which I have you know got of my own volition totally not murdered off the mat for them they return for a Nanak no thank you I've been declared war on by a goddamn Yeti so because I own the Chinese emperor and I I do use the word own there because that'll boy is my bitch now we have the air the Han Empire or what's left of their as a puppet which is great if you're actually connected to them because you can buy all that land for cheap off them but I'm not so they're useless are you kidding me mr. Liu boo you pompous peacock you're trying to take my clay worry okay mr. Kong wrong if that is your real name you can't have my eunuch who the hell does everyone want my eunuch all of a sudden I have no idea what ancillary I've just gone ahead and given the Han Empire but they are willing to give me some money and you know why that's actually a pretty good price for it so if that's my eunuch anyway that's enough peace I just go back to pillaging mostly because I want to connect the land with my vassal here so I can buy all of their territory pit to have taken a bit of a leaf out the Japanese doctrine of warfare in China here the fun part is I now also have to put spent all the money to repair that isn't that just great finally trying to build up my own coalition here we've got sau sau in and we got Lu down so far and hopefully this doesn't get to matter because sau sau used to be made I'm having a extra central crisis oh my god you yellow turban revolutionaries got down libertarians question is can I hit one of these guys with my artillery you know surprisingly ancient error siege artillery in China is apparently not that accurate because I haven't even come close to hitting this guy and his damn yellow turban yeah I'm not even hitting the guys behind the it's quite depressing oh man this is it's like an episode of Power Rangers right now we got the purple guy versus he has to kick smash yes this is why I love this game just this right here question is who's gonna turn into at the giant mechazord I think there called and who's gonna go ahead and turn into the giant alien monster that they always used to fight in the end and personally I think it might be the purple guy which is our guy that might be the I just stabbed him in the face oh my god boys just got myself a rare now I'm essentially just emptying all of my pockets of all the trash I've collected so that the hand will give me free stuff which is fine because the more ways I can take provinces after they're better and I was not really a big fan of that eunuch anyway I think with those problems we just took means that we are about the level up rm4 me one more time which means I get bandit leader I think a couple more and we'll actually technically be able to claim empress shit but I don't think we're gonna make it because I've been playing for so long already that's fine I don't think my Bandit Queen would have wanted to be in for anyway more of a chairman type deal oh look who we found hiding in the mountains Harris mr. Lubell well it was mr. Lubell I killed him I also technically ate his fingers but that's for another day well I think we are about to leave it up here for today I I have sprawled my way across all of China and some sort of weird snakey heart and it has probably again been one of the most fun I've had in total war games in a long time if you haven't tried out total war free Kingdom so I highly recommend you do go out and give it a try and again it's one of the most fun I've had in a start war in a very long time I've enjoyed every single mode I've played and my campaigns so far and I'm probably gonna continue this one after recording I want to finish this and finally unlock the mister donger but yeah if you new around here you want to see more total war I do a whole bunch on this channel feel free to hit this a button and if you are a continue for you make sure to hit the like button as I always say and if you want to pick up submerge feel free to get some in the description down below it's very much appreciated but I guess till next time guys I will catch your ass

25 thoughts on “Starting A Communist Revolution In The Year 150AD – Three Kingdoms Total War

  1. nah youre not really Chinese communists, you're more like Trotsky. "We will kill people so they fear us and also steal from them son't worry guys I'm definitely a communist lol"

  2. ISP: "Oh yeah the bandits are Communists"
    ISP: doesn't comment

  3. I played this game for the first time and Dong Zhuo didn't die. He just lived until I killed him in 215 (after stomping around the South of China by taking province after province with no opposition until I finally got back North in 210). I then conquered China as Sun Jian in 229.

  4. I’m pretty sure your concubine just played Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

  5. Everybody know when the first communist revolution happen ?
    -Paris's commune ?
    -Russian Revolution ?


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