44 thoughts on “Steamed Hams but it's Mega Man Battle Network

  1. It's so accurate it hurts. Hurts like a thousand wildebeests smashing your father's insides into mush. Hurts like a hero sword.

  2. Description: Oops, forgot the 16:9 stretch.

    Dude, 4:3 is better, it makes it look like the original episode.

  3. NY Stge is OP honestly. Not only does it double the power of lying type chips, if your opponent doesn't have enough Zennys for the absurd rent they get hit with DoT. Surprised the superintendent was unaffected.

  4. I just realized we technically do have PETs. We call them smartphones. Now all we need is a means to teach children how to code and then we'll have hacker duels that are pretty much identical to NetBattles in concept, except you code all your own chips.

  5. Died at even the title screen. Man I miss the BN/exe series, but it ended on a good note and it's one of the few Megaman Series to "officially" end, so there's that…

  6. Oh MMBN… I only played part.. 2, I think? But I played the crap out of it, it was sO GOOD! And this video, geez man, how much love and work did you put into it? Amazing!!

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