Stormfinch (2015, ZX Spectrum homebrew) :: Review | Ep. 51

Hey, guys! Welcome back! This week I bring you another homebrew goodness
highly inspired by R-Type that has the smoothest scrolling ever seen on a Spectrum game! Let’s take a look! Right at the start we’re greeted by this
rather amusing plot: “Greetings pilot. You are Commander Armstrong and you must destroy
the evil empire of Mandarax. Actually let’s be honest. There is no evil alien empire. You are not a hero. Probably. You are not the last hope of mankind. You enjoy blasting space aliens. These aliens are specially bred to feel no
pain.” Dave Hughes’ team, Stonechat Productions,
released, last week, Stormfinch, a shoot-em-up where the player has nine lives to battle
through 10 levels and defeat 9 bosses and, as well, the entire galaxy! Let’s face it, in real life we only live
once.. I think! So, why not only one life and an energy bar along with some scattered power ups for us to pick up? Our ship provides two types of weapons: lasers
and plasma rays, but, just like in R-Type, there’s also an extra capsule that can be
oriented around our ship and do multiple shooting, highly useful as the enemies pop up from all
directions! Enemy detection could be better, but the game is so highly enjoyable for its smooth scrolling only, that I can live with that! Stormfinch is an awesome accomplishment on
the ZX Spectrum. It brilliantly uses Einar Saukas’ NIRVANA
engine that, since it was released in late 2013, was only being used to create beautifully
colored puzzle and reflection type of games. These two are a good example of this. Never crossed Spectrum users’ minds, like
myself, the possibility of multicolor tiled display, like the one shown on this screenshot. This is a new frontier for homebrew developers
and a beginning of a new Era for Sinclair’s machine 33 years since the very first ZX Spectrum
model arrived and it’s now proven that this brand new engine can produce amazing games
like the one we’re looking at! As said before, the engine is capable of multicolor
tiled display across 30 columns and 22 rows and it is capable of changing color attributes
every two scanlines delivering an 8by2 “almost full screen” pixel display. So, we’re looking at a multicolor shoot-em-up,
something unthinkable to ever get to see on a Spectrum. A lot of people believed that the NIRVANA
engine wasn’t capable of showing lots of action onscreen at the same time. Here’s the proof that they were wrong! Stormfinch isn’t better than Electric Dreams’
extreme quality conversion of the original R-Type, or the awesome Zynaps from Hewson Consultants, or even 2010’s Genesis: Dawn of a New Day
from RetroWorks. But this one will surely beat those three
on its visual beauty of these multicolor animated sprites that the NIRVANA engine can provide. This nonstop shoot-em-up also offers the player
this awesome tune that fits perfectly into the action, even if it loops after a couple
of minutes. Nonetheless, after I’m through with the
game, I just kept on whistling it! We’re on the right path to a ZX revolution
where developers have, now, these awesome tools to create a brand new world for 8bit
gaming awesomeness! I’m so thrilled and I can’t wait to see
what’s coming in the future! On this video’s description are all the
links you’ll need to download and play Stormfinch, and, if you’ve enjoyed this episode of the
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9 thoughts on “Stormfinch (2015, ZX Spectrum homebrew) :: Review | Ep. 51

  1. Great Video!
    Sem color clash ou color bleding num jogo ZX spectrum. 
    Eu tinha ZX Spectrum com teclado com teclas a serio.

  2. More good stuff, I subbed when you first made the thread on Amibay and each new episode is always worth a watch, even the videos about systems I don't own (like the Speccy) I still watch them all 🙂

  3. Boas……
    grande homebrew para o spectrum,é realmente fixe ver que cada vez sai mais jogos  novos para as consolas retro,como Nes,Snes,Pc Engine,Dreamcast 😉
    incrivel as muitas possibilidades que o Nirvana Engine pode trazer a novos jogos para o Spectrum,
    muito obrigado por partilhares este grande Homebrew
    Grande Abraço Amigo!

  4. I wouldn't call it the smoothest scrolling on the Speccy.
    The multicolour stuff is pretty crazy, and this remind me of MSX shooters.

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