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America’s schools spend lots of money, but often, barely educate kids. Our public schools are failing Philadelphia’s failing public school district I went to the neighborhood school Elaine Wells is a mom in Philadelphia. There were fights after school every day. It was horrible. So she walked her son to another school. We went to go enroll and we were told, “No, he can’t go here.” That was my wake up call. She’d discovered that although with most services, we get to shop around, that’s not true for so-called “public schools.” Instead, parents are often stuck with the school the government assigns them. But a new kind of school has been changing that… charter schools. It’s funded with taxpayer money, but Hardy gets to run it largely like a private school. In Philadelphia, David Hardy created a charter he calls Boy’s Latin. It tries new ideas. People in government run schools don’t like to change They also don’t like competition from charters. But charters are often better and parents line up, hoping to get their kids admitted. A lottery will decide which students will stay or go. This lottery was in New York. Congratulations. The winners are ecstatic, but there are many more losers. You’re on pins and needles and you’re hoping and you’re praying A charter school lottery left thousands of Philadelphia students disappointed last night. It’s like, you don’t have a chance. Elaine’s kids lost many lotteries. It’s heartbreaking. [Music] But finally, they were admitted to David Hardy’s school Shirts are tucked in. Yep. That’s important to you. Yeah. And the kids, they don’t mind it? Of course, they mind it. They’re teenage boys. The rules are there to kind of set the stage for the students. If the teacher can tell you to tuck in their shirt, they can tell you to be quiet in class. They can tell you to do your homework. It gives us some authority over the kids. Elaine was so eager for her sons to attend, she arranged to have Ibrahim repeat the 6th grade. I bet you didn’t like that. No, not at all. That’s when I really… that was the moment where I most despised Boys’ Latin in every possible way But their attitudes quickly changed Before Boys Latin I would come home and say, “Okay, I need you to read for an hour, read a book.” And their response would be “Why? What did we do?” Like reading was a punishment. Right. So getting into Boys Latin, I would find books in the bathroom on the floor. Came to the point where the teacher would tell our mom that I’d taken too many books. And then there were strange nighttime phone calls. He’s in his room and I hear him talking on the phone and it was like 10:00 o’clock at night and I’m like “Who are you on the phone with?” And he was like, “Well, Mr. Bumbulsky told me to call him if I needed help with homework.” You thought he was bothering the teacher? Yes. Yes. Another change was the kids spending more time in school. They’re here from 8 am to often 5 pm. And they have to take Latin. It’s ridiculous. Nobody speaks Latin. Well we picked Latin because it was hard. What’s the point of that? Because life is hard — because in order to be prepared you have to work hard. And we wanted to get that into the psyche of our students Do you feel sorry for your friends who are still stuck in the old… Yeah, it’s kind of sad because I’m looking at them like, “What do you mean you’re taking algebra one in senior year? You’re supposed to be taking pre-calc” We deliver. Since the very first class we’ve sent more black boys to college than any high school in Pennsylvania. And yet, now Philadelphia, and many other cities are rejecting new charter applications. Philadelphia rejected David Hardy’s plan to open a Girls’ Latin. You’re succeeding and they’re trying to kill you off Because they realize that if we continue to take children away, they won’t have jobs. Most studies on charters find increases in test scores. Kids don’t learn as well in most government run schools There’s always a reason in a government-run school for not serving kids. They’ll tell you what’s wrong with the kid. They never say “it’s my fault.” Instead – Students are going to march for more funding The government schools say they need more money Members of the Philadelphia teachers union push for more funding More funds? Get this: Philly schools already spend almost $19,000 per child. Do the math, that’s about half a million dollars per classroom. Where does the money go? They have a director of special ed and they have a assistant director a special ed. They may have a director of high school athletics and they have an assistant. And they have all these — a lot of overhead. To preserve their jobs, government teachers now say this: the publicly funded privately managed charter schools drain scarce resources from other public schools. Drain public funds. You can’t tell me that charter schools are taking funding from public schools. Every parent pays taxes. It’s the taxes that we pay that fund the school system. So if my child, If I choose for my child to go to a charter school, then that’s where my taxes should go. That makes sense, but Philadelphia and other cities don’t even give charters the same amount of money they give to schools they control. They give them less. In Philadelphia, only 70% of that. So, the government schools make money whenever a kid leaves for a charter. Over 13 years of schooling, Philadelphia saves $70,000 per child. What if they gave you the difference? Yes, absolutely give them the rest of the money But it would also mean that there would be a whole lot less union jobs. And the unions are not going to be for that. There are bad charters. But bad charters close. Bad public schools don’t close. That’s a big difference. When charters don’t deliver for kids, they go out of business. The government monopoly never goes out of business.

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  1. All types of schools are a waste of your childs time. Home schooling is superior because parents can create a curriculum tailored for their child. All the kids need to survive in this world is reading, writing and basic arithmetic. Schools train kids to work for rich kids when they grow up.

  2. Most important nugget of the video for me was "aren't some charter schools bad" "yeah but they close" because it seems, in the debates, you always hear about the bad charter schools. It's no secret that there are bad public schools too! But with the bad public schools, there is no way out.

  3. New Idea … schools are about educating students … and not giving a stage to leftist ideas and keeping unionized teachers employed

  4. MOST of the problems with the school systems revolve around the way the people in charge spend the money.
    there should be more teachers than administrators. and the most highly paid administrator shouldn't get more than 5x the lowest paid person that works for (not just full time employees, but everybody) the school district.

    another issue is that charter schools will get all the students that actually WANT to learn, leaving the public schools to babysit the problem children, ones with learning disabilities and thugs. not sure how to overcome that hurdle.

  5. Thank you for bringing this family, and community to the mainstage. It makes me happy to see kids get the education they deserve

  6. This issue of freedom of choice for schools is of major relevance to the black community, and the Democrats are unable to support it as they are benefactors of public school lobbying, and charters are antithetical to public school advocacy groups. This seems like a moment where their political grip on the black community is going to slip.

  7. My mom sacrificed to send me and my brother to private school from K through 12th grade. We got a much better education than my cousins who through the public system.

    Give parents the choice regarding where to send their kids to school!

  8. It's almost like government programs tend to SUCK! But NO THAT CANT BE…lets see. Public schools (SUCK), public roads (SUCK), USPS vs UPS, or Fedex (USPS SUCKS), okay but the military is good right? OH NOPE that's why they have private contractors that can do the same job in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost. It's almost like their is a pattern that we can learn from. When the government does something it's ALWAYS worse than privatized with competition. I guess logically we should remove more and more government to allow this BETTER competition driven services.

  9. I love this. It's common sense. School should prepare students for life – real life. I live in Howard County, MD ; a fairly affluent area. Our new school superintendent ruled that there would be no dress code at all for students. Start of the school year, I heard from a teach and librarian that kids are allowed to come in wearing a hoodie with earbuds and cannot be told to take it down and off! I heard from a librarian that girls are coming to school in a bathing suit top and short shorts! Another teacher said they were told that if ICE came to the school, the teacher was instructed to throw themselves on the child to keep ICE from taking a child. We are raising kids to have no rules and ignore the rule of law. No learning environment. I say, every district should have charter schools. Howard county does not allow them!

  10. Broward County Florida recently shut down my niece and nephews charter school that was doing great just because their security guard didn't comply in time with a new law that requires armed personnel on campus. They could've easily posted a police officer there for a few weeks until the guard was certified but instead overhauled the whole school. They brought in a new administration and even had to bring in new teachers because many of the current ones either quit or had to leave. All of this costs taxpayers more than it would've cost to hire a private army to guard the K to 8 school for the whole year. Alas, they decided to make them an example by disrupting the education of thousands of students on top of stressing out their parents. Leftist outlets painted it broadly as a charter school "gone rogue" by saying they "endangered children" by not having an armed security guard. All this is rather hilarious seeing how there are over 30 public schools that don't comply but are given a pass. It's also ironic that the same people eating up this nonsense are the same ones who scoff at arming teachers while also ignoring the fact that there were plenty of cops at Marjory Stoneman Douglas which didn't help one bit.

  11. Public schools get stuck with the dregs of society, the underachievers, and the violent sociopaths. And public schools have to get those bottom feeders up to some base level which takes large volumes of time and resources. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. Meanwhile all of the better or at least competent students have no attention paid to them so their potential for growth stagnates.
    Many would like for everybody to at least get the same starting level of education. But the fact of the matter is that no two people are completely the same. And those who are better wind up missing out on opportunities because they blend into the background to avoid attention, especially the wrong kind of attention as public schools develop more of a prison mentality.

  12. This video was sponsored by school money. Libertarian system, take the worst part of public and private and call them charter. Then pull the shinny, hide the failure and bingo

  13. I remember some local politician making the argument that Private schools are some how racist and that they cant ban them locally but they can tax them to a breaking point,
    Which was amazing to me Because I myself am a ''Minority'' Why the fuck would you tax a private educational institution that is more successful than your own system

    ''The road to hell is paved with good intention''
    Socialists always follow this retarded path

  14. The failing public schools are committing a crime against students by stealing their futures, all in the name of preserving union jobs. It’s a tragedy.

  15. The Left doesn't care about educating kids, they care about power& control. They can't usher in their malevolent utopia with an educated populace taking individual responsibility for their lives.

  16. %80 of public schools need to be closed ASAP, high-quality Charter Schools is the only solution to take poor kids to the middle class, Dems will never allow it…

  17. The biggest difference is that Charter Schools can expel students. Much more difficult to do in compulsory Public Schools, which become socialized day care.

  18. saying latin is hard so we teach them that is stupid. you maight as well work hard on something usefull such as maths and science.

  19. "We send more black students to college than any other Philadelphia school."
    They had us in the first half, I'm not gonna lie.

  20. My only concern with the "charter schools perform better than public schools" data is that charter schools accept people who line up to apply (parents that care, and kids that want to do better), while public schools have to accept everyone. I'd like to see a case where an entire failing public school is converted to a charter school, and they see an improvement.

  21. Wait, wait….no one speaks Latin. Please look around at the "real world. Most language has its roots in Latin. ALL medical terminology has Latin roots or complete words. I think Latin is a great choice. Latin is actually one of the easier languages to learn first as a second language to prepare for any other language you want to learn. Latin also has rules that make sense, unlike English. English is my first language. Latin and medical terminology are my second. Cherokee will be my third. The next one on my list will be Hebrew, then Spanish. If one wants to truely understand history and the communities in history, we must first learn the language(s) of the area. This story does excites me because its putting the kid's needs of helping them to become productive members of the communities they live in. The hardest thing to teach children is to love the act of learning, but it seems this is a gal of this school. Kudos.

  22. Public schools do not need more money to under educate our children. Ask yourself why the people who deny your children the opportunity of a charter school education are NOT sending their children to public school. Real education is for the elite and educators are now the elite. Cake for me and crumbs for thee.

  23. Shut down every public school, (no more millages and costs to the taxpayers, no more school shootings), go to online instructors (only the best of the best), close shop on the teachers unions, no more common core… Charter schools are great too, dont get me wrong. Something needs to change drastically though. BS when school "systems" want money for what were ranked educationally in the world. It's an insult and shame! The vast majority of you "teachers" are worthless.

  24. I really could care less about "charter" schools. I DO care about having to pay my taxes to certain, elite parents whose kids get to enjoy an almost private school atmosphere on the public dole. Yes, keep the charter schools, but make their parents pay for the fees required by the charter school. W/regards to public schools, they need a complete revamping, along with the entire culture of the country w/regards to what in the heck actually needs to be taught in school. Of what am I speaking? Start here:

  25. If principals were allowed to run schools w/o outside interference (crazy parents, naive judges, politicians, etc.), alot of the nonsense would go away. The worst of the worst have no business being in school.

  26. Want proof the teacher's union doesn't care about kids? Look how they oppose successful forms of alternative schooling. Public sector unions are travesties and innately a conflict of interest.

  27. Catholic school teacher here. Public schools are now offering to pay the (very meager) salaries of some of our teachers, because it allows them to count each student in the class on their roster. In other words, $$$. The government is essentially farming children. Why are people not more upset about this?

  28. Our first child won the lottery for the charter school 3 minutes down the road. We have four kids and they are all automatically accepted. So far so good. They're doing a great job and the teachers and students are held accountable!

  29. When a schooling system does more with less money, has kids & parents CLAMORING to get in, and show better results than the standard public schools, parents should be up in arms for change.

    …But, no. "Why better some when we can just screw ALL kids."

  30. What happens when a student refuses to follow their "rules"? They get kicked out and sent back to the public schools. Tell you what, John…let the public schools for which you have such disdain kick out THEIR problem students and send them to YOU.

    And – holy crap – bad charters go out of business?!?! That's a SELLING POINT? Where do THOSE students go, John, when their school closes at the beginning of a year? Your house? How about telling us about the number of charters that have taken tax dollars and closed without EVER admitting a single student? The federal govt provided $1,000.000.000 (that's a billion dollars) in grants for charters that NEVER opened. Where's your story on that, John? Can't go after the charters?

    How about telling us about the numbers of charters that have closed at the beginning of a school year and forced hundreds of students into your much-maligned public schools without the funds to pay for them…because the charters got that and it's gone. Doesn't fit your narrative?

    How about talking about something you're knowledgeable about? Because it might mean you have to stay silent?

  31. Everyone watching this !
    I searched the entire comment section including replies. 
    Either Stossel or Youtube didn't like what I said and removed it !
    I made no racial comment or inappropriate language.

  32. These schools are not private they are getting taxpayers money. If people want choice, cut taxes, therefore the money which is not paid through taxes can be returned to families and they can choose.

  33. I support charters, home schooling, and vouchers. I do not support shady reasoning, as the last minute features.

    Most parents do not pay for their kids' public schooling in taxes year by year. It is their taxes over many years, and those of childless neighbors, and borrowing, that funds the public schools. Use strong arguments to make a good case, don't undermine it with the "it's my taxes" theory.

  34. I lived this. Parents had to lie to get me in a A grade school.
    We had to get friends that lived closer by to be my guardians so that we'd be eligible for the school.
    If was wrong but it was either being forced to be in a F grade school known have violence problems vs A grade school.

  35. The charter school requirements are often onerous as well … I wouldn't mind seeing vouchers for tutors directly since the school choice in some areas is often worse than the private tutor systems … and charter schools hire bad teachers as well … Of course the parents vetting the teachers/tutors directly is gonna have it's own problems compared to the school doing it, but at least then you don't have any school bureaucracy protecting bad teachers.

    If charters really do take the most effective models they may well work out fine, but from what I've seen is charter admins will tend toward being control freaks that don't want to learn from the best any more than the public system does. In my area some of the public schools get a 1 or 2 out of 10 so the charters getting 3-5 is where most of the kids go and the charters don't feel any need to actually improve, but instead tell their students to do badly on purpose on the pretest so their post-test results look better… And the teachers fight over who gets the best students to make their results look better because of the kids talents and parent's support of their child's education rather than rely upon their own skills as teacher… Not all teachers, but enough that it's caused my kids headaches, literally.

    Another route around teacher's unions and bad teachers would be to require all classrooms, with more than say 10 kids (which is most all of them except the most rural) to have 3 teachers in them -1 senior, 1 junior, and 1 trainee/assistant. Make the better performing teacher with 3+ years experience the senior teacher, the lesser performing with 3+ years experience the junior or vice teacher, and any with less than 3 full years of experience the trainee/assistant.

  36. The increase in test scores of charter schools can be entirely explained by selection bias. Charter schools are pupulated 100% by kids whose parents take an active interest in their education, which is the dominant factor in academic success. Charter schools are a waste of tax payer dollars.

  37. “We need more money!”
    Finland has the best education and they have less money. Why? Because they have a rigorous selection for teachers that deserve to bring up the next generation of kids.

  38. Charter schools tend to be more successful than public schools because they only take the cream of the crop. Parents have to care enough to sign them up. Parents who care about education will expect their child to do well. And these children will out perform children who have parents that don't care. Plus if a student is causing problems, private and charter schools can tell them to leave. Public schools have to deal with a lot of government regulations that charter schools are exempt from. Comparing charter schools and public schools just is not a fair comparison. There are many wonderful public schools in this country. All of these schools are filled with amazing teachers who love and care for their students. Who spend their own time and money to make sure that their students have what they need. Are there bad public schools? Are there bad public school teachers? Yes. But they are not the majority . This is also true for charter schools and any other business or profession you can think of. Its easy to sit back and complain. How about doing something more difficult? Volunteer to help someone in your child's class do their homework because no one at their house is going to help. Volunteer to read with/to students. It's called a "public school". If your public school is failing, you are the public, help fix it.

  39. LOVE our charter schools. Returning students do not have to re-enter a lottery for application each year. Kids are empowered to manage their own education. Most kids actually work ahead of planned curriculums. Passing to the next module requires 90% test scores vs 70% like government run schools. The last two years of high school can be concurrent enrollment with a local college for dual credit. There are attached businesses the students have started and run to encourage entrepreneurship.

  40. 18,000 a month – how about 18,000 school voucher program. And whatever you don't spend goes into a fund for college or the down payment on a house.

  41. I went a charter school, and ours was shit. Huge money mismanagement, teacher impregnated a student, constant power struggles. Yeah not all good.

  42. Eye opening. Makes we want to donate to charter schools. It is obvious that parents are trying to do the best for their children but demand exceeds supply. Public schools had better wake up and compete or go out of business. Forcing people to buy your product is not competing. Charter schools seem to be the model that works. Public schools simply need to copy that model. But they won't. Public schools are about administrators, teachers and getting more money. Charter schools are about teaching students. Ask taxi companies and department stores how well sticking to their old business model worked for them.

  43. Great video! Just another example of how Dems are only pro-choice when it comes to abortion, they are anti-choice on everything else. They want to control every element of our lives.

  44. Because of Floride and other chemicals (perhaps insecticides/hormone inhibitors/immunizations). IQs are going to suffer. The better off your family is, the better the kids will do if they filter the water and cover the dietary requirements. Also, seems iodine does not seem to be as much as a priority in the American diet as it was in the past. Unfortunitely, there are IQ differences in populations, but seems everyone is being dumbed down. If you are at the low end of the IQ spectrum you dont have a lot of leeway. Seems every is equally being taught in public schools. They are all being disadvantaged. There will always be a bell curve, why not raise the standard versus lowering the standards? Oh, I forgot, there is a culling coming and the elites would rather wash their hands of this.

  45. Yet another story that supports the case for abolishing government-run education. Government-run education is a scam and a monopoly, plain and simple.

  46. I used to be a teacher. In my district each student was assigned 13k dollars. When you realize the number of illegal aliens this also went to, and the cost of all the unnecessary asst principals and admin, you start to see where all the money from that bond goes….athletics.

  47. Aint that the truth! While successful charters aren't the end-all-be-all of what our inner-city kids need, they'll definitely fill in the HUGE crater that the public schools have been creating for decades in academic success and an opportunity to enrich kids' educational careers. What I'd like to know is if those common core standards charters are still using won't STILL become a road block for our kids to compete nationally and globally.

  48. This is extremely framed and biased lol Wow! You pick one negative aspect out of a public school and speak for all public schools. Then say how charter schools are so much better with test scores, failing to realize the factors that influence such. I cannot.

  49. John Stossel fake news personified one sided news journalism never tells the whole truth ok John lets get rid of traditional police non union private police

  50. Not sure if I commented on this video before as youtube removes my "watched" status of a video and resuggest it. Certainly those charter schools are in between public and private schools and are better than the public schools. What, the "tuition" is so high to the point where it is almost as expensive as Out of State tuition in University!!! Why are the schools so expensive per student? Something needs to be done to minimize the cost, maybe we should go back to having the parent pay tuition and possibly high school to get the student to work as an assignment and cover some of the cost of the school so they can cover the cost of their university once they graduate high school …

  51. Hmmm…..wonder why publishers schools got so bad? Wonder who Stossel shills for? Just give the Wall Street Zombie Bankers full control of education –they will take care of the kids alright.

    "As early as 1913, cabal leaders made it clear that they wanted American schools to produce compliant laborers, not "authors," "poets," or "men of letters."

    "In our dream, we have limitless resources, and the people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hand. The present educational conventions fade from our minds; and, unhampered by tradition, we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive folk. We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or science. We are not to raise up from among them authors, orators, poets, or men of letters. We shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians. Nor will we cherish even the humbler ambition to raise up from among them lawyers, doctors, preachers, politicians, statesmen, of whom we now have ample supply."

    Rockefeller Foundation Director of Charity, Frederick Gates, 1913

         Clearly, the rulers not only did not want to make "philosophers" of the working class, they wanted them trained so they would not even think for themselves. So they have deliberately devastated the American mind through:

    Funding universities and scholars that carry out the devastation of the American public education system in particular and American intelligence in general

    Developing programming (brainwashing) strategies using all media types, but especially television

    Imposing miseducation and brainwashing to destroy American citizens' ability to think for themselves

    Subjecting American public education to a series of failed experiments, from "look see" reading to the "new math"

    Redefining key concepts so that the public school students no longer understand the fundamentals of a democratic society

    Turning what is called "education" into nothing but training

    Deluding Americans–especially the young people–into mistaking technological savvy for intelligence"

  52. The ignorance in the world is by design, theyve been dumbing down schools since the 1950s, because stupid people are alot easier to control

  53. I used to teach public and just started teaching at a charter school in nYC and I prefer it as a teacher and for the futures of the children that I teach.

  54. All my teacher friends are 100% anti-charter school. But they've yet to give me a convincing argument of why they're so bad. Mostly because they get their talking points from the Union and that's as far as their consideration of the topic goes. It's really sad for the kids who aren't being given more options for education.

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