22 Best Vasectomy Gifts for a Recovery Care Package

When it comes to contraceptives, women have a lot more options available to them than men. But more and more couples are looking into vasectomies as their preferred form of birth control. Let’s hear it for the guys! Celebrate him getting snip-snipped with these thoughtful and funny vasectomy gifts for after the […]

Driving the evolution of health care wearables

Angelena Iglesia

Since its founding in 2014, wearable technology company Nanowear Inc. has rapidly advanced textile-based nanosensor technology for applications in the health care diagnostics and chronic disease management markets. Invented by cofounder Vijay Varadan, Nanowear’s proprietary nanosensor technology enables wireless, real-time electrophysiological, biometric, and biochemical monitoring for cost-effective, accurate, and continuous […]

Health care technology and the pandemic (updated)

Angelena Iglesia

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Arnold Pallay of Consensus Health received call after call from patients around the country who had seen him before, seeking guidance from a doctor they trusted. On those same days, he would handle dozens of COVID-positive individuals. Without the mass utilization of […]