NVIDIA GTC to Feature CEO Jensen Huang Keynote Announcing New AI and Metaverse Technologies, 200+ Sessions With Top Tech, Business Execs

Deep Learning Pioneers Yoshua Bengio, Geoff Hinton, Yann LeCun Among the Scores of Industry Experts to Present at World’s Premier AI Conference, Sept. 19-22 NVIDIA today announced that it will host its next GTC conference virtually from Sept. 19-22, featuring a news-packed keynote by founder and CEO Jensen Huang, and […]

Ross Levinsohn Named CEO Of Maven

Angelena Iglesia

Maven (OTC: MVEN) recently announced the evolution of its leadership and a new round of investment. Ross Levinsohn — the current CEO of Sports Illustrated media — will expand his role and become Maven CEO Maven (OTC: MVEN) recently announced new leadership and a new round of investment, which enables […]