Cloud Computing Testbed Chameleon Launches Third Phase with Focus on IoT and Reproducibility

Angelena Iglesia

Aug. 14, 2020 — Over the past decade, cloud computing grew from a tool used primarily by large scientific collaborations to one of the core technologies beneath the hood of the internet and other critical systems. That evolution continues today, as the Internet of Things (IoT), more powerful mobile applications, and serverless computing drive new scientific and commercial uses of cloud computing.

Since it launched in 2015, Chameleon has enabled these innovations by providing thousands of computer scientists with the bare metal access they need to assemble and test new cloud computing approaches. Under a new four-year, $10 million grant from the National Science Foundation, the cloud computing testbed led by the University of Chicago will further broaden its scope, adding new features for reproducibility, IoT and networking experimentation, and GPU computation to its core mission.

“Chameleon is a scientific instrument for computer science systems research,” said Kate Keahey, Consortium

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Amazon’s Braket Quantum Cloud Service Now Open For Business

Angelena Iglesia

Since late 2019, Amazon Braket has been in private preview. However, Amazon AWS recently announced its general availability. Customers can purchase quantum computing services directly from the Amazon Braket platform.

Amazon named the service after a standard quantum notation called Bra–ket that was created in the late 1930s by Paul Dirac, a famous theoretical physicist.

Braket is a fully managed AWS service that provides a mostly technology-agnostic environment. It offers customers the capability to design, develop, test, and run their quantum algorithms. Braket also offers simulated quantum computers that use Amazon EC2 computing resources and can simulate up to 34 qubits for testing and troubleshooting algorithms.

For now, the service is currently available in the following AWS regions: US East (N. Virginia), US West (N. California), and US West (Oregon).  

Quantum processors

Braket offers a choice of three different quantum hardware technologies.

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