TELUS | Building Canada’s Largest and Fastest Network

– Preflight checklist all good. You are cleared for takeoff. All right, let’s get the job done. (helicopter noise) – Do you have a visual on us? – You bet ya. (upbeat music) You should be there in about two minutes. – Roger that. (upbeat music) (helicopter noise) – Down, down, down, down,
hold right there, hold. Good we’re on the ground, we’re on the ground, it’s good to go. (upbeat music) – In order to do to the
upgrade, we pull the cable off the airport goes off the
air, everything goes off. (upbeat music) – It’s the weather that
you’re at the mercy of. We don’t have a whole
lot of fuel to play with. (upbeat music) – We’re not waiting till
Saturday that’s not, we got today and tomorrow and
then we lose all our bodies. – I’m gonna come in downwind. – Everybody back to
the building right now. – It’s all or nothing. (upbeat music) Lets go, lets go. (upbeat music) – Sexy technology. – Lunch time. – Yep, lunch celebration. Yes (chuckles) this is great, yay.

One thought on “TELUS | Building Canada’s Largest and Fastest Network

  1. Your company is a scam and needs to go under. You're a corrupt corporation that sells a service that never works! You need to be sued to the point where you never recover.

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