Tesla Motors, AT&T Bringing Internet to Cars

(Image source: CNET / Wayne Cunningham) BY NATHAN BYRNE Because having arguably the most advanced
cars on the market isn’t enough, Tesla Motors is advancing its advanced-ness. Yes, I made
that word up. But this is real: Internet access in cars. Tesla’s electric marvel, the Model S, already
has cool features like a 17-inch touch screen. But now it’s partnering with AT&T for on-board
Internet access. Besides adding the ability to surf the Internet
and watch videos in the car, CNET reports the cellular connection, modem and SIM card
will also communicate performance data for remote maintenance. Sounds awesome. But what’s all that diagnostic
chitter-chatter going to do to my data plan? Well, SlashGear says, “By identifying which
data is being used by the Model S’ systems … and which is being requested by passengers
on their … devices, AT&T will be able to handle split billing.” AT&T’s Senior Vice President Chris Penrose
made the announcement at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference in San Francisco Wednesday. He
said: “Our ability to bring total solutions into the space is something that is being
demanded, and something that we can excel and differentiate. Not just being a connectivity
partner.” When you think about AT&T and connectivity,
you probably think of LTE, right? Well, the Internet in Tesla’s Model S will be a mite
slower than that, pulling down either 3G or HSPA+. According to Engadget, AT&T is wheeling and
dealing all over the place with plans to put LTE in all GMs as soon as 2014. It’s also
“working with BMW, Nissan [and] Ford … to bring Internet connectivity into those vehicles.” On the news, AT&T shares rose less than 1
percent. Tesla stock fell by about the same margin.

4 thoughts on “Tesla Motors, AT&T Bringing Internet to Cars

  1. NewsyTech, Tesla isn't the first do provide this stuff in cars.. so yeah.. I'm all for hyping Tesla motors to hopefully draw the prices down, but Cadillac has CUE.

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