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everybody it's Sally again with another video before I start I'd like to give a shout-out to Z crest check out the crest channel for reviews unboxing and gaming videos and don't forget to subscribe to this channel and before also before we begin don't forget to subscribe to my channel as well so today's video is guidelines for broadband testing so testing your internet connection so testing these days is very easy to do is just a click of a mouse on a website but it's very easy to get the speed readings that don't quite match up that could be off so here's a few tips to help you get more better results when you're doing your testing or more accurate results when you do your internet connection testing so the first thing you want to do is disconnect all your devices so that's Playstations other computers anything else you got sitting on your network because there could be other people in the house if you live with other people that could be watching a netflix movie chatting on instant messaging or even downloading on the bit BitTorrent networks so you want to get those guys off your network and stop using your bandwidth the next thing is on your own computer that you are testing close all the browsers and any tabs except for the window that you are doing your testing on so that's the website that you go to to do your testing next is disable the wireless you for using a wireless router I've iphones ipods all that stuff that you have connected to your network just turn the wireless off completely to really you know Justin X just an extra step to isolate your network from anything around any devices that are in your house now on top of that if you like i do have separate modem and router the very best thing to do is just take the route off the network and plug directly into your cable or dsl modem that will give you the best result but a lot of these newer modems are combined with a router built in which that's very nice because I can cut down to devices down to one but if you can't if you don't have just this standalone modem that you can plug into and you have to go through the router which you know the two and one then disable any QoS quality of service because those can mess up your results as well so we'll turn any cute disable all qos services and once you got all that done try running your results at different times during the day like in the morning midday of your home as well as in the evening because people I guess a lot of people would use their internet at night the downloading and all that stuff when everyone is home but the try different points throughout the day just to see what kind of if the results differ and the final point would be to try different browsers and especially with chrome and firefox you could get different results between the two because of their JavaScript engines so that can also affect the results that you get so those are some of the tips that you can use when you're testing your internet connection when I test I just take the router right off of the network and go straight through the modem so hopefully this is a tip that you'll use and again don't forget to subscribe to my channel thank you for watching and we'll see you very soon ciao for now

8 thoughts on “Test Your Internet Speed Connection

  1. Added: It's like my internet can connect to sertain things, like youtube and internet sites. But not to servers for online gaming. I have no idea why, I hate my internet.. =( Had no more space to write 😛

  2. I have fiber.. 25 megabit connection, both up and down. But sometimes it sucks. I think the connection is the problem, but how do I know? I have a device that will give me better connection, but when that one fails, my internet is so slow! And it's so unstable… I just watched youtube on 1080p without buffering, but the last days I haven't been able to play any online games. When I try to connect to different games (Starcraft, Diablo, other kinds) I just loose internet connection. HELP!

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