Testing Illegal Blue Lasers from eBay (and making them even stronger)

I’m a big believer that eBay is one of
the greatest things to come from the internet age I mean there’s always so
much interesting and off-the-wall stuff for sale and besides where else am I
gonna get my Soviet military surplus or fusion laser optics?
now unfortunately eBay has a lot of rules against selling hazardous items
and these can be incredibly annoying for those of us who like to play with
dangerous stuff. so that means if you’re looking to buy things like cyanide or
depleted uranium you’re gonna have to go to other websites. in terms of lasers
eBay bans the sale of handheld laser stronger than five milliwatts (5mW) now
unfortunately this is a lot less than the power you need to light stuff on
fire now this also happens to be the federal limit in the United States for
the sale and import of handheld lasers so in fact anything stronger than this
is actually illegal except under special circumstances but honestly this isn’t
even that horrible of a rule because anything stronger than five milliwatts can
do permanent damage to your eyes faster than you can blink. the other thing is
overseas sellers obviously don’t care about our laws but they still do have to
follow eBay’s guidelines. well it turns out they actually found a very easy way
around these. all they have to do is say that their lasers are eye safe then they
can continue to pump out blinding lasers to kids all over the world because what
could possibly go wrong there? I went on eBay and bought two blue laser kits for about
fifty bucks a piece. now I know what you’re thinking why on earth would I
show myself breaking federal law on video? well I didn’t break the law. the
listings explicitly stated that the power output was under five milliwatts I
paid money for two low-power legal lasers and nothing else and to top it
off I actually found US sellers for these kits so in the event that they turn out
over powered it shifts the blame to them because it’s not illegal for me to just
own a high-powered laser. here I’ve opened up the boxes to see what’s inside
now the lasers themselves are different styles but the kids are essentially
identical. they come with some lithium ion batteries a charger and some
diffraction gratings. now each set also comes with a pair of laser goggles which
is a good idea in theory but you’d have to be a total idiot to trust these
things to protect your eyes. now before I fire these up I’m gonna put on my own
goggles from a legit source cuz I don’t know about you guys but I certainly
value my eyeballs a lot more than whoever found the cheapest way to put
together these kits. now personally I like goggles from survival lasers who
know I’m not getting paid to say that I just simply like their stuff in fact
I’ll never accept payment to promote any laser safety gear now that being said
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over 20 different characters to choose from so what do you say let’s play
alright let’s jam in some batteries and see just how eye safe these things really
are and here we go what the? why won’t it work? so it turns
out the switch on this thing is complete and utter garbage but this thing seems to
work alright and what can I say contrary to what it said in the listing
eye safe is not how I would describe this in fact it’s probably so far over the
safety limit that it’s laughable I definitely would not want to be hit in
the eyes by this after a bit more percussive maintenance I was able to get
this laser working again but I wouldn’t exactly count on it lasting a long time
so what can I do with these extremely dangerous lasers? well a lot of things
that is if you like setting things on fire. when properly focused this laser
can burn and cut through several different materials due to the high
power density it produces. you can light matches it can ignite flash paper. it can cut
electrical tape mmm smoked plastic. now it won’t ignite my propane
tank but it can pop balloons with ease that was pretty fun they can also burn
your freaking eyes out with ease nowadays a lot of people get eye
injuries from lasers that turn out way stronger than advertised in fact we
should measure just how strong these lasers really are here I have this
really nice pronto laser power meter by gentec-eo now it’ll tell me exactly
how strong these lasers are and here we go
so well over a watt there 1.5 watts actually yeah so it’s literally hundreds
of times stronger than advertised. let’s check out this other one here mmm
so about the same so they’re very very powerful yeah if these things were
in a lab they’d have to be bolted to a table in a locked room and you need
hours of laser safety training before even coming near them so these things
are definitely not toys the kits also come with the set diffraction gratings
that are commonly called star caps by the sellers now they mount on top of the
laser and split up the beam to many different patterns and now I have to
admit the effects are downright beautiful on camera by having several
laser beams shooting all over the place isn’t exactly safe some of the
individual beamlets can still be strong enough to cause eye damage even
if they’re just a fraction of the initial power of the beam. just 1/3 of 1%
of the output is it all it takes to damage your eyes faster than you can
blink. I obviously have nothing against owning a high-power laser in fact I
think lasers are a great hobby but selling something like this is isafe is
appalling now you may think it’s obvious to be careful with something like this
but some sellers say that you can use this for presentations or playing with
your cats now that’s obviously a terrible idea as even just looking at
the spot on the wall without goggles can do permanent eye damage. you make just
one mistake with one of these and it’s lights out forever. now I know what
you’re thinking is it possible to make these even stronger? now the answer is
obviously yes although it isn’t exactly easy and you definitely shouldn’t do it
but honestly at this point kind of curious what kind of stupid
powers I could get out of these if I you know just tear it down and replace some
of the parts inside so yeah without further ado let’s get started here I’ve
laid out my tools to start surgery on the laser. I’m not ever gonna bother with
static protection today because as far as I’m concerned the laser is already
defective. the laser casing comes apart with ease to expose the internal laser
module. and now there could definitely be improvements to the way this module fits
into the casing because as it stands there’s a ton of empty space and poor
thermal contact between the laser module and the case and now before you ask yes
the mod I’m about to do is legal for me as the federal regulations don’t ban me
from building strong lasers I just can’t import or sell something like this as
well as a giant list of other things I can’t do with it. the most power limiting
components in this device is definitely the laser diode now I could just try
driving way harder but really this wouldn’t give me that much of a power
boost and would probably just fry the laser diode so I decided to replace the
stock laser diode with this much stronger one and all the stock one is
really jammed in there and since I’m not exactly feeling very patient today I
think I’m just gonna knock it out of there. you know I gotta admit I
definitely feel guilty taking a hammer to Nobel Prize winning technology although
I actually think I removed it intact but I already have hundreds of similar laser
diodes in hand so it wouldn’t exactly be devastating if I broke it. I’ve mounted
the new laser diode by press fitting in a copper heatsink and attaching some
leads now I really wish I would have known about silicone wire when I first
started messing with electronics because it’s just so easy to work with
and it bends instead of shearing off connections when it’s twisted. here
I’ve had to drill out the hosts a bit to fit the new heatsink then I added a case
wire to bring power through the host itself to the laser. the puny driver in
this thing isn’t nearly strong enough to power the new Beast
so I’ve stripped off all the components to use as a mount for a commercial buck
driver. and now the driver fits on nicely but unfortunately the anodizing on the
host threads prevents the casing from conducting the way I had intended but
luckily just drilling a hole in the laser module and then directly soldering
the case lead here is a really easy fix. the laser just screws back together at
this point now I’m not exactly sure how the switch is gonna hold up to the
higher current demands I’m just gonna cross my fingers and hope it doesn’t
explode. you know if I wasn’t a lazy piece of garbage
I’ll just use a MOSFET to handle the power switching here. now I guess the
last thing to do is swap out the batteries as these cheap stock lithium
ions will not cut the current demands of the new set up all right let’s see if
this thing even works but first I’m gonna fire up this one for reference
okay so it’s still strong now how about this one oh wow that’s way stronger
in fact you hear that little pieces of the desk are exploding off when the
laser hits oh wow there’s actually a little fireball
shooting off the surface it’s probably easier for me to see through the goggles
than on camera but well that’s ridiculous that’s so scary I want you
guys to be able to see this fireball effect so I’m gonna put some goggles
over the camera that way you guys have a better view of what’s going on all right
here we go oh wow that’s ridiculous that is some
serious power it just forms a plasma on the surface like nothing wow it’s
amazing that a laser of this power can be built into a handheld device it’s so
cool now I feel like the camera just isn’t doing a great job at showing how
much stronger this thing is now so I’m gonna put on the laser power meter
alrighty so it’s uh okay so it’s over five Watts about five and a half watts
so it’s actually several times stronger than what it was originally
you know it’s funny because I actually built this thing to be quite a bit
stronger than this I was actually wanting eight watts I guess the driver
and battery combination just can’t quite get that laser diode to its full power
well I guess now the only tests that are left are to see what I can burn a
destroy so here’s a CD case oh wow that’s so fast my goodness it cuts
right through it like butter let’s see how fast it’ll cut holes through
cardboard… or light it on fire that works too. let’s try it against a plastic
cup oh wow it keeps lighting a fire okay this is
awesome yeah look at that it’s amazing a while
all right here I’m gonna try lighting a match the hard way so I’m gonna point it
here at the matchstick not the actual match head there and try to get that to
catch on fire oh it’s almost there and there it goes
cool all right let’s give tape another go Wow slices right through that that’s
amazing I wonder if it’s gonna cut soldering wire I’m definitely going to
get behind my camera’s viewfinder for this one oh that’s close
oh wow that’s amazing I did not expect to melt something so shiny this one
should be easy here’s a candle okay a piece of cake that’s like the world’s
fanciest candle lighter I like it I wonder what it will do to this cashew
mmm I love the smell of roasted nuts it caught in fire
it’s so cool all right I got one more dumb one let’s see if it can give my arm
a haircut oh oh wow I can feel it burning the hairs right off the key to
not getting third-degree burns is by not letting it touch the skin oh wow that’s
awesome that’s a high-tech method of Shaving ouch
gosh it’s such a shame these things are so incredibly dangerous because they’re
really really cool all right so I feel I may give some mixed messages with this
video so I want to clarify a few things so first off if I didn’t beat into your
heads earlier these things even unmodified are incredibly dangerous and
I don’t recommend buying one in fact if you’re interested in experimenting
around with lasers that’s awesome because lasers are very educational
hobby and there’s so much to learn from them but don’t start with something as
powerful as this that is just a that’s just a terrible idea
in fact by the time I had built a laser as strong as this one I
tinkered with lasers for over five years and granted the technology wasn’t available
to me when I started this hobby but I’m really really thankful that I had all
this time to learn about laser safety and the basics of handling lasers
before I ever messed with something so extreme all right before I end this video I
got to give you guys a tour of my new shop now I couldn’t have gotten this place
without all the help from my patreon supporters and my new sponsors so a big
THANK YOU to you guys and since the last time I posted I’ve gotten a ton new
awesome stuff like all these giant Soviet vacuum tubes and capacitors and
I got more high energy laser optics and crystals up here there’s gonna be so
many cool things coming from this channel very very soon hey it’s funny
because the only thing that’s really slowing me down at this point is
actually shooting the videos I’ve been working on so many awesome projects
recently. having a 100 amp panel is a really nice change for my last place
because having more power is always a good thing the videos from my
overclocked series on YouTube are probably most popular right now and
believe it or not this is actually just a driver for the next episode of that
series and yeah I got very very carried away there’s parts from like 7
microwaves on there and you’re never gonna guess what I’m using it to power
up check out this awesome plug that I have it’s definitely one of my favorite
cords I mean look how thick that is oh yeah it goes to my 100 watt
q-switched green laser I’ve been going through a ton of microwaves recently and
I’m down to just 2 so I’m definitely gonna need more microwaves i mounted
some of my laser guns on the wall over here. one of these is a moth. that’s about
it for this video until the next time stay safe and happy lazing

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