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ma'am do you find the new speed bumps in your neighborhood a nuisance yes I believe these important speed bumps [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I think we have our winner high-pitched voice challenge Oh No I broke the camera I don't think he was the camera hi guys this is my new phone unboxing video my old phone told me it needed an update so I followed its advice threw it away and my dad bought me a new one here comes the moment of truth they really know how to make it spectacular and here it is the new what ok so yeah after a little research I discovered what happened to my package looks like it was dispatched to the wrong address alright bye see you later I love butter but science claims the body is not designed to consume only butter well management no to overcome every great up you can in his existence we've been on the moon and proved you into Scott and Albert Einstein brought a guy named Frank back in the grave so I'll tell you what real science is not taking no for an answer ladies and gentlemen I give you while the essential food burgers bacon sausage defies bacon burrito Curry's bacon bacon bacon all-in-one healthy yet delicious yellow spread I've eaten butter smear every meal for 11 days now and I feel no ill side effect at all in fact I've not feeling in my entire body pledge today to help me push mankind one step further reduce meal makes everything taste a dinner baby butter

37 thoughts on “The Amazing World of Gumball – Funny Moments | Cartoon Network

  1. 1:08 I remember these “Following Fat People” videos. I never liked them, lol. I like everything else that Sam and Colby put out though.

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