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Hello everybody, my name is Dratnos with Method,
and today I’m going to be ranking all of the Ranged classes in Mythic Plus here in
patch 8.3. Be sure to check out the other videos in this series on this channel to hear
about melee and healers and be sure to subscribe to check out the tank video coming out in
a few days. I’m going to rank each Ranged class by scoring
them on a few categories. These scores are based on high-level keys on the live servers,
but I will mention where to expect things to be different in an MDI setting, as slightly
different effects are valuable in that context. Hunter, Druid, and Shaman do also have Melee
specs, which I’ll briefly cover in this video – though I’ll primarily be focusing
on their more popular Ranged alternatives. Before we get started, this video is my opinion
– you might have a different opinion based on your experiences and if you do, I’d love
to hear it in the comments. For any level below the highest keys on the live servers,
or the MDI on the tournament realm, the best class for you to play is probably the class
you are the best at, or the class you enjoy the most. But if you want to learn why some
classes are more represented than others in the highest levels of the game, this video
is my attempt to explain that. Mage Mage has had two great specs this expansion
– Fire and Frost. More recently, Fire has been the dominant spec, but there are some
good signs for Frost this patch, so it’s possible that we’ll see both specs in high
keys. Frost can do great damage, and with the packed ice build they can do massive priority
damage to one target surrounded by unimportant adds, which is rare
and very useful. For now, though, I’m going to be mostly
looking at Fire, which does have phenomenal Damage – their combustion is turbo-charged
by the Memory of Lucid Dreams essence and the Hyperthread Wristwraps bracers from Mechagon,
as well as one or even two On-Use Trinkets. Within that combustion their single target
and AoE damage jumps through the roof, to the point that groups with a Fire Mage can
pull much more dangerous combinations of enemies because the Mage can kill everything before
it kills the group. This does require some coordination from the group – if the group
doesn’t give the Mage good opportunities to combust, or if the keystone level is so
low that everything is dying too fast, then the mage will not do good damage. Neither
of these drawbacks are gonna stop me from giving Mage 10 points for damage, however. Mages have invisibility, which can be useful
in some skips, and they have an offensive purge in Spellsteal that’s even a little
better than what other specs get, since the Mage then steals the buff – in a few cases
this can be a big dps increase. Just be sure not to use it on the Minions of Zul in Kings’
Rest! They can also dispel curses, and are one of the best ways to get a Bloodlust effect
into the group, so I’m giving Mage 3 points out of 5 for Utility. Mob Control is something that both Frost and
Fire do differently. Both specs can talent into Ring of Frost, which can be massive in
areas like the cannon section of Tol Dagor – otherwise Frost mostly contributes with
slows whereas Fire’s biggest contribution is Dragon’s Breath, which has a nice and
short cooldown and can be used to AoE interrupt all sorts of things. Mage gets 3 points for
Mob Control. Mage Survivability is fantastic – Fire Mage
has both an immunity in Ice Block and a cheat death in Cauterize, a level of defensiveness
matched only by Rogues. Mages also have serious mobility with Blink, which they can use to
dodge many sources of incoming damage. I’m giving Mage the full 5 points for Survivability. Overall, mages have picked up 21 of 25 possible
points, a score competitive with some of the top melee specs. They are versatile and have
two promising specs – though I expect we’ll mostly see Fire in the top keys on the live
servers, with Frost showing up if Mage makes an appearance in the next MDI. Druid Balance druid is a far more popular DPS druid
spec than Feral, their melee alternative, though on the damage front there are some
compelling upsides to Feral. Feral can do much better in bigger AoE, where Balance druid’s
anemic Starfall ability does not do very much at all. Balance’s Damage is phenomenal in single
target and cleave situations, so as keystones start to get higher they start to become more
and more valuable. In lower level weekly keys, they have a much harder time since they don’t
scale well into big pulls, and their damage takes some time to ramp up, so they are not
happy if everything is dead 15 seconds into the pull. Since I’ve chosen to rate these
classes based on their abilities in high keys, these weaknesses are not fatal, so I’m assigning
7 points out of 10 to druid for Damage. Utility is the biggest strength of the balance
druid. They bring stealth and a battle rez, they have innervate and serious offhealing
capabilities, they can dispel poisons and soothe enrage effects, and Force of Nature
is a massively powerful defensive cooldown for the tank in trash pulls, and it’s on
a very short cooldown. Druid gets all 5 points for utility. Balance Druid’s interrupt, Solar Beam, is
on a very long cooldown, but it does leave behind an AoE Silence which can effectively
interrupt dozens of casts depending on the situation. As long as the group has other
players with traditional interrupts, Solar Beam is a massive extra piece of control that
druid brings. Balance also has a great knockback with Typhoon, and can use Entangling Roots
in a variety of situations to great effect. I’m giving Druid 4 points out of 5 for Mob
Control. Druids have a lot of Survivability with Bear
Form and Barkskin teaming up for huge effective health pools. Balance’s extra long range
and ability to heal themselves also helps them get out of trouble, though they’d need
an immunity or a cheat death to be really top tier in this department. I’m awarding
4 points out of 5 for Survivability. Overall, Balance Druid is getting 20 points
out of 25 from me. Feral would get a bit less, as they give up a lot of those powerful pieces
of utility. Neither spec is something I’d expect to see in an MDI setting, as Feral
is generally outclassed by the other melee specs and Balance’s kit does not line up
very well with MDI-style big pulls, but I would expect to see Balance druids performing
well in high keys, especially as groups without Resto Druids start to push and feel the need
to get that druid utility. Shaman Elemental is the primary spec of Shaman that
sees play in Mythic Plus, though Enhancement can also put out some massive damage. Elemental
has a few extra pieces of utility and control, and has an easier time surviving at range
than Enhancement does in melee, so this section we will be rating Elemental’s capabilities. Damage is a huge strength of the Elemental
Shaman – especially in AoE with five or more targets, where their chain lightning is at
its full potential. With Blood of the Enemy and Storm Elemental, they can do massive damage
every couple of minutes, and their single target is also great. In cleave between 2
and 4 targets they’re a little sad, but I’m still giving Shaman 9 points out of
10 for damage. Tremor Totem is a surprisingly useful piece
of utility in dungeons like Atal’Dazar and Kings’ Rest, where there are boss abilities
that fear. This season, with Awakened, one of N’zoth’s lietenants also has a fear
ability against which Tremor will be very strong. Shaman can also dispel curses, and
have a very powerful cooldown for the tank in Earth Elemental – it’s on a far longer
cooldown than Balance Druid’s Force of Nature, but it can last longer and the Elemental Shaman
can directly control it (something that Enhancement and Resto shaman can’t do). Shaman have
Bloodlust, and they also have the ability to cast some offheals, and can talent into
Ancestral Guidance for an offhealing cooldown, and in some cases their Reincarnation can
facilitate skips. I’m giving Shaman 3 points out of 5 for Utility. Mob Control is a massive strength of the Elemental
Shaman. They have a 12 second cooldown on their interrupt, shorter than everyone else,
even the melee specs, and WAY shorter than the other ranged. Their Earthquake also randomly
knocks enemies down, which can interrupt things and generally reduces damage from the pack.
They can also AoE stun with Capacitor Totem, slow with Earthbind totem, and Thunderstorm
is a powerful knockback, though it can get the shaman into trouble if used carelessly
since it knocks things so far! All together, these abilities are worth the full five points
for Mob Control. Survivability is more of a challenge for the
Shaman. Their defensive, Astral Shift, is powerful and on a fairly short cooldown, but
they are fairly squishy against heavy sustained incoming damage. Reincarnation is sort of
like an immunity, but it’s on a very long cooldown and generally not something that
can be planned around. They can gain an extra shield wall while they have an Earth Elemental
out by using its Harden Skin ability, and can get tanky in Ghost Wolf form with the
Spirit Wolf talent and the Pack Spirit Azerite Trait, but since they lack the natural defenses
of Moonkin Form or a cheat death or immunity, I’m only awarding 3 points out of 5 for
Survivability. Shaman has picked up 20 points out of 25 Overall,
and I expect to once again see them competing in the highest level of keys this season.
I also wouldn’t be surprised to see them appear in the MDI, though so far they’ve
been outshone by the melee specs in that format. Hunter All three hunter specs show signs of life
in Mythic Plus, though Beast Mastery has been the most popular spec all expansion and I
expect that will continue this patch. Marksmanship has some benefits, but does not scale into
big AoE like Beast Mastery does, and Survival has been an unpopular spec ever since it was
reworked into a melee spec in Legion. Beast Mastery’s Damage is good, and their
damage profile looks more like a melee spec than a ranged spec in that they don’t care
about movement at all, and their cooldowns are up far more often than most other ranged
spec’s. This fairly high overall damage and its flexibility are enough to get 8 points
out of 10 from me. Utility is a weakness of the hunter – they
can Soothe enrage effects and bring some off-healing with Spirit Mend, as well as having a Bloodlust
effect, but otherwise they’re lacking major effects that fall into this category, and
I’m only awarding them 2 points out of 5. Mob Control, however, is an area where Hunters
bring a uniquely powerful ability in Binding Shot. This is fantastic for allowing a tank
to kite or group up enemies in a specific place, and 8 seconds is a very long time for
an effect like this to last given that it’s not broken on damage. Beast Mastery also brings
a single-target stun with Intimidation. Tar Trap and Freezing Trap round out the kit,
and bring Hunter up to 4 points out of 5 for Mob Control. Hunters have an immunity in Aspect of the
Turtle, though there are some things that it doesn’t work against, and they can use
their pet’s spirit mend ability to heal themselves, but they lack other defensives
or ways to increase their effective health. Feign Death can be useful here, and with the
Duck and Cover Azerite Trait it does become a defensive on a fairly short cooldown. I’m
giving Hunter 3 points for Survivability. Overall, Hunters have picked up 17 points
out of 25, a solid rating but a slight cut below the specs that are the bread and butter
of the high-key metagame. If their damage scales up nicely this patch, and they gain
a true strength at a specific type of pull, rather than being pretty good at everything,
I could definitely see them earning a higher ranking. Priest Priests have taken on serious nerfs this patch,
mostly aimed at their unbelievable Raid damage. Unfortunately, in Mythic Plus, I think this
will be very bad news for the spec. In Patch 8.2.5, they were very high overall damage
dealers as long as the key level was high enough for their dots to be fully effective,
and as long as the group pulled quickly enough for them to maintain Insanity and Chorus stacks,
but now I worry that even if those conditions are met, they’ll struggle to keep up in
damage. They do still scale better than anyone else, meaning that point for point they get
the most DPS out of each item level’s worth of stats, but I think the nerfs to the kit
are going to leave Priest at a 6 out of 10 for Damage. Shadow Priest Utility comes largely in the
form of Vampiric Embrace, which is a serious amount of group-wide healing that can carry
some pulls or boss fights. They also have Mass Dispel, which is more valuable on a damage
dealing priest than it is on a healer, since the mana cost is less of a problem. I’m
awarding Shadow 3 points for Utility. Shadow Priests have relatively little Mob
Control – they have an AoE fear and can talent into a Single Target stun, but their interrupt,
Silence, is on a very long cooldown and doesn’t come with much added upside like Solar Beam
does. Due to this, I can’t give Priest more than 1 point for Mob Control. Dispersion and some limited healing abilities
are the main pillars of Shadow Priest Survivability, which is not very much compared to the other
classes. Dispersion is a very powerful defensive, however, and is enough to bring Priest to
2 out of 5 for Survivability. Overall, Priest has only picked up 12 points
out of 25. If I end up being wrong about this spec, it’ll likely be because they have
scaled up fantastically with the new gear and are blasting damage despite the nerfs,
but if that fails to happen I expect Priests will be a less popular choice in Mythic Plus. Warlock Warlock has been in a tough place in Mythic
Plus this entire expansion. Back in Legion, Affliction had incredible AoE damage with
effects like Soul Flame and Seed of Corruption as well as a huge effective health pool, but
that entire kit has been nerfed to the point that Affliction is one of the least represented
specs in Mythic Plus. These days, the most popular Warlock Spec is Demonology. Demonology’s damage is not bad – unlike
Affliction and Destruction they have their cooldowns up more often than every few minutes,
and they don’t need as much ramp-up time, but they still perform worse in this category
than most of the non-warlock specs. Single Target and Cleave are Warlock strengths, and
overall I’m going to give them 6 points out of 10 for damage. Warlocks have some cool pieces of Utility
– Healthstones and Soulstones are both powerful, though cruelly the most common use of Warlocks
in high keys is to be summoned, create some healthstones, and then log back over to their
main character. Warlock Gateway does enable some very cool skips – so in some dungeons
this is a class that can give you extra options and speed up the run. I’m giving Warlock
2 points out of 5 for Utility. Mob Control is a weakness, especially for
Demonology. In order to interrupt, they need to sacrifice damage and summon a felhunter
instead of a felguard. Their felguard does bring a stun though, which is nice and can
fill in for the interrupt in some cases. They also have an AoE stun with Shadowfury, and
can talent into a single target horrify with Mortal Coil. Warlocks get 2 points out of
5 for Mob Control. Since legion, Warlock Survivability has gotten
hit quite a bit. They still have some natural tankiness, and they have a powerful defensive
in Unending Resolve, but unfortunately that’s on a very long cooldown. They can also talent
into Dark Pact, a huge absorb shield they can create at the cost of some life. These
effects don’t make up for the lack of an immunity or cheat death effect, but are enough
to bring them to 2 out of 5 for Survivability. Overall, Warlocks have earned 12 points out
of a possible 25. This low score reflects how far the class has fallen since Legion,
but it’s worth noting that if their damage scales up dramatically this patch, which there’s
some theorycrafting to support, they may start popping up in top runs all of a sudden. I
would still expect them to be mostly in Live keys rather than in any MDI setting, unless
something really overpowered is going on. Here are my rankings of all the ranged classes. The ranged Classes have generally scored lower
than the melee ones, though this has a lot to do with the fundamental design decisions
that Blizzard made with BFA dungeons. Interrupts and Mob Control are traits that are heavily
tested this expansion, and Melee tend to be way better at these things than Ranged. Since
Legion, the game has also largely moved away from abilities that need to be outranged,
so that has also worked against these classes. Many groups do play with one Ranged class
in higher keys, however, and I expect this trend will continue, with specs like Fire
Mage, Balance Druid, and Elemental Shaman taking the lion’s share of these spots.
In an MDI setting, I’d expect to see far less ranged, and of the ranged that do make
it I’d predict more inclusion of specs like Frost Mage for the massive pulls they enable. This video is not the end of the discussion,
and it represents my opinion based on my experiences and the information I have – your opinions
may of course be different and I’d love to hear them in the comments! Also note that
below the higher levels of keys, player skill generally outweighs the class they play, so
unless you’re planning on competing in the MDI or pushing some world first keys, this
video is meant to be educational and entertaining rather than telling you which players to invite
and which to decline! If you liked this video, check out the rest of the series on this channel,
and be sure to subscribe so you can catch the Tank video! If you want to hear more from
me, check out my YouTube channel at where I make all sorts of Mythic Plus focused
content! Thanks everybody for watching, I’ll see you in the next one, bye.

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