The best PC gaming hardware DEALS on Amazon Prime day!

now today is the beginning of Amazon Prime day which is a really good time for all of us to make you know terrible financial decisions because things are a little bit cheaper so what I decided to do is have a look at all of the best deals the things that I think is actually worthwhile because just because something's on sale doesn't mean that it's worth you getting before we get into this fairly informal video I just want to say that I am gonna be giving away a $50 Amazon gift card on this video so how you enter is you just comment on the video and then I'll draw a random comment after five hours of posting this video I'm sorry that it's only five hours but if I leave the giveaway period for too long then you miss Amazon Prime and that kind of defeats the purpose I'll send you a gift card for whatever the Amazon is in the country where you live and if you don't live in a country with an Amazon i-i'll just PayPal you $50 because you know then you'll still get essentially a special on a product anyway with the sirens coming let's get into it now there are already a couple of really good deals just on the like PC gaming Amazon Prime page like landing page but I'll get into that just in a moment because I think the best thing to look for on these sales is storage because you know everyone always needs more harddrive space and it's always better if you don't have to pay as much for it so if you go on to like the actual featured deals page for storage there's not much going on it's actually quite lame here's like a one terabyte external SSD for a hundred and ninety dollars that's not cheap like that's actually quite expensive but if you search SSDs there is some really good options so for example here is a one terabyte SSD for 99 dollars so that's awesome you know because that other one was a hundred and ninety dollars for a one terabyte external SSD this is internal but still this is way cheaper and any Samsung SSD is a good bet I don't know if this is an Amazon Prime deal but that's just a fairly good price on one and then a bit further down there was also over here there's a 500 gig Samsung 970 Evo so this is a very fast nvme SSD for ninety dollars for a 500 gig hard drive that's really good that of 500 gig SSD sorry that's a really good deal I would pick up one of those if you're in the need of storage and then here this is actually my favorite one for $60 there's a 2 terabyte Seagate Fire CUDA hard drive now these fire cuda hard drives are basically like it's a normal hard drive but it has like an SSD cache in it and basically what that means is it's a lot faster than a normal hard drive so this is a really good like games drive option or if you need just faster than normal hard drive storage if this is on sale at this price in on Amazon Canada I'm actually gonna buy some of these that's that's that's a really good deal but now let's get back to just like the main landing page because there's a couple of things here which I would recommend getting if you don't already have a similar product in the market for something like this and this is the first one it's this Acer nitro VG 27 1q now this is actually the monitor that I did the tests with Ana to see if a noob can tell the difference between 60 frames per second and 144 frames per second it's 210 dollars for a hundred and forty four hurt IPS 1080p 27 inch display it's really good I love this monitor and it's a great deal I would recommend getting one of these the only thing with it is to bear in mind it does have a really bad monitor stand so I would recommend having a look at like a vase or stand like a vase amount for it but there is actually a sale on the Amazon basics of monitor vase amount so it's 70 bucks it does add $70 to the price but it means that for the price that you're normally paying for the monitor you get an awesome monitor and you get a really good face amount so that's that's a great option III think this is one of the best deals currently on Amazon Prime then there's also an Rx 570 it's a four gig version but it's still a very good graphics card if you're on a budget for a hundred and twenty dollars that's so cheap for the kind of performance that you'll be getting with this graphics card so if you if you have something like 2,400 G or you have one of those AMD APU s I think this is a great deal it's not going to be as fast as like a gtx 1060 or rx 580 but considering that it's only 120 dollars I would really recommend having a look at that although again keep in mind it's the 4 gig version so don't use it for more than like a 1080p gaming then there's also $200 for horizon 720 700 X that gives you 8 cores and 16 threads of gist this is like a good good CPU seven hundred and twenty dollars on like a 34 inch super epic gaming monitor that's also a great deal but that's still a lot of money there was a couple there was another thing down here up if you want to start streaming this is a really good purchase it's only 40 dollars for one of the best webcams on the market and if you use this you you're gonna have good enough video for the majority of streaming purposes I may actually get one of these again if it's on sale on Amazon Canada that's a really good purchase as well and then finally there are some pre-built systems by BA on on sale and one of them is actually a pretty good deal this one with a 9700 K and a 90 X 27 T for $1,200 now those aren't the best components when it comes to like pure value for money so if I was building my own system today I wouldn't use those components specifically but that is a very powerful system it's got 16 gigs of RAM yeah that's that's a great system and it's not that expensive so if you don't want to spec out your own computer but you want a good gaming PC this is that that's quite a good purchase the components will will came really well even though they're not the best in outright outright value for money and things like that and then you know as far as like laptops go this this Acer Acer predator helios is also quite a good purchase because it's got like a really good CPU in it it's got a good graphics card in it it's got a high refresh rate monitor in it you you don't really need more than this smaller than this laptop to be honest for most gaming purposes and then over here if you want a really high-end mechanical keyboard there's actually like $90 off of the corsair k95 RGB platinum this is a really awesome keyboard and it is normally very expensive so I think this is a great deal it's got cherry MX speeds now I don't actually know what those feel like but they are apparently quite nice switches I think this is a great purchase as well as far as I can I and keyboard goes and with that it brings me to the end of a fairly quick video I hope I kind of helped you out here if you have any questions about specific deals you can let me know in the comment section below this honestly that acer nitro monitor that's the best deal in my opinion on the Amazon Prime day sale setup so I would really go for that yeah other than that if you liked the video thank you very much watching like and subscribe to the channel for more videos like this one and remember to comment for that 50 dollar gift card and yeah until the next video bye bye

33 thoughts on “The best PC gaming hardware DEALS on Amazon Prime day!

  1. Hey dawid I'm wondering if the msi optix mag321cqr moniter is a good choice for $380 it has 144hz 1ms and 1440p

  2. I was able to buy NVME Sillicon Power 500GB SSD (3200 wrtie/2800 read) for 65$, 16GB of Crucial Ballistix 3200mhz CL16 Ram for the same price, RX 580 for 105$ (with dmc 5 included) and 128GB Sandisk SDXC Card for 0$ (Yes for 0$ couse of coupons avalible in germany) So my wallet doesn't like it very much 😀

  3. That's a sweet move my man. I'm buying a PC piece by piece. Totally primed the 360mm Corsair Cooler for $30 off.

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