The Best Work From Home Gadgets For Your Money (PART 1/2)

Angelena Iglesia

Working from home isn’t going anywhere. In a highly unscientific Twitter Followers poll, 50% of 118 respondents said they were never going back to the office. Data across the web both confirm and counters this finding. Working from home isn’t as difficult as many believed it to be but nor […]

Working from home isn’t going anywhere. In a highly unscientific Twitter Followers poll, 50% of 118 respondents said they were never going back to the office. Data across the web both confirm and counters this finding. Working from home isn’t as difficult as many believed it to be but nor is it ideal. As everyone logs on from kitchen tables to realize their home is not their office, some items may be useful to convert space and make the 9-5 (and time afterward) a bit more bearable. Look out for part two in October.

1) Portal [Facebook] 

Sleek, integrated and works with WhatsApp, Messenger and a host of other apps, Portal is your all in one device that people can use to contact you. Instead of the chin and cheek pictures of phones, Portal uses its technology to frame you and follow you as you move around or to frame others in the room. Perfect for the office or family time. 10” version fits nicely on most desks but there is a smaller option and one built for the TV which is especially good for those with families. $139 /

2) Notebook [MOO] 

Hardcover cloth notebooks that sit flat on a desk. Take my money. has now added dots as well as a lined paper version. 160 pages for the important stuff and comes in multiple color combinations with a wayfinding ribbon and business cardholder. $19.99 /

3) HuskeeKup [Huskee] 

Huskee is doing good things for the planet and your coffee regime. An eco-composite polymer made from coffee husk makes up a unique design. Support your local baristas and use the swap service if it’s available in your area. No more washing up. 6, 8, and 12oz versions available in multiple colors. Beautifully simple. $16 and up /

4) Dyson’s Pure Hot+Cool™ [Dyson] 

The only unit designed to simultaneously purify and heat a whole room properly, Dyson’s Pure Hot+Cool™ purifier fan heater works with a remote or your smartphone and even Alexa. Ridding your space of pollution, fine pollutants and other nasties has never looked so elegant. $649 /

5) [Otter AI] 

Hate taking notes? Need a record of a meeting taken? Use Otter.AI, the snazzy transcription service that’s free for 600 minutes a month or 6,000 minutes for less than $8 a month. Organize with folders, store in the cloud, and share with whoever you like. No home worker should be without it whether it’s for to-do lists or full report dictation. $Free to $20 a month /

6) What Did Amazon Do This Week? [Here/Forth] 

Created by this moi, 33% of WDADTW subscribers work for Amazon in various and senior roles. From tech to content, legal to health moves, if you need to know about what Amazon is doing, it’s in there, every week. $10 a month / Substack or

7) Unplug [Motion Nutrition] 

Take two of these and call me well-rested and fresh in the morning. I have been using Unplug, and the morning ‘Power Up’ nootropics for over a year now and I can’t tell you the difference they make to my days and nights. More focused in the morning and a deeper, richer sleep in the evening. You owe it to yourself to try them. $31.72 for a 30-day supply /

8) Cybovac E31 [Kyvol] 

An absolutely stunning, and simple-to-use wet and dry vacuum. Perfect for large or small homes, take the hassle out of keeping your place dust-free with this circle of joy. Schedule your cleans or spot mop spills, this low-noise, low fuss helper has got you covered thanks to the dedicated app. $299.99 /

9) Classic Tote [Bellroy] 

Perfect for nipping to the shops, coffeeshop headspace break, or coworking, Bellroy’s range of totes has something for everyone. The Classic Tote keeps keys and valuables safely away and has pockets dedicated to laptops and other tech items that need to stay secure. Whether walking or on a bike, this is a versatile, functional bag that looks great. Comes in multiple colors and they are limited edition. $59 /

10) Crescendo [Mysteryvibe] 

Winning multiple top awards for design and functionality, the Crescendo will get you all a-quiver for more than just award wins. The versatile vibrator stimulates male and female genitalia thanks to its bendy nature and delicate vibrations that you customize to your own body through the dedicated app. $149 /

11) Nutribullet 600 Series [Homeland Housewares] 

600 watts of power…the fruits and veggies never stood a chance. Perfect smoothie maker and a whole lot more besides, the Nutribullet 600 is perfect for the countertop thanks to the powerful suckers and easy to clean. Double win. The lids and smaller containers (with handles!) are perfect for around the home drinking or when you’re on the go. $76.24 /

12) Oculus Quest 2 [Facebook] 

The future of gaming as touted by Facebook. Lighter, faster, better graphics what’s not to love? If you’re a fan of Oculus Quest you’ll love the upgrade. VR is a perfect stress reliever whether you’re playing Beat Saber, learning Tai Chi, or traveling the world from your sofa. Perfect for kids…of all ages. $299 and up /

Honorable Mentions

BREATHE: Need to spruce up the place? Use a service that delivers them (and everything you need like Patch (UK/Paris) and have some fresh air giving greenery delivered. The US has even more options with The Sill and Bloomscape.

GULP: Need a fizzy fix but don’t want the calories? Grab a crate of Ugly drinks. Perfect for taking with you on a stroll or having around the house. Over 20 flavors to choose from including the limited edition, Dr. Ugly! Plus they donate to Oceanic Global.

SIP: WatchHouse is an emerging superbrand from London that has multiple shops and just launched their worldwide coffee subscription. Try the signature 1829 blend. Whether you want beans or ground, get a touch of London, wherever you are in the world.

Need more? Got you covered…PART TWO IS COMING IN OCTOBER!

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