The Easiest Teaching of Jesus, and NOBODY is doing it!

In this video, I will look at the easiest and most objective command of Jesus. Something that is easy to do, and easy to measure You can easily see if someone is doing it. I’ve often said that, if Jesus told us to part our hair on the left, the church would tell us to part our hair on the right. This command of Jesus illustrates what I have said. Almost everywhere people disobey this simple command of Jesus. Christians are often the worst offenders. Jesus said, in Matthew 23:8 to 10, “Do not let people call you ‘Teacher’.” “Call no man on earth ‘Father’.” And “Do not let people call you ‘Mister’.” These words will be translated differently in different languages. The Bible uses some of them interchangeably, and it says they mean the same thing. This is true of the spelling in English for Mr. and master, or “Mrs.” and “Mistress”. We use other words that mean the same thing. “Doctor”, from the word “doctrine” means “Teacher”. “Dad”, “Daddy”, “Pappa”, “Pope”, “Padre”, even “Sir” all mean “Father”. “Sir” comes from the verb “sire”, which means “to father”. It helps, with any teaching, to understand why rules are made. Sometimes we need to obey without question, in respect for the teacher. But as we do, it should become clearer why the teaching was made. Knowing the reason behind the rule helps us to get the spirit of what is being said. Jesus seems to have two reasons for His rule about not using these titles. To challenge our pride, because such titles make us feel special. And to conquer fear of what others will do if we do not use those titles. Other titles, which Jesus did not list, may be even more egotistical “Reverend”, “Holy”, or even “Most Reverend Holy Father”. When you have the spirit of what Jesus said, you know that these titles are wrong too. It is shocking that people go so far in contradicting what Jesus said. It is like thumbing our nose at God. Jesus says very clearly, “Do not use those titles.” Our unwillingness to obey such a simple command Proclaims our true attitude toward God and Jesus. Now, about fear… If others were not bothered by us dropping such unnecessary titles, that would be a good argument for saying the rule is not important. Maybe someone sneaked those instructions into the Bible, or maybeJesus said it, but He did not mean for us to take it seriously. Let’s pretend that Jesus was only joking. It makes little difference if we use those titles or not. Well, you only need to stop calling some people “Sir”, or “Doctor”, or “Dad”, and call them by their first names, to see how much anger it stirs up. The ones who are most offended by us not using titles are those we call “Dad” (or “Mom” if we include both genders). Jesus was strongest with the rule against the title “Father”. He said not to use it for “any man on Earth”. That is everyone. So it includes our natural fathers. Of course you can BE a father without using such a title. And you can be a teacher or a doctor without needing a title. My father is my father, and my doctor is my doctor. But I don’t use those titles when addressing them. They are more like brothers or sisters. We are all God’s children. The words themselves are not wrong; it’s just using them in place of or as part of a name. Most of us have parents, teachers, and doctors. You can respect your parents without using a title that Jesus forbids. He did not teach disrespect. But our ultimate respect must be for our heavenly Fathe.r And God asks us not to use those titles for anyone, including our parents. Easy enough. So, why don’t we do it? Jesus is challenging the powerful influence our parents have over our spiritual development. Jesus also said we need to hate our parents by comparison to our love for Him. It’s a shocking word, but we hear our parents using exactly that same word, insisting that we hate them, if we use their real names, instead of saying “Mom” and “Dad”. If you think that calling my mother “Alice” means I hate her, then I hate her. But I will not disrespect my heavenly Father, or His Son, Jesus, by disobeying them. I see nothing wrong with children calling their parents “Mom” and “Dad” or “Mommy” and “Daddy”. But as adults, God wants us to put that relationship into perspective. Until God cuts that emotional cord, He will not be in first place in our lives. You may choose to obey Him in some things, but it will only be those things that your parents allow Part of becoming a spiritual adult is letting God become our Father. It is an important spiritual milestone, both for you, and for your parents. But sadly, very few Christians ever mature to that point. They stay spiritually infantile, living in fear of their parents for their whole life. Jesus was often called “Teacher” or “Master”, but one day he rebuked someone for calling him “Good Master”. As the perfect Son of God, he still did not need such a title. He saw it more as a form of flattery. He was skeptical about people calling him “Lord” too. He said: “Why do you call me Lord, but still disobey what I teach?” Actions count most in our relationship with Jesus. Flatter Him if you like, but if your actions do not show respect for what He taught, then your flattery sickens Him. When we keep using titles like “Mr”, “Sir”, and “Dr.”, it cancel out all the “Lord, Lords” that we sing every Sunday. Jesus is obviously not our Lord if we cannot obey this simple command. Look at the titles that the most prominent Christian leaders use. “Dr.” Billy Graham “Pope” Francis “Mother” Teresa “Father” O’Reilly “Lord” Runcie “Reverend” Rick Warren and we address almost any male adult as “Sir”, or “Mr.”. Why do we do that in the face of what Jesus said? Why does this happen in Christian countries, and in Christian churches? This must make the Devil very happy. The whole world can see that he controls the churches He can get almost any of us to use the exact titles that Jesus said not to use. I said in my first video that the churches– all of them–are not following the teachings of Jesus. I said you would not be able to prove me wrong. Now I am going through some of the teachings of Jesus… teachings that have been buried for centuries. Already, with this first teaching, you must know that almost all professing Christians– probably including you–use the same titles that Jesus commanded His followers not to use. We have no shame about calling someone “Dr. Miller, or “Father Brown”. And it’s not just Catholics or Anglicans who do it. I have shared this truth with thousands, yet most still walk away without changing. They may have been ignorant before hearing what Jesus taught. But now, with the evidence shoved in their faces, they still openly declare, “I am not going to change.” By their actions, they say they have no respect for anything that Jesus said. Do you see it? How do you think God feels about this? Remember: this is the easiest command of Jesus. I will not move to some of the harder ones. But if you will not obey this one, I see no reason for you to click on the next video unless you want to fight that teaching as well. But if you ARE prepared to make a change in line with what Jesus said, then please read on. But I warn you: The other teachings will be many times harder than what I have just shared. Are you with me? Can you handle more? I hope so.

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