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On this episode of China Uncensored, ever wonder how China’s Internet became
so censored? You can thank this guy. Welcome back, I’m Chris Chappell. The Internet’s got a new loser! Just look at him! No, not Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. I mean the happy guy in the chair. That’s Lu Wei, China’s Internet Czar. Former Internet Czar. That photo’s from 2014. He’s not so happy anymore. Because Lu Wei is the latest high-ranking
official Chinese leader Xi Jinping has taken down in his ongoing purge of political opponents— what he calls the “anti-corruption campaign.” According to this announcement, Lu Wei has been accused of “seriously violating Party discipline.” Which basically means, he’s as good as convicted, expelled from the Communist Party, and destined for prison. Sorry Mark Zuckerberg! If you were trying to get Facebook into China, you chose the wrong guy to Zuck up to. Once upon a time, Lu Wei was basically the ruler of China’s
Internet— the guy responsible for earning China the coveted title of Freedom House’s “worst abuser of internet freedom,” for three years in a row! That’s a way less controversial title, by
the way, than People’s Sexiest Man Alive. I’m with the Houston Chronicle on this one. Kim Jong Un is still waiting for your call,
People Magazine. Anyway, yes, China is officially the three-time consecutive
champion of worst internet freedom. Take that, Syria! Wait, Syria still has Internet? Back to Lu Wei. The Guardian describes him as the “powerful and flamboyant former head of China’s Cyberspace Administration.” That was the administration that oversaw Internet censorship. Lu was certainly powerful. But flamboyant? I mean, he loved to get photo ops with Western tech giants kissing up to him— like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Apple’s Tim Cook, and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. I think it’s more like, he’s kind of crazy. He said “Freedom and order are twin sisters.” Which would make sense if he was trying to argue that free countries are more stable— which is usually true. But I think he was using that to justify China’s heavy-handed Internet censorship. But you know what? That makes sense, because— get this— there’s no censorship on the Chinese Internet! Yes, China’s top Internet censor says there’s no Internet censorship. He claims the Internet is simply “managed.” Which is like selling cruelty-free beef, and saying the cows weren’t slaughtered. They were just massaged. To death. So it should be no surprise that Lu Wei is same guy once hired a famous songwriter to write the song “Cyberspace Spirit.” Powerful Internet country! The Web is where glorious dreams are! Powerful Internet country! From the distant cosmos to the home we long
for! Powerful Internet country! Tell the world that the China Dream is lifting Greater China to prominence! Wow, that’s pretty catchy… in a creepy Soviet way. Hope I don’t get that stuck in my head. And if that song’s not crazy enough, Lu Wei also allegedly went to parties serving human breast milk. Lu Wei also did some practical things. Like spearheading China’s plan to eliminate
VPNs, the special software that allows Chinese netizens to get through the Great Firewall of China and access the real Internet. And when Lu Wei was in charge of the Cyberspace Administration of China, he oversaw the early drafts of the now infamous Cybersecurity Law that requires foreign companies store their user data inside China— and give the Chinese Communist Party full access to that Chinese user data. Under Lu Wei, the Chinese regime’s grip on social media
tightened. Internet users had to register with their
real names. And that means no fake Twitter accounts. We know who you are, Anakin Skywalker. Also, Lu Wei banned all of Twitter. Of course, if you’re on the Chinese internet, you won’t hear much about the fall of Lu
Wei because the Chinese Internet is of course, massively censored. I mean massaged. I mean, managed. China Digital Times discovered this Propaganda Department directive that orders media to censor-slash-manage all comments about Lu Wei. It’s almost poetic, how his downfall is being censored by the very apparatus that he built. What’s that, Shelley? We have video of the propaganda directive? Go ahead. Ok, ok, you got me. Man, that song is catchy. Where was I? Oh right, as I mentioned earlier, the fall of Lu Wei is tied into Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s battle against his political
opponents, a loosely tied faction under former Chinese
leader Jiang Zemin. Sorry, wrong toad. The resemblance is really uncanny. So Lu Wei was deeply enmeshed in the propaganda
wing of the Communist Party— the guys responsible for making the Party
look good. In other words, miracle workers. Somewhat inept miracle workers. For two decades Lu Wei “served as party secretary of the state-run Xinhua news agency, and Beijing’s propaganda chief, eventually making it up to deputy head of the CCP’s central propaganda department.” That means he worked under the head of Party propaganda, Liu Yunshan. Liu was one of the highest ranking members of Jiang Zemin’s faction, and used his clout to undermine Xi. If you want to learn more about Liu Yunshan, watch my previous episode online, “Who Controls China’s Propaganda.” Xi Jinping has been trying to wrestle control of the Party’s propaganda from the Jiang Zemin faction. Especially when it comes to the Internet. That’s why Xi Jinping gave himself so many fancy new titles, like head of the Central Leading Group for Internet Security and Information. A year ago, Lu Wei was mysteriously fired from the Cyberspace Administration of China. And Xi Jinping appointed his own guy to replace
him. Now, Lu Wei has been detained, and “Several of Lu’s associates and officials in charge of regulating online services have also been taken into custody.” What’s that, Shelley? We have video of Lu Wei’s confession?! Wow. Yes, I want to see it. Hey. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on…you, twice. Back to Lu Wei. State-run media isn’t being kind to him. The Global Times wrote, “Lu was a typical ‘two-faced person,’ as he severely deviated from Party principle and ruined the image of the cyberspace administration
team and harmed the development of cyberspace.” Which really doesn’t make much sense if you think about it. Lu Wei did exactly the Communist Party wanted as far as censoring the Internet. And even though he was fired a year ago, there hasn’t exactly been a big push to undo all the controls he put in place. The internet will continue to be “managed” to benefit the Communist Party. But undoing Lu Wei’s work is not what the investigation of him is about. If previous purges of high ranking officials are any indication, I wouldn’t be surprised if Xi Jinping is ultimately making his way for Liu Yunshan. Because even as Lu’s former Xinhua News
Agency turns on him… …one thing is clear: Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign is not winding down. And neither is Internet censorship, just so we’re clear on that. And Lu Wei’s downfall offers yet another
example of why doing business in China is risky business. Remember that photo of Lu and Mark Zuckerberg? All that hard work spent developing a relationship with someone who ended up on the wrong side of a political purge. Now he’ll have to start all over again with the new Internet czar. What a waste. Kind of like when former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper met with disgraced Chinese
official and proud Jiang faction member Bo Xilai right at the beginning of Bo’s downfall back in 2012. Which was dumb. But maybe things will work out better for Mark Zuckerberg. After all, according to Chinese state-run media, he did spend his time with Lu Wei praising Xi Jinping’s book that was conveniently and prominently placed on a desk. He even told Lu that he bought the book for his coworkers, too. What a boss. Yes, Shelley? We have video of Lu talking to Zuckerberg. Nice try. I’m not falling for that again. What? You promise that it’s not that Cyberspace Spirit song? Ok, fine, roll it. That is the first time I’ve been happy about being Rickrolled. Thanks, Shelley. What do you think of the fall of Lu Wei? And do you have Cyberspace Spirit? Leave your comments below. Thanks for watching this episode of China
Uncensored. Once again I’m your host Chris Chappell, see you next time. Aren’t you happy you have access to an uncensored Internet? Well, depending on what happens with Net Neutrality at least. But why not celebrate your uncensored Internet by visiting There you can see full half hour episode that you won’t see on YouTube. And definitely not in China. Once again that’s

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    Download Report from UBS:

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    As a South Vietnamese who had been living under Communist regime for 5 years , I call for all of you to have a strong determination to split away from Mainland China to become an independent state like Singapore or like the Americans who fought to achieve independence from the mainland England in 18 century !

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